An In-depth Discussion About Microsoft Dynamics AX

An In-depth Discussion About Microsoft Dynamics AX
Written by Micah Phillips

There is a lot to know about the widely used Dynamics AX. Many people who use it are unaware of its background and transition. Here is a detailed discussion about the entire program of Microsoft Dynamics AX or Axapta.

1. What is Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an enterprise resource planning software developed by Microsoft. It is one of Microsoft’s business solution suits that help to facilitate and assist the daily activities of companies, organizations and holding structures.

2. What are the features of Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Microsoft Business Central Axapta is a high-profile business management solution that takes care of all your business needs. It takes care of the processes relating to manufacturing, project management, financing, etc.

The following are the prime features of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

a. Manufacturing: Axapta assists you with all the manufacturing processes. This includes capacity and material planning, management of the resources of your company, schedules relating to jobs, etc.

b. Supply Chain Management: Microsoft Dynamics Axapta assists you with the inventory, warehouse and trade management and also with distributions that are the innate part of any business.

c. Project Management: projects include aspects like invoicing, cost control, integration, and splitting into sub-projects. Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you conduct all these processes.

d. Finance Management: any business involves a lot of transactions like payments, receivables, budgetary control, etc. These operations are conducted through the in-built programming of Microsoft Business Central Axapta.

e. Supply and Delivery Management: business cannot be run without the involvement with third parties like the supplier and the distributor. You get assistance with supplier-relationship, direct and indirect deliveries from Microsoft Dynamics AX

f. Human Resource Management: human resource management includes workforce management, development training, recruitment, expense management, etc. All these are managed and maintained through Microsoft Business Central Axapta.

g. Sales and Marketing: Microsoft Dynamics Axapta has all the tools and functionalities to maintain sales and marketing. It also helps to grab potential customers and sales opportunities.

Top Benefits of Microsoft Business Solution Axapta

3. How does Axapta reach its customers?

Microsoft Dynamics AX and all other programs of Microsoft are brought to the customers and clients through a wide network of implementation partners. These partners are certified with competency logos that indicate their area of specialization. You can evaluate your business needs and select the most helpful and efficient implementation partner in your case.

4. How has Microsoft Axapta changed now?

4. How has Microsoft Axapta changed now


Microsoft Dynamics Axapta is not called AX or Axapta anymore. With the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Axapta aspect of the product line has come to be known as Dynamics 365 for finance and operation. It is the same Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP solution with better functionalities and same reliability, just the name has changed. They are again demonstrated, implemented and supported by Microsoft Dynamics Partners.

5. What are the modules in Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Microsoft Dynamics AX contains 19 core modules

M1. Traditional core

  • General Ledger
  • Bank Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Inventory Management
  • Master Planning (resources)
  • Production
  • Product Builder
  • Human Resources
  • Project Accounting Basic
  • Administration Module
  • Procurement and Sourcing
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Store, manage and interpret data

M2. AX 2012 R3 Modules

Call Center, General Ledger, Inventory and Warehouse Management, Master Planning, Procurement and Sourcing, Production Control, Project Management, and Accounting, Public Sector, Retail, Sales and Marketing, Transportation Management, Trade Allowance Management, Warehouse Management

modules in Microsoft Dynamics AX


6. What is the difference between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and AX?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX also called Axapta is a complete ERP system Solutions by Microsoft whereas Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a standalone CRM system which Includes Dynamics 365 Business Central.

7. The architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX Architecture contains 4 Parts, Database, File Server, Application Object Server and Interface(Clients) of ERP.

8. History of AX

Initially, Ax was developed by IBM and Danish Damgaard Data as IBM Axapta and released in 1998, Microsoft acquired the combined company in July 2002



9. What are Microsoft Dynamics AX pricing details?

It has 3 Plans,  Customer Engagement Plan, Unified Operations Plan, Dynamics 365 Plan

What are Microsoft Dynamics AX pricing details


Microsoft Dynamics Axapta has many features. They have been listed here with all the information that one may seek to know. It has also been mention that Axapta has changed to Dynamics 365 for finance and operation.