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Cloud Computing for your Startup’s Growth (Benefits of Cloud)

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Written by Micah Phillips

In today’s IT world, it’s quite hard to believe that any startup business still doesn’t use cloud computing. Perhaps, it was possible a decade ago, but today, it is almost impossible not using a cloud technology.

It may be creating confusion for most people, and I will only say one thing to make it clear, that don’t we all use email in our daily routine? Can you spend a day without sending or checking your emails? All start-up entrepreneurs and business owners adopt cloud computing for their regular functioning. I admit that the use of this technology might not be extensive but still, they use it.

The use of Cloud computing in our daily functioning is deeply embedded and its flexibility offered for all types of industry. The benefits and advantages of a cloud computing are higher for the small companies and startups, why? Because those startups have limited source of income and run on lower budget. Large companies can hire IT team experts or can get their very own cloud hosting, but it’s quite hard for the startup entrepreneurs.

Yet not convinced? Let’s check out some more:

  • Customization and Scalability

Startups businesses are the growing businesses and their operations or services can scale rapidly and therefore the demand for the resources can keep on increasing. Cloud computing provides an opportunity for the startup owners to fulfil their ever-growing demand with least investment.

The cloud hosting providers often deliver on-demand services as per your startup’s relevant industry. In short, you get the flexibility to upgrade these services in any steps of your startup to reach the demand of your growing business.

  • Availability and Accessibility

How would you manage if any of your clients require urgent editing to be done after or before the office timing? The startup owners are normally caught up in this kind of situations because the data is stored on the computer which is in the office.

Is it difficult for you and your employee to carry all your important data wherever you go? With cloud hosting, you or your employees can access saved data on cloud server anywhere anytime from a computer. Also, people can share resources over the internet even if working in separate departments.

  • Cost-effectiveness and Savings

Cost cutting is one of the major challenges faced by every business owners in initial days. In just a blink of an eye, you can lose lots of money if not careful, and of course startups don’t carry huge amount to spend. Aside from cost-cutting, there are more solution, cost-effectiveness, and savings which can be achieved with cloud computing technology.

When any startup entrepreneurs build their website they install physical storage devices, hardware, and spend lots of money to purchase some expensive software. These expenses can be decreased with a cloud server. Do you want to know how?

With a cloud server, you only pay for the used resources and gets the flexibility to adjust your storage as per your business requirements. That means if your demand is less regarding storage you pay less and when your business demands more storage, you can purchase more. As per research, if your sales unit shifts from the functioning of paper to paperless you save nearby 12000 USD in a year. This amount can be lower for small businesses, but cloud storage is the take away that could save your good sum of money.

  • Reliability and Security

Though analysts frequently claim that cloud computing is not reliable and secure. Storage devices can go down to system glitches and malfunctions and if this happens chances are that you are enabled to retrieve any data.

While the cloud server backup system can protect you from losing your important data. The reliability and security offered by the cloud computing are the foremost features as this is the main purpose of cloud server providers. The cloud server hosting India provider has an expert IT staff and advance system for backup to recover if anything worst happens. This is all done by the provider and you don’t have to bother about anything. Now you decide, what is better, working carefree with cloud server storage or worrying constantly about your in-house physical storage?

  • Easy Integration

Startup owners often get upset when they think that integrating with the cloud platform can lose their data. This old myth about cloud has misled many company owners, because of this many times integrating have become a reason for not migrating to the cloud server. In old days migrating to the cloud system was quite a tough task but with the advancement in technology, this has become easily possible. One can easily extract data from SaaS platforms and move legacy data to the cloud.

  • Work Collaboration

In every business startup, you come to the stage where you need to maintain a balance between your offshore and onshore team. If the team includes marketers, content writers or such other employees, where the storage requirement is minimal and all tasks are quite simple to manage. However, if you’re offshore staff involves developers and designers then the requirement of storage increases, then what would you do in this case? How will you manage to share such a huge volume of data? Everything is possible, but if managing this balance without cloud system is indeed low.

With cloud storage not only your data sharing issues are solved but also it provides a secured platform. Sharing on a cloud is safer from external attacks coming via email conversations and any other such methods.

  • Business Foundation

Uninterrupted workflow and continuous functioning are the important elements for any startup’s efficient working.

Just imagine while working one day your computer crashes and it is impossible for you to retrieve all data. In this situation, you can be lucky if you have backed up your systems because not every startup has enough funds to do that. In other situation, you may lose all your important data and you have to start from scratch.

If your business has excellent recovery system and strong foundation, which are provided to you with cloud storage system, these minor problems will not affect your working flow. In short with cloud technology, your business can run efficiently in any extreme situations.

As you read this, you come to know that the growth of cloud technology is vast and many businesses are adopting it. The reason behind this is because the power of cloud computing technology has taken over the market.

Rarely, I have come across with the business that tried cloud solution and paced backward towards with the traditional hosting methods. For every startup business, everything is a hassle from projects to funding they have to worry about almost everything.

And if any technology can reduce this load at cost-effective rates, then what else we could ask for? Adopt cloud technology and catch up in the race for a stress-free working environment, efficient backup and storage capabilities.

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