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15+ Best Current Affairs and GK Apps for Students in India

15+ Best Current Affairs and GK Apps for Students in India
Written by Lea Longo

Do you know 11.36 lacs students appeared for UPSC exams? These applicants study for an average of 9 to 12 hours a day. Most interestingly, approximately 15 lacs students appeared for SBI PO exam with the success rate displaying 2,313 students selected for the post.

There’s no short cut to success other than hard work. And when it comes to cracking competitive exams in India, you cannot afford to overlook the significance of Current Affairs and General Awareness enhancing the knowledge banks of millions.

From exploring all interesting facts about the recently launched Chandrayaan 2 to the gold medal spree of the most celebrated Olympic athlete Hima Das, there are so many events to cover and questions to answer.

Talking of current affairs, unless you are aware of the latest news in the block, you would only lag behind. Moreover, with stringencies brought in the field of academics, students in India hardly get any time to focus on other activities apart from regular class lessons or the mundane practice of preparing for exams and other Coursework Help.

Now that you too are struggling to accumulate knowledge about what’s hot and what’s not, these advanced current affairs apps will save the day.

Must have Current Affairs & GK Apps

Here you go!

1. Current Affairs 2019 General Knowledge Quiz

Current Affairs 2019 General Knowledge Quiz

This is one of the most talked about applications when it comes to GK and Current Affairs. Since the app is updated on a daily basis, you are entitled to receive the latest news and answers to the questions on the go.

Let’s take a look at its features:

  • The app covers questions and answers for all competitive exams including Bank, IBPS, PO, SBI Clerk, Railway RRB NTPC, LIC, BSNL TTA and more.
  • The application allows the users to save and read news, latest notifications and exam answers offline.
  • You are entitled to switch seamlessly between quizzes and capsules, and revise weekly and monthly quizzes.
  • You can read daily news in hundred words or less.
  • The application supports both English and Hindi languages.
  • It comes for free with no hidden charges attached.
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2. India GK

India GK-Best Current Affairs apps

India GK is one of the most resourceful Current Affairs applications comprising 20,000 Q&A belonging to a variety of genres.

Here’s a glimpse of its features.

  • Unlock all contents for free.
  • The application focuses on India, world events, general awareness, Science, General Knowledge and more.
  • It as an automatic read out facility that reads questions for you to listen and answer.
  • The app delivers detailed reports on your performance of all quizzes attended.
  • You can retry quizzes for an unlimited number of times.
  • Users can review answers against the actual ones to learn things faster.
  • India GK covers Q&A for a myriad of subjects including Indian Polity Constitution, Indian Economics and Commerce, Indian History, Geography, General Science and Technology and more.

3. Crazy GK Trick

Crazy GK Trick-Best Current Affairs apps

If you are looking for an ideal knowledge bank that would help you to take home well-referenced information regarding a plethora of topics, then opt for Crazy GK Trick.

Here’s what it has got in store.

  • It has a dedicated “study material” section. The category provides users with important notes and other information about vital topics related to current affairs and general knowledge.
  • The app has a separate category in the name of “Quiz”. It comprises time-quizzes based on Current Affairs, General Knowledge and other subject matters.
  • The app offers you “Videos” as well. Users are allowed to access several conceptual videos based on Genera Knowledge, Current Affairs, Subject Explanatory genres, and more.
  • The contents included in the application are available both in Hindi and English.
  • The app allows its users to take Math tests as well.
  • Questions are updated on a daily basis.

4. Daily Current Affairs 2019

Daily Current Affairs-Best Current Affairs apps

This is yet another notable Current Affairs application that is known for its responsive interface and user-friendly navigation. The Daily Current Affairs Edition 2019 also hosts a myriad of other helpful features. Let’s take a look at the same.

  • The speedy and simplified Android interface allows users to operate the GK app anytime, anywhere, on the go.
  • This is a daily Current Affairs app that provides seamless user-experience to prepare for various government and banking examinations like SSC, UPSC, Railways, MBA, IBPS, SBI, and more.
  • Users can access GK news offline and read all latest news related to Current Affair on the go.
  • You can use the “Daily GK Cards” as well. The feature provides users with all the nitty-gritty of the latest news so that they can acquire relevant information.
  • The app has another interesting feature named “Never Miss Anything”. This allows the users to get notified about all National and International news related to Politics, Sports, Finance and more.

5. General Knowledge Quiz – World GK Quiz App

General Knowledge Quiz – World GK Quiz App

This GK quiz app is known for its resourceful content that helps users improve their general knowledge about India and of the world as well. Take a look at the features of this app.

  • A user-friendly interface that allows users to answer all GK questions.
  • The in-built “Practice” section allows users to practice each question with four options.
  • You can apply and participate in quizzes in offline mode.
  • The GK questions in this app cover a wide area comprising Books and Authors quiz, Computer Knowledge Quiz, Food and Drinks Quiz, National Symbols, Historical Places, and more.
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6. India GK Questions and Answers – Quiz Test

India GK Questions and Answers – Quiz Test

If you are looking for an ideal platform that will allow you to enhance knowledge about sports, history, literature, famous people and states, then go for this app.

