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10 Best Features to use in Instagram for Engaging Followers

10 Best Features to use in Instagram for Engaging Followers
Written by Micah Phillips

Instagram is one of the Giant Social Media Platform used for promoting one’s profile and Brand efficiently. Instagram has come up with many updates for the users to make the usage simple yet with all necessary features. Instagram updates for Brand Influencers include tagging of the products in their stories.

Some of The Recent Updates of Instagram Includes:

• Instagram Story Filters.
• Shopping Tags.
• Creator Profile.
• Geo Tags.
• Instagram Stickers.

Here are 10 exciting features of Instagram to engage your followers.

1. Instagram Story Filters

Instagram Story Filters-Instagram Features


Filters could be used for enhancing the pictures before posting them. Various filters are available on Instagram for choosing known as Augmented Reality (AR) Filters. Latest trends of Instagram is the Augmented Reality filter option of Instagram. Use the Filters for effectively marketing your Brand and the products. Many Customised filters are available for using it in many ways.

2. Tags For Easy Shopping

Tags For Easy Shopping-Instagram Features


Latest feature of Instagram is Beneficial for the Brand and the Influencers. Instagram lets the Brand to tag their Brand on Instagram Stories. Shopping becomes easy just by viewing the stories of the Brands. This Feature benefits both the Brand Influencers and the customers. Instagram Tags for Shopping is efficient and reliable for the Influencer who has Business Account.

3. Creator Profiles For Users

Creator Profiles For Users-Instagram Features


Creator profile is created for testing purposes by Instagram. Creator profile of Instagram is used for testing purpose especially designed for High-Profile Influencers. One of the Main Advantages of getting started with Creator profile is the new updated features. The fascinating thing about Creator profile is knowing how Followers are engaged and interactive.

4. Usage Of Geotags

Usage Of Geotags Instagram

Geotag is nothing but adding a location tag to that of your Instagram photo. Influencers mainly use Geotags for their Business purpose. Geotags lets you enlarge your Business particularly if you want to expand it to any part of the world. Geotags and Hashtags will get you more User Engagement. People who are located nearby will be able to connect with you quickly if the pictures of your posts are Geo-tagged.

5. Stickers For Instagram Stories

Stickers For Instagram Stories

Apart from using Instagram Stories for updating Check-ins and travel posts it is also used for influencing people. Instagram Stories is the best way to promote one’s Brand. Usage of Stickers will get more user Engagement when compared to posts with simple texts. Create Brand awareness using stickers to exhibit your product. Using Stickers in Instagram stories will be helpful for reaching potential customers.

6. Mentioning Options:

Mentioning Options-Instagram Features


Instagram provides new feature called Mention Stickers which lets you tag any of the users or Followers. Meanwhile when you Mention someone they will get notified. People can get redirected to their profile when they click on their names. But in case if your account is privacy protected and set to private, only your Followers will be able to see.

Here are some of the Types of Instagram Stickers For Using it to your post:

# Emoji Stickers:

Types of Instagram Stickers-Emoji Stickers


When you are having a Brand and you need some Valuable Feedback from the audience then ask them Questions like “ How much would you recommend the product to others ” and give them the choice to choose one of the Emojis as their vote. Emoji Stickers also helps in gaining the user engagement and new followers.

# Hashtag Stickers:

Types of Instagram Stickers-Hashtag Stickers


Hashtag features are the most exciting and useful feature for Brands to promote their products. Users have the option of tagging the brand or the post that they need users to view it. Sme like manually search, when you use Hashtag along with the product it automatically takes you to the feed. Use the Trending Hashtags for your product to gain more visibility.

# Location Stickers:

Types of Instagram Stickers-Location Stickers


Location Stickers lets you tag your location and let people know where the exact location is. Location Stickers are limited and only one Location tag Could be used per post. Expansion of your Brand becomes easier with Location Stickers. Your Followers will be able to see the rest of the posts which Contains same location stickers. Location Stickers can help people search your profile with the help of the tagged location.

# Poll Stickers:

Types of Instagram Stickers-Poll Stickers


With the help of Poll Stickers you can ask questions to the users by means of creating a poll. In general most of the Poll Stickers will have “Yes” or “No” types of answers as default. You could even create your own responses based on your preference. Give them an option of Choosing between either one of them.

# Question Stickers:

Add Question Stickers for your photos or videos that you take which is available default. By adding question stickers to your Instagram Stories you will be able to get huge response from the users. By making your Audience interact with you will help in maintaining the Credibility of your account.

# Date And Time Stickers:

Yet another exciting and recent trends of Instagram that is been used by many users is Date and Time Stickers. New updated feature of instagram displays the date and time of when that particular picture is been clicked. You have the option to delete it if you don’t want that to appear.

# Countdown Stickers:

Instagram’s latest features includes countdown Stickers and will be useful for Brands to create a Countdown. For launching any new product or for any exciting features to be shown for the users countdown Stickers are used. Title, Date and Color of the Countdown Stickers Could be changed.

# Product Stickers:

Product Stickers is a new feature from Instagram is useful for people who are having a Brand. Using Product Stickers in your Instagram Stories will allow Your Followers and other users to view the products. Making users know about your product will be the best and the easiest form of exhibiting.

# Gif Stickers:

GIF Stickers are nothing but animated stickers that is been added to your Instagram Stories. These GIF Stickers are graphics that appears to be lively all the time repeating it like a loop. GIF are a part of Call-To-Actions for your Stories. GIF also attracts the attention of the audience. GIF creates an Impact in making the audience engage and interact.

# Music Stickers:

Instagram lets you use the Music feature in between of your videos. Instagram has option called Music and under that you will find a record button in Instagram camera. Choose the song and at which timing you need that to be played. Record your Video as usual and Music will be played on that particular timing.

7. Instagram Stories Lets Share Feed Posts

Instagram Stories Lets Share Feed Posts

New feature of Instagram allows you to share the posts in your Instagram Stories. The Feed posts will appear as Stickers in your stories. Feed link will be mentioned whoever shares it which would redirect to the original one. Sharing of Feed Posts on Instagram will be helpful for the Brands to exhibit it easily and will have an idea of how their product is being used.

8. Instagram Face Filters

Instagram Face Filters Features

Instagram has released the latest features of face filter which is similar to that of Snapchat. All the effects which was available in Snapchat is replicated in Instagram too. A mobile with a good front camera and decent features of it will make the filters look more effective. A wide range of Face Filters are available and you could select the one that you need.

9. Save The Posts On Instagram

Save The Posts On Instagram Features


Instagram is no more lacking from that of the rest of the Social Media. Instagram’s new feature lets you save the posts. No more Struggling of taking a screenshot of your favourite posts and pictures. Instagram allows you to save the post that you like in a private mode. Save the posts of your friends or anyone’s picture by tapping the bookmark button.

10. Countdown Stickers:

Countdown Stickers Instagram Features


Instagram’s latest features includes countdown Stickers and will be useful for Brands to create a Countdown. For launching any new product or for any exciting features to be shown for the users countdown Stickers are used. Title, Date and Color of the Countdown Stickers Could be changed.


Instagram gets the updates very frequently and all the features will be exciting for the users. The ultimate aim is to gain the attention of the Followers and boost the Social presence and value for your profile. Be clear with what you have to post and make the Best use of most of the Instagram features. Make sure to mention the information about the updates and promotions.