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Best Free Online Instagram Caption Generator Tools & Apps

Instagram Caption Generator
Written by Ratnesh

“We’re living at a time when attention is the new currency. Those who insert themselves into as many channels as possible look set to capture the most value. ”

– Pete Cashmore, Founder of

We live in a world that’s dominated by social media. With more and more people getting on various social media platforms & apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, content creators, and businesses are investing their time, money, and energy into making their page look more attractive and interactive.

Instagram caption character limit is 2,200 characters.

What is Instagram Caption

An Instagram caption is a good description or statement about the Instagram photo, Video, to provide it more context to the audience for better understanding your post, It is also a way to convey your message to your followers. Instagram captions can include emojis, different types of fonts, Styles, Spaces, hashtags, and tags.

Why you need a Caption Generator?

Captions are very important to explain your message to your audience, Great captions encourage users to likes, follow, comments, and visits your website, often they end up buying your products you are promoting, You can see how important it is to have a good caption for your post. Lots of tools and apps available online to generate different types of captions like random caption, weird text and font, Anniversary Captions, Dress and Outfit Captions, Love Captions, Music and Song Lyrics Captions, Swag and Baddie Captions, travel caption.

How to Write Good Instagram Captions

A caption allows you to take a visual picture or video to the next level and have the potential to start earning. You may have sometimes seen celebrities or accounts that post a video or picture with no caption, they can do that because they have a huge reach and a large number of followers. Most of us need captions to help gain traction to our page. Here are a few tips to help you write and search for the right caption for a post –

● Conveying a message – Instagram captions are about describing your virtual content. If you are a business that has a sale starts, then just posting an image wherein you add all the sale details can get crowded. Instead, you can write a few words on the image and the rest of the message can be conveyed via caption.

● Short paragraphs instead of one lengthy caption – It’s important to show creativity in our captions as well. Writing one lengthy paragraph can get boring for your followers to reach, instead of dividing your content into relatable paragraphs making it easier for your followers to read.

● Instagram Algorithm – When you post good intent in the form of a video/ image followed by a great caption, people are more likely to spend more time on your feed. When Instagram sees that more and more people are browsing through your content, reading your captions, it’s more likely for you to feature on top as Instagram will consider your content to be important and trending. Captions are great for gaining more audiences and reach.

● Hashtags – Apart from content, hashtags are extremely important if you want to have a higher reach. When you add hashtags you can only add about 30 hashtags. The way to going around it is by writing a few hashtags in the caption followed by hashtags in the comments section. Writing relevant hashtags is important as they help you with reaching more accounts.

Tips for Writing Captions

  • Use Eye-Catching Emojis, Icons, Quotes, Ask Question
  • Use Call-to-Action and @ Mentions
  • Write Important Information First
  • Keep Your Instagram Captions Clean
  • Use line Breaks for longer texts
  • Use hashtags

Best Instagram Caption Generation Apps (Android & Ios)

Apart from the image or video post, what grabs the attention of your audiences is your caption. Many poets, writers, comedians choose to display their art by posting it on Instagram as captions. But that’s not the case with everyone. Most of us struggle with finding the right captions for a picture. A short, quirky caption will captivate your audience and is therefore likely to get more likes and followers on your page. Here are some free applications that you can download to help you with the perfect Instagram caption –

● Caption Plus –Best Free Instagram Caption Generator

With more than 15000+ captions, caption plus is an AI-powered caption tool where all you have to do is upload a picture you want to post and it gives you a variety of likable captions and hashtags. Caption Plus also gives its users many features such as a grid maker, creative fonts, space adder, and many more. The app is available on Android as well as iOS.

Download From Play Store Download Apple App Store

● Caption AI –

Caption AI is free to download an app that is available on Android and iOS. The app uses synthetic intelligence and gives you captions based on the various details of your pictures! Caption AI is constantly adding more captions and trending hashtags for you to use and grow your followers on Instagram.

Download From Play Store Download Apple App Store

● Caption This –

Caption this is another app which you can download to help you with generating captions for your posts and Instagram stories. One cool feature of this app is that it works offline so if you can search for captions without those annoying ads that pop up every 10 minutes. The app’s user interface is captivating and unique. The app also gives tips and tricks on how to gain more followers. The app is available on Android and iOS.

Download From Play Store Download Apple App Store

● Caption expert for Instagram –

Caption expert for Instagram is another app which you can download on Android and iOS. One cool feature of the app is that it has a variety of categories for you to choose from. Apart from categories, here you can also save the captions you like and use them at a later date. On this application, you can find captions for various occasions as well as mood! There’s a separate column that lets you add your emojis in the text itself.

