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10 Best Apps for College Students and Freelancers

10 Best Apps for College Students and Freelancers
Written by Ratnesh

Life can get hectic for both college students and freelancers. They often have a hard time balancing their personal lives with their work and studies. Both would do with some assistance, and many apps would prove to be invaluable. So, here is a review of ten excellent apps recommended for freelancers and college students by a leading writing service company.

1. Kindle-E-Reader

One common thing between freelancers and college students is that both have to read a lot. College students read to excel in their studies while freelancers mostly read to get ideas and references for their work.

Kindle is a convenient app that will allow you to access the tons of reading materials ranging from novels to textbooks and even research papers. It is ideal for all freelance writers, as well as college students. It saves you the trouble of scouring the Internet and library for reading materials – you can find them all here. It also helps to save a lot of money as a one-time payment grants you access to a huge library.


2. Dropbox

College students and freelancers often have to keep track of many files and documents. Therefore, it is crucial to have all the data in one place to avoid mismanagement.

Dropbox is the ultimate storage app for college students and freelancers. The app enables you to save and store your documents and files on the cloud for safekeeping. You can access your files at any time and from any device, as long as you are connected to the Internet. You can also share these files with your clients, classmates, and teachers.

Every user on Dropbox gets 2GB of the cloud space to work with. That is more than sufficient for most people, but you can always purchase more.


3. Find Definitions for English Words

Language is an integral part of learning and freelancing. Poor English will cost a college student precious points, and tank a freelancer’s credibility. That’s why it helps to always have a dictionary on hand. is the leading dictionary app. It contains a vast library of all English words. Moreover, it is easy to use and compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

You never have to second-guess yourself when grappling with a new word – just consult on your phone.


4. Slack

College students, as well as freelancers, often have to work in teams for the large projects. The distance can be a barrier, but there is an efficient way to connect and collaborate remotely – Slack.

Slack is an online platform that provides teams with everything they need to connect and work together from anywhere in the world. The team leader can set up private communication channels and add their team members for easy collaboration. Team members can then create tasks, set deadlines, share files, and chat online.

Slack is free to use. However, the free version has a limit of 10,000 messages, so you may need to upgrade to a premium version if you are working on a large project that requires a lot of communication.


5. Pocket

The Internet is very resourceful for freelances and college students. There are tons of resources that come in handy for studying and working. In fact, there are so many resources that it is easy to lose track of them.
Pocket provides an easy way of keeping track of all online materials that you may deem useful. All you need to do is to tag whatever you need, and Pocket will save it for the later reference. The app stores all sorts of files, including text articles, images, videos, audio files, and much more. It also keeps your files organized for easy reference. Additionally, it makes browsing and researching on the go easy and convenient.


6. Myfitnesspal

Freelancers and college students are notoriously ignorant of their health and fitness. Freelancers spend most of their time sitting behind their computers. College students, on the other hand, don’t mind engaging in unhealthy habits such as binge-drinking.

Myfitnesspal can help you keep better track of your health and fitness. The app enables you to keep count of your nutritional intake so that you can come up with balanced diets. It also helps you develop simple and effective workout routines that will not get in the way of your work or studies.


7. Mint

Although college students have limited disposable income, they don’t seem to care much about how they spend their money.

Mint is an excellent app for keeping your expenditure in check. The app connects with your bank account and keeps track of all transactions. You can review your spending and eliminate the things you don’t need. You can even set reminders for bills to avoid late payments (and fines), and make savings goals. You will be able to save more money and get more value for your expenditures using Mint.


8. Grammarly

As we’ve already mentioned, a good grasp of English is vital for college students and freelancers. Bad grammar is unacceptable, but mistakes are easy to make.

Grammarly is a resourceful online tool that checks for bad grammar and offers hints on how to correct it. The whole process is automated – simply upload your document and Grammarly will do the rest. The program also checks for plagiarism by crosschecking your text against a vast database of other documents. Unless you are fully confident in your grammar, never submit a paper before passing it through Grammarly.


9. Cheatography

Don’t get it wrong – Cheatography is not an app for cheating. It is simply a vast library full of resources that you can use for reference. The platform has resources on more than 25,000 subjects, and the database is growing by the day. The resources here are styled as cheat-sheets, so they are easy to read. College students find it useful for getting quick answers, while freelancers refer to it when crafting professional and academic research papers.

10. Todoist

As a rule, freelancers and college students are poor in time management. Freelancers often work during the oddest hours and often lack time to do anything else. College students, on the other hand, don’t seem to keep track of time. Both demographics could do with Todoist, the leading task and time management app. This app allows you to plan your day by listing all the activities and setting deadlines. You don’t have to remember anything – Todoist will send you an automated reminder when it is time.


Life doesn’t have to be chaotic. Whether you are a freelancer or college student, any of these apps will come in handy at some point. You will be able to improve your work, perform better in your studies, and effectively organize your day-to-day life.