Why To Go For Responsive Email Design?

responsive email template
Written by Micah Phillips

Responsive email templates and designs allow an email to adjust to the screen in which they are being viewed in real-time. If you are viewing the email in the smart-phone, the email will resize automatically to the particular model’s screen size. The main purpose is to provide an optimized email experience to the users across many devices they might be using.

So How Do They Work?

In a responsive mail design, there is a small code that detects the screen size of the device that is being used to open the mail. Depending on the device detected the email client triggers the appropriate stylesheet which in turn changes the layout to match that screen size.

Which Devices Support Responsive Mail?

Most of the prevailing smartphones, tablets, and laptops support the responsive emails. So you will see people using these devices accessing the email on their devices. Further responsive mails have to do more with email client app than the device being used.

What Makes Responsive Email Design So Impressive?

The responsive designs can achieve amazing results once they are implemented. If you are in a business where a large part of your audience is retails consumers, they might use their smartphones to access the websites. And that’s where going for responsive email templates can be very effective. On the other hand, if you have the largely B2B audience that uses larger devices, the results may not be too exciting. Here are some other benefits of responsive email design:

#1. Better User Experience

Going for the responsive web designs in the email will enable the readers on the move to see your emails. It makes the navigation rather easy. The users don’t have to pinch or zoom to see what’s written on the mail. If you have any call-to-action buttons, they can be located rather easily as compared to the normal mails. If the users find it easy to read the mails on the smartphone, they will read the other mails.

#2. More Conversions

If the emails are well optimized for the mobile viewing, you don’t have to worry too much about the low conversion rates that were caused by the

#3. Increased Sales

Once the users are going to read the mails over the phone, they will preferably use it to make the purchases than a laptop or the desktop. As they work on all the devices, they will create the great first impression on the customers. If the customers take the decision to purchase the product/service with such a great comfort, are they not likely to sell even more.

#4. Higher Click-To-Open Rate

Responsive designs are more powerful and effective than otherwise. Although they may be difficult to implement, they are the best email design strategy to enhance the email open rates.

#5. Reduced Unsubscribe Rate

If the mail doesn’t display well on the mobile, 30% of the recipients are going to unsubscribe it. With responsive email designs, you will create the winning impressions and there will be negligible unsubscribe and complaints.

In The End

There are numerous advantages of responsive email templates and you must use them to get better responses.

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