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25+ Unbelievable Instagram Tips, Hacks & Features Everyone Should Know That

Instagram Tips, Hacks & Features
Written by Micah Phillips

Instagram is the fastest growing platform compared to all social media. The perfect example for Instagram is developing now is it has reached 1 billion users.

From statistics, Instagram creates a huge impact on the people and businesses function on a daily basis. It’s become the main source for learning, entertainment, communication, and commerce!

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Now, we are going to see Instagram tips, hacks, and features that every marketer should know in 2021. Every marketer should know how Instagram is important and how to survey in competitor marketing!

Top Instagram Hacks

1. Save Favorite Posts on Instagram:

Instagram permits you to build your collection list and save photos of what you love. If you’re scrolling down in your feed or watching the Explore page, you can find your favorite photo you want to save and use later. Simply click the bookmark icon in your right side corner underneath the photo directly.

When you want to organize your saved posts into unique collections directly going to your Instagram profile, click the strapped lines, and tap to save—arranging similar images based on your interests for simply reviewing at a later time.

2. See your Liked Instagram posts:

When you see any post on Instagram, you have liked and hit the heart button. Want to see which post you have liked? Yeah! You can see it. Go to settings -> Account -> Post -> you can see the lists.

In fact, you want to unlike the post, and you do it. The post owner didn’t get any notification if you deselected the heart symbol.

3. Include line breaks to your bio:

Using a short bio on the Instagram profile helps to know about yourself to the audience. Adding separate lines in your bio section will make clear and clarity to explain what your brand does! But, Instagram doesn’t necessarily create this easy for you.

Are you struggling to create line breaks in your bio? I will tell you the simplest way to create a wonderful bio. Open up the Notes app on your phone or laptop and type your bio one by one. Select your bio section from your Notes and then paste it into your profile on Instagram. Finally, you created a line break in your biography.

4. Add Content Related Hashtags:

Hashtags are keys to get success in your life! You can add hashtags in your posts and stories that promote your brand in front of the audience. The excellent option is to add links to other profiles in your bio, and you can also add hashtags. Hereby your content will be seen by the audience, and you will get a high engagement rate.

If you create your brand hashtags, your company or employee uses the hashtags that are called user-generated content.

5. Try to add special fonts:

Do you try to show something new in front of viewers?

You can actually include the different fonts in your Instagram bio by using a website like LingoJam. On this website, you can add your Instagram bio in the left side tab. The various fonts will appear on your right side tab and copy your lovable font. Directly go to your Instagram profile and paste it into your profile. Think creative, and your fonts are especially brand voice aligned with these styles.

Before applying your Instagram bio with these special fonts or unicode characters, remember that they are not accessibility-friendly for audiences using screen readers.

6. Save your Instagram Live Video:

Do you want to save your Instagram Live video and repurpose it for later?

Many of them didn’t know how to save the live video. But it’s straightforward to do. When your live broadcast ends, simply click and keep in the top-right corner and tap to Done. This video will be saved directly to your camera roll; if you make it to edit the video, you can do it.

7. Design an Excellent cover photo for your videos:

Want to add any clip from your video which displays in your profile?

It’s a very easy process for you and your brand. You can include a cover/profile photo using a design tool like Visme or Canva, then using editing software to insert the graphic design at the beginning or end of the video.

If you’re ready to share the Instagram video, click the cover tab on the screen, allowing you to select a clip from the video you want to display as a cover photo. Simply scroll down at the beginning or end, and whatever you want to add your graphic design.

8. Add Your Instagram Stories:

Posting stories is a perfect way to publish your brand through Instagram stories. It allows you to add images, videos, screenshots, etc. According to the survey, more than 500 billion users are using Instagram stories. Hence, posting the stories regularly will help you reach your brand and get fame quickly.

The biggest advantage of posting stories is Instagram story shows who views your profile. If your stories’ views increase, then your brand revenue also increases. Our Instagram Stories will help to make your stories stand out among the viewers.

9. Use Special Characters:

Take another step to engage your audience with your content to add the special characters in your profile and below the posts. Attracting Instagram bio always grabs the audience and stays connected with your business. These people are long time clients of your brand.

If you want to use some special characters, you can use a free application like Character Pad on your mobile phone or laptop. Just install them and open them. Choose the characters which are most attractive and copy the symbols. Then go to your settings -> open your profile -> Edit -> Paste them in the bio section.

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Top Instagram Tips

10. Optimize your Instagram bio:

Most marketers mainly focus on adding images and captions. But, most of them forget the main important metric of their Instagram profile. Do you think what’s that?

That’s Instagram Bio. Your Instagram bio explains the valuable info about your brand and business. You can add the CTA options which promote your business by using the clickable links. Any user clicks your URL, and the link directly goes to the product landing page.

11. Create Effective Content:

Making content is just a normal thing; but, how it’s effective is the main thing on Instagram. Even though Instagram stories may be king of content, and videos aren’t far afterwards. So, making unique video content is universal across all social networks, and Instagram is no-exception.

Instagram is all about gripping visual content. Making videos is a prime way to step up the entertainment value of your feed instantly.

12. Post Your Content Frequently:

Instagram is the second-largest most active social media website for daily use and is the only market to increase its user base in upcoming years.

In other words, how frequently you’re posting, and at what time your content is going to post? Do you create any schedule?