Download From Play Store Download Apple App Store

● Capshun –

With more than 50,000+ captions you can choose from a wide variety of options and decide which caption perfectly describes your post. One good feature about this app is that you don’t have to see annoying ads all the time as the app is ad-free. Another unique feature of this app is, you can submit a caption of your liking and get featured on other profiles. The app is available on Android and iOS.

Download From Play Store Download Apple App Store

● QuinSta –

QuinSta is a versatile app. Here you can get caption recommendations along with hashtags and grid options. If you love using different fonts then QuinSta is the app for you. The app also has a feature wherein you can customise your bio with other bios that are available online. The app is available on Android and iOS.

Download From Play Store Download Apple App Store

● Caption Pro –

With more than 15,000 captions and categories to choose from, you can easily find the right kind of caption for your post. The app is easy to share, download and browse for your favourite captions. Caption Pro is completely free to use. The app is available on Android.

Download From Play Store Download Apple App Store

● Caption Writer for Instagram –

With more than 2,000 fonts, this app is perfect for someone who wants to innovate and write their captions differently. There are more than 50+ categories for you to choose from, you can definitely find the right caption for your picture or video. The app also lets you write and save your captions which you can then use for another day. The app is available on iOS.

Download From Play Store Download Apple App Store

There are many more caption-generating apps that you can find on the play store these are our top 8 picks.

Instagram Caption idea Generator Tools Online

1. Tucktools

Completely free tools available online to generate 5,000+ captions based on categories like Friends, Selfie, Success, Food, Pets, Party, Funny, Nature, Fitness, Couples, Travel, Entrepreneur, Movie, Sassy

Generate Here:

2. apps4lifehost

Creates clear and line breaks captions for Instagram posts.

Generate website:

3. Orlalarkin

Copy paste clever instagram caption generator.

Generate Here:

4. Sassycaptions

All kinds of caption creator tool like funny, interesting, uniques, stylish, cute, cool, captions for couples, captions for friends, captions for girlfriends, for love, travel and more.


5. Captionland

Best for generating funny and epic and cool captions space for your Instagram Stories.


6. Pretty Caption Generator

Best for generating beautiful social media captions.


7. textfontmaker

Birthday, Short, Adventure, Funny, weird text font all type of caption generator tool available online.


8. instagramlinebreak

Best tool for clean line breaks to your instagram captions.


9. lingojam

Best tools available online for free for Instagram caption font generator.


Instagram caption font generator:


Insta-Space will allow to add line breaks, emoji, icons, to your Instagram caption.



Just copy paste Instagram fancy font generator


How to grow your Instagram followers –

When you reach more than 100 followers on Instagram, you can then start advertising but you can also grow your business on Instagram organically. Here are a few tips for you to get more followers on Instagram organically and through advertisements.

● Paid advertising-

When advertising on Instagram, you need to decide which post you want to advertise and for how long. You can run your campaigns for 5 days or for months depending on your budget per post. When advertising, advertisers should know what their goal is and where they want the traffic to go. If it’s more on profile visits, then select that, next step is to select your target audience, keep this as accurate as possible. Identify your key age group, the area you want to focus on. For example, if you own a high-end clothing brand, then targeting those who don’t belong to a certain income group will only derail your ad causing unnecessary waste of resources.

● Insights –

Insights are a feature that’s inbuilt in Instagram. When studied properly, you can learn a lot about your audiences and followers. Some tools that insights provide you with are –

Overview –

Overview is a feature that gives you access to the reach that your account generated in a week, reach is the number of new audiences that saw your profile. Here you can see your top-performing posts, based on this you can choose to monetize your posts.

Audience- The audience gives you in-depth information about your page. Here you can see the age group of your audiences, their gender, your most active times which shows you a time range where you are most likely to reach your audience. For example, your account could show that on Monday 8 pm is when you have the most reach, posting during that time gives your page an added boost.

Instagram stories – Instagram stories are visible for 24hrs after which only you can see the story and the reach it has generated. When you study your story’s insights, you can not only see the number of accounts it reached but also how many people skipped your story and went to the next post.

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and changing their dynamics. What works today may not work tomorrow which is why it’s important to thoroughly study your page and the growth that it is generating.

In Conclusion –

A caption along with the video or picture is the first thing that your followers are going to see which is why it’s important to come up with catchy captions in order to captivate your audience. Make utmost use of these tools, here you can browse and take inspiration from captions which you can then tweak and make your own.

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