What Is Nulled, Pirated or Cracked WordPress Theme

What Is Nulled, Pirated or Cracked WordPress Theme
Written by Mashum Mollah

Undoubtedly, blogging is a great way to start your career out of your scope of interest. But blogging requires much more content management than the other type of technical activity. As if you want to increase the organic traffic in your sites.

The perfect engaging content with keyword density is the only way to attract your blogging page’s organic traffic. The popularity of blogging & easy interface  is making the usage of the WordPress themes is getting more popular.

The original and the authentic WordPress themes are quite expensive rather than the cracked or the null WordPress themes. So, bloggers are more prone to use the cracked WordPress themes or free themes, which is quite readily available on the internet.

premium wordpress themes sites

If you browse in Google, you will get multiple choice of WordPress themes buying and selling platforms such as themeforest, athemes, templatemonster, elegantthemes, creativemarket & more. Each platform has almost 10000+ types of WordPress themes. Most of these Paid themes has built in great features and their Nulled or Cracked version free available on Internet to download. Just search [Nulled/Cracked WordPress themes ….Themes Name….], it shows sites to download these themes for free.

nulled wordpress themes download

Then come other questions like

• Can I use the cracked WordPress theme? – Yes, Yes for learning purposes only. But you should never use such cracked themes for your live or costly projects because they have full of malware.

• Can any harm happen if we are using the null word press files?- Your sites may be easily hacked.

These two are basic questions which come instantly into our mind. As the paid WordPress themes is costly, and they are not free. The installation process of paid themes is simple but nulled themes need some technical expertise like zip folder unzip, upload, find error & solution.

What Is Nulled or Cracked WordPress?

Nulled themes and plugins are pirated copies of premium WordPress Themes & Plugins. Also

Some popular & with extra features WordPress Themes which is paid available on the market or by seller like themeforest but some websites provides these themes for free to download by doing some unethical activities or modifying it, these themes called cracked version or nulled version or pirated WordPress Themes.

They give us free to download because WordPress themes are licensed under GPL, it’s completely OK to copy and distribute it.

What is GPL

If you are a new blogging writer, the first thing that comes to your mind is, Can I use The Pirates and the Cracked WordPress themes from the internet? You will get two options of WordPress themes one is the type of files you have to purchase another type is you will get the zip file while googling & downloading the themes.

Most of these WordPress files are cracked or pirated, which have the WordPress theme. Other you will get the paid WordPress files from seller.

nullled themes sites

For the fresh or paid WordPress files, you have to upload your files through FTP or File Manager into your webhost where your domain is hosted, At the last of the installation, you have to activate the zip files with the license key provided on the time of purchase of theme. The authentic WordPress themes are more legal than the cracked ones. For nulled or free themes no need of license key just install & use it.

theme license key

Is it good to use a nulled theme?

The null WordPress themes are free, but as the themes are growing costly & coming with required features, more bloggers and the website content modifiers are more prone to use the null themes as these templates are free and easy to apply.

Then we first see the exact harmful effects of using the null WordPress templates.

Here are four adverse effects of using the corrupted or the null templated in your WordPress articles.

Disadvantages of Nulled WordPress Themes or Plugins

1. Website Security and Privacy on The Stake

Website data security is in an insecure zone. Other than data security, null templates are also illegal. The local country law can charge you for security issues.

These null templates are causing more harm. Your website’s security depends on the authentic hosting choice, and the malicious code of the null templates is just breaking the power of the authentic hosting. The hackers can easily enter your page by getting the link from the null templates.

The spammy WordPress templates and the custard environment of the website are reducing the readability of the website. If the readability is less, then the regular viewers of the websites are also getting affected.

2. Zero Support from Theme Creators

The theme creators are giving support when you are purchasing the world press theme from the original and the authentic platforms. But when you are not purchasing the authentic zip files, the chances of getting help from the creators are in the zero stage.

When you are purchasing the authentic theme and then activate it, the creator is sharing the activation security key with you. And after the purchase of the products, sellers are contacting the customers and sharing the security key.

You can easily see that from the purchasing of the templates. You start to get help from the sellers.

The updation process of the Null templates is also less. The updation chances are very few. Most in the cases, almost no options of the updation in the null templates are in there.

3. Affect SEO

The blogging from the website is the matter of attracting organic traffic and improving the SEO of the page. You want to use the WordPress theme to improve the SEO of the page.

But when you are using the corrupted WordPress themes, you make it worse. The null templates are creating a clustered atmosphere for your website page. And increase the spam links of the page.

The page’s spam links mean the hackers can redirect your page viewers to the other website’s page. You only can see your page DR is following, and your competitor’s website DR is increasing. Other than that, you cannot figure out anything.

4. Discouraging the Templates Developers

Developing any new templates means it is a work of many technical difficulties and time. The WordPress template’s technical developer is taking more time and lots of technical knowledge to develop these beautiful templates. Not only the technical knowledge and the time, the money and the workloads of the different work assigned people are also counted.

The templates developers are getting paid after each selling of the WordPress templates & themes. If the new users do not use the premium templates, then these hardworking template developers are getting discouraged, and after some time, they will stop developing the new WordPress templates.

Where can I get premium themes for free?

Option:1- Themeforest is a leading seller of premium WordPress themes, they provide few free premium themes each month for all users, you just need to download and use with all features.

free paid WordPress themes sites

Option:2- You can use free themes from WordPress.org themes gallery

They have very good themes to use with limited features, best for beginners & testing.

free wordpress.org themes

how to check if a WordPress theme is nulled

First just check theme by theme name if it’s free or paid. Just google for it.  Visit developer website. Almost each paid themes required license key to activate, so ask for that.


Nulled WordPress themes are quite dangerous for the word press theme security. Most of the cracked themes have the virus infestation, and the malware is all over the null themes. These insecure themes are quite dangerous for your site data security.

Hence you think these are free templates and do not need any security key to activate them. It may be better to use these null themes. But using the null themes are leading your website towards insecurity.

If you want to stay away from the hacking process, then use authentic templates. It may be costly, but it will eliminate the chances of hacking the site.

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