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Top 10 Android Apps To Improve Productivity At Work

Top 10 Android Apps To Improve Productivity At Work
Written by Micah Phillips

The popularity of Smartphone has amazingly hiked up beyond expectations within these few years. People across the world are going more productive and have made life easier with the smart features of the Smartphones. Android is considered as the king of mobile platforms as it powers the highest number of Smartphones. With the smart featured apps, smartphones resemble small sized supercomputers that are portable.

Smartphones have a great impact on our day-to-day life. Smartphones smartly help to turn us more productive. There are wide numbers of Android smart apps that are helpful in achieving high productive outputs. Below featured are the top 10 Android apps that will be helpful to improve productivity at work.

Top 10 Android Apps for Increasing Your Work Productivity

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is a suite of highly productivity apps. Each of the apps is quite helpful and beneficial for the users. Google Drive is a cloud storage app that supports different file types. Google Keep, Sheets, Docs and slides are included in the list.

These are quite helpful in taking notes as well as execute several office oriented works. Along with this, Google photos allows to store and view photos as well as videos that are stored in the Smartphone. The apps also support virtually for sharing files, file storage, note taking apps, office apps.

2. Office Suite

Microsoft offers all of the apps on Play Store in its Office Suite. A variety of Microsoft apps boosts up productivity. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, etc. are the apps offered by Microsoft on Play Store.

Just like Google Drive, Microsoft is a suite of apps that together bring a wide spectrum of productivity. Apart from these apps, Microsoft offers Microsoft Remote Desktop that allows the users to dial into their Windows PC from the Android phone.

3. Slack

Slack is an incredible business chat apps that are currently available on Google Play Store. Slack supports texts as well as voice chats. Slack supports to create an unlimited number of channels virtually. A team within the business entity can break off and share details about the projects individually. Slack is powerful and is easy to navigate. This free app is quite beneficial for business entities of any size.

4. Evernote

Evernote has a great appreciation in the virtual platform, and most of the Android users are aware of it. This app integrates a wide range of features that includes device sync, cross-platform support, and offline support. This app supports to take any file, i.e. text, image, voice, and video, virtually.


IFTTT offers IF app which is an interesting and productive app available on Android. These apps allow preparing steps which instruct different apps to perform different tasks at different times. This app takes any task and instructs the phone to perform the task anonymously.

This app is quite beneficial for persons who use IoT devices, i.e. Smart lights. Apart from this, this app help in executing different works like auto save the Instagram photos into the Dropbox. It is quite powerful and efficient, but it does have a learning curve with which the users can learn about it.

6. Newton Mail

Newton Mail is regarded as one of the most powerful email apps as its supports every email provider. Apart from this feature, this app is rich with plugins for apps like Trello, Evernote, Pocket, Zendesk, and many others. This app allows to seamlessly integrating an app with other for ensuring faster work.

Its interface is quite simple. Thus, it is easy to use. This app also supports sync that allows switching the devices easily. The basic features of the app can be obtained for free.

7. Pushbullet

Pushbullet is a classic productivity app that helps in bridging the gap between the phone and computer of the user. This app supports the users to respond to the text messages and send a different set of files and set up channels for getting notifications about certain things.

This app supports multiple platforms. Such feature of the app ensures it to be a productive solution for any user. The free version of this app allows the users to enjoy the features. For reaping out the maximum benefits of this app, the users need to opt for the Pro version.

8. Trello

Trello is considered as an incredible app on the virtual platform. This app helps the users to remain organized at work as well as home. This app is useful for a good task manager. Using this app, the users can create a board that allows keeping the projects in an organized way. The users can work on one task on the board at one time.

This app supports to collaborate with the coworkers as well as friends that turn it great for work and family environment. This app comes with Dropbox, Google Drive as well as supports Android Wear. This app is freely available and is ranked as one of the most productive apps.

9. LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager is not just a productive app but is also one of the best security apps available on Android Play Store. This app stores the details of login credentials for different sites. The Login details can be sourced from the app and can be used for logging-in. With this app, the users can set complex passwords that are difficult to remember. The users don’t need to remember the list of passwords for every site.

10. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is ranked and appreciated as the best to-do listing app. It does have a simple interface which helps the users to create an individual task list, to-do lists, and several other things. This app can be easily customized as per the varying requirements. Reminders, files, due dates, notes can easily be added to the list without getting subscribed to the service. For the tough and complicated business activities, the users can get the paid version of this app and easily manage their works.

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