Let’s check out the features this app contains:

  • The platform allows the users to play and win games based on General Knowledge related to Bollywood, Historical Places, Indian Epics and more
  • Multiple Choice Questions with four options
  • GK quiz based on Indian topics
  • Free trivia quiz

7. Indian History 2,200 Questions

Indian History 2,200 Questions

If you are planning to crack government exams, opt for this application. The tool is enriched with content based on the following categories:

  • Advent of Europeans
  • Popular Movements
  • Revolt of 1857
  • Pre Gupta Period
  • Governor Generals and more

8. GK Today – Current Affairs and GK

GK Today – Current Affairs and GK

GK Today is one of the largest and popular platforms publishing GK and Current Affairs for competitive examinations like UPSC Civil Services, NDA, IBPS, SSC, Banking and more.

Check out the exclusive features this application contains.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Lightweight application of 9.9 MB only
  • Free installation

9. Current Affairs 2019 (eBook and Quiz)

Current Affairs 2019 (eBook and Quiz)

If you are looking for verified information related to Current Affairs for exams, then try out Current Affairs 2019 (eBook and Quiz).

Here’s what the application offers:

  • Sleek functionality, fast user interface and quick page go-through
  • Text font size adjustments
  • Prompt response on the go

10. News by TOI (Times of India)

News by TOI (Times of India)-Best Current Affairs apps

The TOI app is one of the most effective platforms that provide users with the latest English news, breaking news, political news, Bollywood trivia, photos and more.

Here’re the features that keep this app going:

  • The TOI app contains “Briefs” in the form of short articles and journals.
  • The app provides morning and evening updates to the users.
  • The platform is enriched with other features like “Live TV”, “Offline Reading”, “Trending News” and more.

11. ALL GK

ALL GK-Best Current Affairs apps

This is one of the most significant applications that provide examination questions in English. From providing its users with answers to questions based on Banking, PO, UPSC, IAS to questions related to Current Affairs, the application offers comprehensive solutions.

Here’s a snippet of the same.

  • Daily alerts for all competitive exams
  • Exam sample papers
  • Quick and advanced search
  • Easy to use navigation

12. Current Affairs MCQ TEST

Current Affairs MCQ TEST-Best Current Affairs apps

This is one handy app that allows you to prepare Current Affairs for Competitive exams in English. Check out its features before using the app.

  • The platform allows users to take daily quizzes.
  • You can read and watch daily news in video and text.
  • Designed and developed to boost exam preparation.
  • 100% free with no hidden charges.
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13. Daily Current Affairs, News, GK

Daily Current Affairs, News, GK

Are you in search of hourly updates on Current Affairs? Install this app and access all the latest news from different fields.

See what more this app has to offer:

  • Works offline
  • Provides live cricket scores
  • Useful information related to competitive exams
  • Contains General Awareness (GA) and General Knowledge (GK) Q&A

14. Knappily – The Knowledge App

Knappily – The Knowledge App-Best Current Affairs apps

Knappily has been featured by the search engine giant Google as one of the five new applications you must have. Here’s a glimpse of the features this award-winning app has to offer.

  • Easy access to numerous variety of news
  • Availability of bookmarks to read later
  • Notifications on newly published news
  • Current Affairs and other news based on TV shows, mythology, movies, Philosophy, Technology and more

15. GK Tricks and Current Affairs

GK Tricks and Current Affairs-Best Current Affairs apps

This is one of those helpful applications that allow its users to search questions easily and receive daily alerts with GK questions, Current Affairs, and tricks.

Here’s a snippet of the salient features of this application.

  • GK quiz, Current Affairs and tricks including categories like Banking awareness, Books and Authors, Days and Years, Indian Economy and more
  • Comprises “Hide Answers” feature
  • Available for free

16. Daily Current Affairs Quiz GK – UPSC Prelims

Daily Current Affairs Quiz GK UPSC Prelims-Best Current Affairs apps

Are you about to appear for UPSC prelims? Then consider utilising the potential of this app. The platform is well-known for providing students with UPSC questions and answers along with other helpful features, some of which are mentioned below.

  • The app allows you to practice daily Current Affairs Quiz for UPSC Prelims 2019
  • Current affairs and MCQs related to Sports, Business, Economy and more
  • Monthly quiz on all Current Affair topics

With 25% success rate of clearing the IAS prelims exam for a candidate, you can only imagine the competition one would currently be a part of. Now that you are aware of the resourceful apps for competitive exams that can help you excel at GK and Current Affairs, figure out the ones that would suit your niche, install them, and start practising at the earliest.

Hope you liked Current Affairs and GK Apps.

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