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Dedicated Servers are Now More Affordable than VPS Servers

Dedicated Servers are Now More Affordable than VPS Servers
Written by Micah Phillips

Earlier, there were mainly two kinds of hosting solutions available to businesses. While one is the more affordable shared hosting solution, the other is the expensive dedicated solution. The shared servers were the preferred choice of small businesses. However, the expensive dedicated servers ruled the large companies and enterprises. The major problems were faced by the growing and medium sized companies because they had to shell out loads of money for availing the dedicated servers.

This problem got solved to a great extent when the VPS or Virtualised Private Servers were introduced some years from now. The webmasters who are more concerned about the safety of their websites or applications or want more control over their server resources need dedicated hosting solutions. This need has been met to a large extent through the introduction of VPS or Virtual Private Server. In fact, VPSs are also lot more affordable than the dedicated servers and at the same time provide users with hosting at lower prices than the dedicated servers.

So, with VPS webmasters got more administrative control over their servers, enhanced stability, and of course more security to data. The yawning gap between the shared servers and dedicated servers are correctly filled up by VPS hosting, by striking a perfect balance between cost and performance.

Why SMEs are Choosing VPS Over Dedicated Hosting?

  • Supposedly the most striking reasons for the businesses to choose VPS over dedicated server is the cost effectiveness.
  • Another popular reason to choose VPS over dedicated hosting is the fact that the former is easy to set up and can be done really quickly, thereby again cutting on the administrative and IT related costs.
  • High uptime and customisation facilities are the other reasons of why VPS is more popular than dedicated server.
  • If a business needs extra resources, VPS doesn’t charge more.
  • The amount of flexibility as well as the security level offered by virtual private server is significantly high and is comparable with that of dedicated hosting. But the most important aspect here is that this service is available at a far lower price with VPS.

Price of Dedicated Servers Have Fallen Drastically

It has been seen in most of the cases that the Small and medium sized businesses have chosen Virtual Private Servers over Dedicated Servers mainly because of the price factor. However, the price factor is gradually going away because of certain recent developments in the online hosting world. It has been seen that the prices of dedicated servers have fallen drastically. That’s why you can more often see discounted prices offered by most hosting services. This is a good aspect because the consumers are getting much more with dedicated servers without having the requirement of paying more.

This is especially beneficial to SMEs because of the simple fact that even the lowest end dedicated hosting solutions have been found to offer comparatively more resources than highest end VPS hosting solutions. More importantly, the price difference between them has also become very small and is negligible too.

How Does Dedicated Hosting Overcome VPS?

To understand how a lower priced dedicated server is better than even a high end VPS hosting solution, a configuration comparing example can be highlighted for better understanding.

In the example it can be seen that the price difference between the two is almost negligible. While dedicated hosting solution is available at a price range $100 to $130, VPS hosting solution is price anywhere from $90 to $120.

The comparison is given below

The dedicated server comes with Quad Core Processor, 8GB RAM, 1 TB SATAII / 32MB cache HDD, Express Edition MS SQL Server,  20 TB / Month data transfer facility, 1 GBPS dedicated port connectivity, and other associated features such as Hardware Replacement, Bandwidth Report, Ping Monitoring, Remote Reboot, Control Panel, and many more. All these features are available in standard dedicated hosting models and the user doesn’t have to pay anything in addition.

Now, let’s have a look at the facilities provided by VPS configuration. The features provided include 4 vCPU Cores of the virtual server (and not of the main physical server in which multiple virtualised compartments are located), 8GB RAM, 200GB RAID6 SSD Storage, Express Edition of MS SQL Server, 1 TB Bandwidth / Month, 1 Gbps shared port, Remote Reboot, Control Panel, and many more.


Just by having a cursory look you can see that the dedicated hosting option above is the clear winner. The example given here is only a sample. However, in real life, you can find dedicated hosting servers that are much cheaper and at the same time offer higher efficiency and performance.

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