Seeromega Style Sheet for Guest Posts

Please read carefully these guest post guidelines before Sending content for publishing on seeromegaw. These formatting styles will help our blog look more professional, organize hence benefit the SEO of your post.– which means more visitor for your content to read and share.

Go through another post on seeromega for style and formatting. You can see these guidelines in action, If it worked for them, it will probably work for you. But keep in mind that we are going through a transition, so some of the older posts may be a little outdated in format or style. So, your best bet is to stick to the guidelines below.

Keeping The Editing Team Happy

The less work the editor has to do on your post, the quicker it is likely to be published. Currently, we are limited at time but If you follow all the guidelines below, you’ll significantly improve your chances of a quick and painless publication process.

Please note, it can take more than 1 weeks to be published depends on the quality of content and formatting as we have a lot of contributors and limited hours in the day to approve content. If your content is urgent you can submit here in the code section with proper formatting.

Seeromega Style Sheet For Guest Posts

Style Requirements

  • Send us in doc format with Images as a attachment.
  • The post should start with an introduction.
  • Each post must be 1500+ words. We have found that longer posts get more views and shares.
  • Use H2 and H3 sub-headings. Generally, a subheading should break up every 300 words of text. This makes it easier for the reader to scan and focus on what’s relevant to them.
  • If you’re using numbered sub-headings in your content, use #1. Also, double-check the number in your heading and the points in your article match – you’d be surprised, especially with re-writes.
  • Just use 3 to 4 sentences per paragraph to make it easier to read.
  • If adding a list then use bullet points.
  • No pictures are needed unless you’re including screenshots or something specific – we’ll provide generic pics. If you want to give image make sure you give an attribute for where the picture came from. It isn’t guaranteed these pictures will remain to survive publication.
  • If you’re creating a list of recommendations, like Plugins, apps or tools with links, don’t put the link in the sub-heading – put it in the body of the text or Send us the link.
  • If including screenshots of something in a list then put the picture after heading.
  • Use Word spell-check and Grammarly – especially if English isn’t your first language. Please run your article by someone who does have English as their first language if you aren’t sure. Don’t rely on translation tools either. We require a high level of writing on Seeromega. Online tools can only help you so far – the human eye is always the best, so read through and proofread your post a couple of times at least.
  • Align your text left, not centered or justified.
  • Ensure you have a Call to Action at the end of the post to encourage comments and ensure you respond to comments on your post – this creates traction for your post.
  • Never plagiarize anything. All Seeromega posts are checked via Copyscape Premium and anyone found copying words won’t be allowed to write for us.
  • By following the above guidelines, you’ll make our lives easier and improve the odds that your post will be approved for hassle-free publication on Seeromega.

Thank you for supporting Seeromega