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Written by Micah Phillips

IELTS exam is usually tough and competitive. Only the few who prepare adequately have a chance at certification. Since you could be working on other projects as you prepare, experts recommend that you get homework assignment help online to enhance your performance and ensure that other obligations are not neglected.

The advent of apps has prepared for exams easier. While the apps are not used in class, you may wonder about the value they add to your exam preparation. Well, look at this.

Apps provide help at your fingertips. Here is the reason. Your teachers are restricted to interact with you in class. What will you do when revising at midnight yet you cannot call your teacher? Just pick up your phone and get to the IELTS preparation app. Your problem will be sorted.

Apps are specific. In case you have trouble with a particular topic, the app will take you directly to the section. It is unlike a book that comes with all topics and the same explanation that you did not understand. Apps cater to specific revision needs.

Apps are interactive. While they do not explain as detailed as your teacher would, an app offers a combination of presentation formats. It could include audio, videos, and VR simulations. It is easier to understand such kind of content.

Apps come with constant updates. The updates are informed by user feedback. If a user is not comfortable with a particular presentation, future versions will be updated to address the challenges that might prevail.

You can revise anywhere using the app. Whether you are traveling or taking a break at the park, the material is available on the app for revision. It helps to improve the quality of your revision and eventual performance.

Admittedly, there are hundreds of apps you can choose from for your IELTS exam preparation. However, not all will be effective in supporting your revision. Consider reviews from other students and the user experience. The features offered also make an app more appropriate for revision than another does. The best IELTS revision app is one with enhanced and user-friendly features. The cost of using the app is also a factor to consider alongside the accuracy of the content uploaded.

Having said that, which are the best apps to help you prepare for your IELTS exam?

List of  Best apps for IELTS Exam Preparation

IELTS Prep App

The app is developed by the British Council and will give you an overview of all the content captured in the IELTS exam. The content prepared helps you to handle listening, writing, and speaking tests.

With these features, the app is available free of charge on iOS and android platforms. It has been regarded as the best IELTS preparation app by tutors.

IELTS Test Pro

The app is another free preparation tool for IELTS students. It features a comprehensive compilation of learning and test materials for students. The materials are prepared in ordinary formats and using flashcards that make learning easier.

The app is free for all to download. It is available for Android and iOS devices. With comprehensive content and an easy-to-use interface, you have an excellent app to help you during revision.

IELTS Skills

The app is the brainchild of Sam McCarter, one of the most recognizable authors in the industry. It is designed with a beginner-user in mind. It features innovative skills and exercises that cover most of the areas of revision you need to cover. The exercises are also explained with simple examples, making them easier to complete. It is a handy app that is also available free of charge for Android and iOS users.

IELTS Word Power

Experts regard it as the best apps to learn vocabulary away from class. It is the work of the British Council, guaranteeing that precision and attention to detail. With more than 1000 questions and exercises, you have the right tool on your hands to learn vocabulary.

BBC Learning English

This is another language specialty app. considering the role BBC has played in teaching the world English; you can bet that this is a pivotal tool for their quest. It has strategic exercises that make it easier to handle different topics. You also receive daily lessons that make learning and revision easier. You receive notifications that make learning easier. The programs are also listed in series, making it easy to find them on the app.

IELTS Vocabulary

The app has taken an online coaching model to make learning easier. It covers all the major areas with an emphasis on vocabulary. You receive a test for every stage, helping you to improve on your word power. The presentations are in flashcards, making them easier to follow.

Learn English Podcasts

This is another project by the British Council. The app provides more than 60 episodes that add up to over 20 hours of English learning. Because it is developed for listening, the lessons are entertaining to follow. The episodes are also downloadable to facilitate offline learning.

English Radio IELTS

The radio is available for iOS and Android devices. It is available as an app and has become one of the biggest platforms for practice. It features collections from UK, Australia, the USA, and Canada, among other countries. The content is rich with the platform allowing you to chat with other members also taking the lessons.

IELTS Writing

The app pays attention to writing. A guide helps you build your band. It features a lot of writing tests that have been moderated by experts to maintain the highest standards possible. You have similar guidelines you will get during the exam as well as a variety of tests to choose from.

IELTS Listening

The app will help you boost your listening band score. The app features mock tests and exams that mirror what you will find in the end. You can listen to monologues as well as dialogues on different topics. There are hundreds of questions to answer. With an inbuilt scoring system, you can assess and enhance areas that might be challenging.

The internet has many IELTS exam preparation tools on offer. It is up to you to identify the app that meets your needs. With most of the apps coming for free, you have no reason to fail the IELTS exam.

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