How To Track SMS in 2021

How To Track SMS
Written by Micah Phillips

Tracking SMS in 2020 is possible without any trouble if you have the right app in hand. There are many reasons for which people use these apps. Choosing from a whole lot of apps is challenging. In case you are searching for a trusted application that can help you read the text messages of a target device, you are on the right site.

Here we will let you know which application is the best one to have when it comes to tracking SMS in 202. Read this article till the end to find out all about the finest SMS tracking app and how it works.

Why Use an SMS Tracker?

Using an SMS tracker is important because it allows you to keep an eye on the target phone’s activities. You go to Spyier and read this guide to track phone location without them knowing whenever you need to. You can do all the work remotely, and there is no need to touch the spied phone in any way as the work is done via remote processing.

You can stay where you are and do all the work without even touching the spied device. There is no need to install anything in the target device as it functions without this feature. You can stay where you are and keep an eye on the spied device and all the text messages altogether.

Spyier, as an SMS Tracker

sms tracker

One of the best SMS trackers in the use of millions of people worldwide, Spyier is one of the leading spy applications that allows you to keep an eye on the spied device whenever you need to. This will enable you to gain remote access to the target phone and do everything remotely.

Using this application is quite simple as the commands are easy to execute. There is no need to do anything complex to run the app as it works with a few simple instructions. You can check the website from this article or go and browse about this app online from some other source now.

You can track the live location of the target phone with the help of Spyier by following the device on a map. Here it would be best if you marked a few boundaries on the map and when the device crosses those marked places, you receive an alert and get to know where the phone is at the current moment.

This feature is called geofence. It lets you know about the previous locations and current ones also. There is nothing in the world with which this application doesn’t help you with. Everything is safe as the application functions in stealth-mode and makes your spying experience 100% secure for you.


The customer support service of Spyier is helpful as they will guide you till the end so you would be able to solve the issue you are encountering. In case of any trouble, you can contact them at any hour of the day or night. They will get back to you as early as possible.

Spyier offers multiple subscription plans for users to pick from, so go for the one that suits you the best. All these plans are reasonable at a price, so choose the one that comes up to the level of your spying. If you don’t want to go for a paid plan, you can try out a one month free trial of Spyier to understand its features correctly.

There is a live demo feature that allows you to watch it and understand the functions of the applications in detail. This feature helps you in getting to know about the functions of the app in a better way.

Using this app for iOS and Android, both are fine. To keep an eye on the spied device that is iOS, you need to add the iCloud account details of the phone first and leave the rest of the work on the app to deal with. There is no need to do anything else at this stage because the app will do the rest.


All the activities of social media accounts will be visible with this app. You can see Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, and others by using Spyier. Even the deleted information from these accounts can be recovered. Everything that the user of the target device shares, sends, and receives will be monitored.

With an Android OS, you can install the app on the spied phone and run it in the background after installation. The app is small in size, doesn’t drain the phone’s battery, and it takes up a tiny space in the phone, so you are safe in using this app. There is a zero% chance of you being caught for spying.

Many apps ask you to jailbreak and root the phone to sue the application, but when we talk about Spyier, there is no need to do anything like that. The app functions without these features and makes your spying experience safe and easy for you. These features are complex, and not many people can make them work on their own.

If you want to go for an easier solution, then there is nothing better than Spyier that can beat it. You are 100% safe in using this app, and it is original if you have second thoughts about legal concerns. You can use it for whatsoever reasons you have.

You can read text messages, see chats, keep track of call logs, see contact numbers, names, see social media accounts, check browser history, see contact numbers and names, and learn a lot more through this device.

With the feature named keylogger, you can keep track of all the taps being made on the target phone. Everything will be recorded, and you will get to know about it. Not even a single thing will be missed, and you will be able to find out about it in detail.

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The user of the spied phone types, sends, and receives on their phone will be recorded, and you will get to know about it. Even the passwords can be revealed. Every single detail will be in front of you.

Using Spyier to Monitor SMS

● As the initial, go to the official website of Spyier and gain access to a free subscription plan. Spyier functions for both iPhone and Android operating systems.

create a account

● In case you need to hack an iPhone, add all the iCloud details of the device, but if you need it for an Android phone, you have to install Spyier in the spied device.


● In the end, just press on the option that says Start and you will be shifted to your dashboard from where you can easily spy on the targeted phone SMS and gain full control over the information without anyone’s knowledge.



We hope that the above information would be helpful for you, and you would understand this application completely. In case you still have any trouble regarding this app, feel free to contact us, or you can contact the customer support team for better assistance.

We will love to guide you if you have any questions regarding this fantastic application. Don’t waste your time in search of the perfect application as what you need is right here. Visit the official website of SPyier and pick your preferred subscription plan now.

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