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What do marketers need to know about hosting, and why should they care?

What do Marketers need to Know about Hosting, and why should they Care?
Written by Micah Phillips

When you start the creation of a blog or a website, whether personal or corporate, one of the steps for its construction is the choice of a host. This tool takes care of hosting in the cloud all the information assigned in it.

So, here in this article, I will let you know what do marketers need to know about hosting and why should they care? But, before going to the depth of the topic, first, let us know what a host is?

What is Hosting?

All information needs a place, and when I say a place, I mean a safe and always available space for those who need access. This place works as an accommodation.

And also, this web hosting is responsible for storing information corresponding to texts, images, and other related content on a server, which will ensure that everything is always available at any time and from anywhere.

To have access to a server, you can look for companies in charge of offering the web hosting service, where you can have a space on one of their servers, for which you must pay (the payment varies according to the area you need) and to which you must assign a domain.

Taking it to a simpler definition, hosting is like a drawer within a large file, and the folders are all the information that your blog or website contains. All the people having an Internet connection can consult this file.
What do marketers need to know about hosting, and why should they care?

Importance of a hosting

All content marketing strategy includes website optimization. It is useless to create enough quality content if the website does not have a good hosting service.

After creating a website, hosting becomes essential for different reasons. And also here is a list of free reliable hosting providers. Below I am going to mention various reasons that show its importance for a website.


Can you imagine if a website dedicated to the e-commerce of a great brand is not available on a special date like a black Friday? Perhaps, the chances of this happening are very few, but I am sure that to avoid it, the hiring of a quality hosting service is essential.

Accessing information from any time and place is what the public demands today, and this is one of the reasons for having your website hosted within a reliable web hosting service.


Nobody likes a website that takes longer than expected to load its content, right? Choosing a useful web hosting service will help you not only to ensure that your content is always available, but that it can also be accessed quickly.

According to an investigation by the media firm Dynatrace, half a second can make a difference of up to 10% in online sales.


This section includes the two previous reasons, because of the lack of availability and efficiency do not allow search engines to take a website to the first page. If this does not happen, the content will not be accessible or available, so you see how hosting can be the complement of a positioning strategy.

How to choose a good web hosting service?

Yes, so far, I have told you that it is vital to have a useful web hosting service. But before choosing one, there are several aspects that you should consider. Do not hurry, let go through some of the essential aspects briefly, and it is better to understand the purpose of your website and keep in mind the functions that this service must have to have a good performance.

The aspects you should consider to choose your web hosting are:

It is better to pay than to lament

As I told you at the beginning, a web hosting service means paying for an information storage service, and this payment should mean a worthwhile investment and guarantee that your website will always be available.

Control Panel

All web hosting service providers have different control panels that will allow you to access the settings. In some, it is its own, and in others it is outsourced, the most popular are cPanel or Plesk.

Storage space

The space for a blog is not the same as for e-commerce. As for storage, you should consider what space you will need not only now, but also in the future, when you already have several years working with your website.

Mail accounts

Are you going to work email marketing campaigns within your strategy? Web hosting servers allow you to host from one to ten email accounts, and sometimes depending on the plan, unlimited email accounts.


A good hosting is the best ally for a website, and it is the support that all the content that you are going to host their needs, therefore, it must be of quality to guarantee its availability and its efficiency.

And therefore, all marketers need to know that Hosting services are very versatile; they will always adapt to your needs.