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Best 7 Productivity Apps for Students

Best 7 Productivity Apps for Students
Written by Ratnesh

The one demographic in our society today who are subjected to immense amounts of stress and are pushed to perform better every hour of the day is the students. As the competition in today’s academic world has increased, with schools and companies looking to fill their organizations with only the best of the best, there is an immense amount of pressure for students at all levels of education (school or university) to give their best.

Though the goal is simple, it is sometimes difficult to achieve it for various reasons. One can create the right environment and find the right study material to begin studying, but they still may lack the skills necessary to be productive enough to gain the best out of it.

To make things easier many developers have created productivity enhancement applications available on one’s device (handheld and pc) aiming towards helping students gain more out of their devices. Following are some of the benefits of productivity applications, followed by best 7 productivity apps for students.

Why Use best Productivity apps?

Productivity apps can function as an invaluable asset to the student if used in the correct way. By using these apps students can set the right goals for themselves by overcoming the most common dilemma of Should they work or pursue studies after graduation. Following are some of the advantages of using a productivity application

• Improve Skills

There are those applications available for download which can help a student improve their aptitude skills. Such tools are either designed in the form of game sand puzzles to keep the experience light and fun, or as direct theory and concepts with quizzes to help the student understand their current aptitude level.

• Save time

It is difficult to find the right type of study material or information when it is necessary. You will end up scouring pages, flipping frantically through those massive textbooks in order to find three lines to explain a simple concept. Productivity tools can help you by either providing you with the answer within a click of the mouse or tell you the best way to find the answers.

• Manage Yourself

Whether you are buckling down for an important examination or just going through your daily studies, it is important and helpful to have a clear picture of your approach to it. One cant just picks things up haphazardly. Productivity apps will help you create a plan, more like a time table, where every step is represented in a visual form, making it more manageable.

Now that we have seen the advantages that productivity apps can have on students, let’s look into some of them

1. Evernote-Organizer, Planner for Notes & Memos-Best Note Taking App

Evernote app-Best 7 Productivity Apps for Students

Evernote is considered to be one of the best note-taking apps which have surfaced in recent years. The application has seen much popularity with the working class, but at the same time, it has many applications for students. The application is available throughout all platforms and operating systems and can help you in organizing complete articles, PDF files, and multimedia files like images and videos. The application has become one of the best replacements for the stacks of notebooks that one would have to maintain.


2. Pocket-Save. Read. Grow

Best 7 Productivity Apps for Students

Pocket was first introduced to the world as a smartphone app known as Read It Later and a lifesaver for people who love finding interesting and useful content but forget to store it. Pocket helps its user to store web pages, articles and videos which can be viewed later, at their own leisure time. Though the application was initially created for PC, it was later developed for various other platforms. Sync between all of one’s devices and offline reading capabilities are few of its many advantages.


3. Noisily -Focus, Concentration & Relaxation

Best 7 Productivity Apps for Students

Sometimes it is just about creating the right ambience. Noisily is an application which generates background sounds which help you get in the right mood to get your work done. The gentle sounds created by the application can be put on a constant loop to create a soothing and relaxed ambience. Sound effects like falling rain, thunderstorm, wind, nature sounds, crickets chirping are some of the examples of all that the app has to offer.


4. Google Docs-Free Online Documents for Personal Use

google docs-Best 7 Productivity Apps for Students

Google doesn’t really need any introduction as they have been in the driver’s seat of the internet revolution. Along the years, based on its search engine platform, the company has been able to create a lot of other helpful tools. One of them is Google Docs. It is a document management application which can be used to create, edit and present documents. The application is completely internet-based which means no personal storage is used and all your data is accessible from any device. One can create documents offline and have it synced later along with sharing the folder between team members.


5. Grammarly -Type with confidence

GRAMMALY-Best 7 Productivity Apps for Students

One of the most annoying things to do when writing an assignment or essay is to go through the tedious job of checking for errors and plagiarism. Grammarly is an innovative application created to save time in this process. The application detects grammatical errors, punctuation, and spellings to give corrections. Once analyzed, all the corrections can be made in one click of the mouse. The simplicity of the application is governed by a series of sophisticated and complex code, all targeted towards detecting every form of mistake.


6. FocusMe-The Best App & Website Blocker for Windows, Mac & Android

focus on me-Best 7 Productivity Apps for Students

Though an application with a very simple task, it can really help students achieve a lot. The application FocusMe has one simple goal, to block out all the digital distractions to you so that you can focus all your attention to work at hand. One must list out the apps and sites that they need blocking and the application will restrict your access to them. It helps one to reduce the number of distractions by limiting their daily exposure time and is considered one of the best productivity apps for students out there.


7. Anki -powerful, intelligent flashcards

anki-Best 7 Productivity Apps for Students

One of the best learning and memorizing method which has been very effective is the flashcard method. Though famous with language subjects, they are useable for other subjects too. Anki is a memorizing application which helps the user develop digital flashcards that are easier to use. The application uses an advanced open-sourced Spaced Repetition software which focuses on already solved flashcards and accordingly times them for a revision.