The answer is, the best time to post the stories is Wednesday at 11 AM and Friday from 10 AM to 11 AM. The best day is Wednesday, and the worst day is Sunday because most common users are sharing posts on Sunday. So, avoid the weekend and post the stories on weekdays. Most consistent engagement can be found on Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM. Try to post content based on this timing!

13. Add CTA options in your captions:

After watching the post, the viewer’s eyesight goes to the Instagram captions. Rather than post, captions are an excellent opportunity to show off your effective side and encourage engagement.

Here are few examples of how can lead fans and followers via captions:

● Q/A Sections
● Sharing via regrams and hashtags
● Point people to your bio link
● Publish “tag-a-friend” posts that encourage conversations between you & users

14. Keep an Eye on Fans and Followers:

How much do you expect to post on Instagram? That’s why it’s perfect for letting your fans & followers do some work for you.

With a branded hashtag, you can frequently appreciate your fan’s by using post-user-generated content (UGC) that you can take to yourself. This allows you to highlight your audience’s love while also having a constant content at your disposal.

Here’s few example of valuable content from Vans, that sourced from their using #MyVans hashtag.

15. Promote your Content on Social Media:

Posting content on Instagram is not sufficient to engage your followers and promote the brand. Apart from Instagram, you can post your content on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

How does it work? It’s work.

Doing off-platform promotion is an ethical way to market your brand. Promoting content with CTA links helps to improve your marketing strategies and increase website traffic. And finally, generate more sales.

16. Engage with other Accounts:

One of the biggest mistakes that brands create on Instagram platforms is that they talk all the talking. Irregular response and low customer service keep your brand low.

If you want to increase the engagement rate on Instagram, do good customer service and respond to everyone; these are a positive signal for your engagement rate.

Keep engaging your audience and replying with some notes are the main advantages to improve your brand status.

17. Check your Instagram analytics

Brands need to know which types of content make the performance well and where they need to improve in terms of their reach.

Make the analytics which cover everything from engagement rate such as views, comments, likes, followers, etc. You can also calculate the tags posts as part of internal campaigns or any other themes that allow you to measure how your content is performing well. Rather than fly, having access to do analytics beyond Instagram’s platform will allow you to experiment with a creative mind.

Top Instagram Features

18. Instagram Live Video:

Instagram gives an amazing offer to connect with your audience. That’s Instagram Live.

Live Instagram video is completely different from posting an Instagram video. The reason is its live video. Here are few points how it works:

● You fans & followers are getting a notification when you’re going live
● Followers leave like and comment to your live videos in real-time
● Live video is finished once you ended it

These are a fabulous way for marketers to create brand authenticity and transparency; both are essential with Instagram’s latest algorithm.

19. IGTV:

IGTV stands for Instagram TV, which is a genuine app within Instagram that allows users to share any videos from 10 minutes to one hour long (like a TV episode)

The biggest news for video creators who are creating video content is one of the fastest developing trends in content marketing as over 80% of marketers are using video marketing.

IGTV supports marketers to share longer video content with the most advantage of your users being notified when a new video is shared.

20. Instagram Story Feature:

One of the popular additions on Instagram is the Stories feature. This story feature is similar to Snapchat in that viewers can add clips of video to a story. These stories are gone after 24 hours. Hence, you can watch the story content as many times as you want within 24 hours.

Here are Instagram Stories Features:

● Instagram stories Video recording up to 15-Sec
● Infinity story additions
● Without interruption, direct message to the Stories
● Image viewing up to 10 seconds
● You can measure the total number of views and which users have viewed your content. Keep increasing Instagram story views will be able to reach several viewers and expand your audience exponentially.

21. Instagram Reels:

Reels is the newest feature on Instagram. It looks like a TikTok, but it has more features. Instagram reels allow everyone to create fun and entertain videos, and also you can share them with your friends and colleagues. You can record a video of up to 15-second with audio, filters, effects, and new tools.

After taking the reels video, you can share with your fans & followers and can be found by the vast and diverse Explore Instagram community.

22. Turn on the Notifications for Your Favorite Accounts:

As fans or followers, you may not consider getting notifications from favorite accounts that you follow to be a top priority. But, you want to add notifications from any celebrity or influencers account.

This somewhat hidden feature is available on the mobile app. To turn on notifications:

Go to the profile you want notifications from -> click the three dots -> Turn on Post Notifications.

23. Hyperlink Username in Your Bio:

If you type the symbol “@” or “#,” the username and hashtag when the users follow it will automatically hyperlinked.

This is good news for marketers is another way to get your fans to grab with other accounts you or branded hashtags when your company uses.

24. Add Your Favorite Instagram Filters:

Almost there are 40+ Instagram filters to make creative content with when you’re posting new videos or photos on Instagram. But, as a business, you’re going to want your content to be consistent in terms of brand image and style. Instagram permits you to use your favorite filters by choosing the profile icon at the end of your filter list.

25. Manage Geo-tagged Content:

When you’re using Geo-tagged content for marketing purposes, it can be extremely valuable content for the customer to customer businesses. Whatever, if you have got Geo-tagging turned on, even images or videos that you didn’t tag might display the exact address where you posted the photo to Instagram.

Select the location icon -> Tap “Edit” in the top right corner ->Select many images or videos as you want and remove the geotags.

Hope you liked Instagram Tips, Hacks & Features.

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