5 Best Free Android Apps For Book Lovers

Written by Ratnesh

Are you missing your books amidst all the gadgets that you carry? Well, the entire book lovers miss out on their love for reading because of the increasing use of the websites and blogs. The technology has taken over the hardcover books but there is no need for it to take over the books.

The smartphones users have the option of using extremely well-designed apps that provide the best reading opportunity to them along with availing the best book offers available to them. There are a lot of android apps but they all do not get the best results, hence here is an effort to pick out the top ones which will provide a great reading experience.

  1. Kindle: Most of the people see Kindle as a separate device but kindle app is much useful for android users. It allboows the users to access millions of books. This is an app which is created for every kind of users. You can access books, magazines, newspapers etc. There are more than 4 million books on Kindle. There are also many ebooks which are free for reading, the others would require a subscription but only if the users want. What makes Kindle so popular is the built-in dictionary, Google, and Wikipedia support. The users do not have to wait if they do not understand any word as they can immediately look it up. The apps allow the users to be up-to-date with the new releases. Kindle also allows you to sync devices which will enable them to read the books across. The readers can also bookmark pages, add notes etc. The app is highly successful with all android devices. The best feature is to read the book sample before you plan to buy the book.

  2. Good Reads: When you are struggling to find the best book that you would love to read in a given genre then Goodreads is your app. It is a high-quality social network which has a large number of readers. This one will have a large number of book reviews by your friends and other members which can help you pick the book that might interest you. The Goodreads app allows the users to create a virtual shelf with the books that they are reading and the books that they will be interested in. If there is a book that has made an impact and they wish to re-read it then they can add to the‘re-read’ shelf as well. It is an app that can be downloaded for free and there are more than 35 million members who have listed more than 1 billion books. The users can add comments on the reviews made by friends which create a highly interactive platform. This allows you to use your social media and add books that you are currently reading on that so that he non-goodread users become aware of it.

  3. Scribd: The app allows an unlimited access to the books and audio books. There are many magazines, documents, and new related articles which are available for the readers. This is an app designed for the readers. It is android friendly and allows an easy download. The readers would require monthly membership for the access of the unlimited books. The books which are available are not just general books but award-winning and best sellers list. There are personal recommendations based on the reader’s likes and preference. It is not limited to books; there is addition of world-class articles from Bloomberg, Time magazine, People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, New York magazine and many more. There is a section dedicated to library access which contains Journals’ and publications from authorities. The best feature is that if you are using more than one device you can sync your app so that you do not miss out on reading half way.

  4. WattPad: This is a simple library on your smartphone. The app is designed for easy reading and believes in the power of stories. It contains stories and books from writers all over the world. This is a great app as it allows offline reading so that you just require your device and nothing else when you move. The readers can sync the app and then can use a different device for reading the same book. There is a very lively community which is active to discuss any plot or idea which you have while reading a book. This is live communication option where the readers can easily add the comments as they are reading the book. The thread is active and has people who share the feelings you have about a character or a twist, this makes reading more fun. This also allows you to create a small library for your friend with your comments so that they can pick what you are reading or what you suggest. The best part of the app is that it celebrates the writer within you. You can add your own story and share it will the supportive community. You can even get honest reviews of the drafts you are working on and since they are all avid readers they will give you relevant feedback which is for you to use or not.

  5. Litsy: The best thing about reading anything was the book sharing, remember the time when you could not wait to get the book to your best friend so that you could discuss the content. The Litsy knows that feeling and hence allows you book sharing easily using the app. The app has a culture where readers suggest favorite books and do not use an algorithm for the same. There are passionate readers who share ‘reading moments’. The posts contain photos, quotes, honest reviews and blurbs related to a book. It is user-friendly and created especially keeping the needs of the Smartphone readers in mind. The readers can quickly browse through the books and when they find their next read they can add it to the stack. You can add your own reviews and experience on the community and help others while you get to read your book.

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