Frequently Asked Questions About Seeromga

· How Can I submit my Content on seeromega.com?

If you are new on our blog, you can visit submit a guest post and from there you can submit the post for review with the following guidelines for a guest post.

· How many words does my article need to be submitted?

Content length is not mattered but lots of people are doing spamming work or posting bookmarking content, so we limit the minimum requirement of 1500+ words. The content must be unique and of high quality.

· Why is my content still not published?

It could be many reasons for that, might be your content is not relevant or not meet our guidelines for a guest post, you can contact us for any further clarifications.

· Why I am not getting a reply to my emails?

We get lost of submissions daily, so seeromega editors reply to the mail on a first come first serve basis. It might take a week to come your round, so please wait you will get a reply unless you already violated our terms and conditions of not sending duplicate content. Sometimes your mails come into spam folder so initially, we are unable to view but whenever we see the junk mails, we make sure to reply to all of them.

· Why was my quality content put in Trash?

If your article is not informative, less than 1500 words, poor quality or duplicate, then the seeromega editors’ team will send it in the trash without any further notice to the author.

· Once my blog post is published, can I edit my article?

After that content is published. You cannot edit your article or republish somewhere else.

· Why I am unable to post content again?

If the user will try to submit duplicate content more than 1 time or republish to other bloggers websites, then seeromega editors’ team will not consider their content for review and, they will not reply for their mails

· Can I submit adult, casino, gambling or drugs-related content?

No, it is not allowed to submit content related (adult, casino, gambling or drugs, etc.). If our editors find any content related to those categories we will put in the trash and suspended the user for further submissions.

· Can I add my Adsense ad code to the content?

Not, you can’t do here. This is not a traffic generating website.

· How can I contact the seeromega team?

If you have any query/concern related to seeromega or editors team you can contact us via email: [email protected]

· Can I publish my content Directly?

Lots of people do spam nowadays so No, you are not allowed not publish the content directly, you can submit a guest post here.

· Can I add infographics on seeromega blog post?

Yes, you can add infographics on the content but first, you must get approval for that then you can write content along with infographics and submit following of content guidelines is a must.

· How to Delete my content After Published?

You can’t delete the content after publishing. We are not allowed because of spamming and Link building.

· What is a Permanent link for seeromega.com?

We generally keep your link for 1 Year, after that link will be removed depending on the factors Like your link hurt our blog Performance & Authority, Does it going with Search Engines Guidelines and recent changes in Industry.

· Why is the article deleted after publishing?

If we found, you submit the same content on other blogs. We can delete your content without any further notice to the users and might be you will be banned from posting content here.

· How many Links are allowed in an article?

We allowed Maximum 1 link per content. If you will add more than 1 links our team will delete links.

. Can I get Dofollow link for SEO purposes?

No, we allow only nofollow links.

. Can I post content with my author’s name?

Yes, you can post your content with your author details, for that you must submit author details with content, then manually we add you as an author of the blog post.

. Do you accept sponsored posts?

Yes, we do accept sponsored guest posts with dofollow backlinks.

. How Can I advertise on seeromega?

You can advertise here, we offer banner advertising on the right sidebar and footer on the seeromega home page. You can also add your advertisement on inner pages.

. Can I add a link to Existing Article on seeromega?

Yes, you can but it will be sponsored post with dofollow backlink.

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