React Native vs Xamarin: Which is Better?

React Native vs Xamarin Which Is Better
Written by Ratnesh

The mobile application is these days a new center of attraction of the folks. These mini-apps have made lives any easier. Hence the development framework of the mobile application is also in much demand.

There are numerous development frameworks mushrooming now and then. Web app development companies are providing several options to developers. Amongst all, there have to be some favorites.

The center of attraction amongst all is React Native and Xamarin development framework. It is likely to say there is a tough war going between them. Many facts and figures are kept in terms of their performance. Whenever there are one or more performers in a particular league, competition comes as instinctively. So, the comparison between them is also but natural.

All we need is a proper discussion overall aspect to decide the best suited on common ground.

Let’s have a look at each of the first:

React Native

This is an open-source tool developed by Facebook. It supports both iOS as well as Android operating systems. For building this framework you need to be deft in JavaScript as it is built in this language.


Microsoft has crafted this framework and also it is too an open outsource. This framework supports all three operating systems i.e., Windows, iOS, and Android. This needs to be coded in C#. So, the C# needs to be strong for this framework.

Let’s move to the comparison part now:


1. Performance:

• Native code is needed like Java or C or swift to develop a super application in React Native framework whereas the in Xamarin it needs platform-specific enhancement.

• You can do UI testing on each platform. However, it’s easier to try and do unit testing once you write in Jest than X-Unit. You’ll be able to correct within the XCode machine for iOS once operating with Xamarin. However, you’ll be able to solely correct within the automaton mortal on React Native. You’ll additionally have problems with automaton mortal.

2. Development Environment:

• Xamarin allows you to only work comfortably with visual studios. Working with another platform would be a bit difficult. Whereas in React Native give you the flexibility to work in any platform.

• React native app development allows you to work with the best of IDE/text editor but then Xamarin only sticks to visual studios. Though Visual Studios is also bagged with some really good editing tools that will let your load shred up to a great extent.

3.Development speed:

• React Native’s ‘the hot reloading” feature gears up the application development speed. It saves a lot of time but Xamarin allows you to work only on visual studio but then that also speeds up the app development.

• So once creating some modifications within the code, you don’t have to be compelled to compile the code once more. Merely hot reload the app. whereas in Xamarin you don’t ought to code the controls from scratch.

• Instead, you’ll merely use the on the market controls. And therefore, the Xamarin and NuGet plug-in build your work a full ton easier and prevent countless times.

React Native vs Xamarin Performance


4.Market Shares

React Native

React Native is employed by several nice firms and start-ups. the popular mobile apps that use this framework at Facebook, Facebook Ads Manager, Instagram, F8, Facebook Analytics, Skype, Pinterest, Bloomberg, Uber, Walmart, Tesla, Artsy, Chop, Discord, Vogue, and so on.


Xamarin is additionally utilized by several nice corporations and start-ups like Honeywell, slack, BOSCH, Cognizant, JetBlue, and so on.

React Native vs Xamarin Market Share


5. Support of Community


Xamarin additionally has awful community support. the quantity of learning materials like on-line courses, videos, and tutorials is nice enough for this framework.

Like React Native, an enormous variety of articles are written regarding Xamarin, too, and therefore the variety is growing!

As by just a search of Xamarin you will find thousands of results about every nitty-gritty’s related.

React Native

React Native has sturdy support from the developer community. There is a large variety of learning materials obtainable on the net for React Native.

Therefore, you’ll be able to learn it simply mistreatment the web courses, tutorials, and videos obtainable on the online.

There is an excellent variety of journal posts and articles written concerning React Native. Therefore, if you would like to understand one thing concerning React Native, you’ll be able to merely do a google search and you’ll notice uncountable articles and journal posts.

For instance, if you would like to find out concerning its performance, Google’s react-native performance’ and you’ll get an oversized variety of journal posts and articles concerning it.

There are several development tools that you won’t notice several learning resources. However, that’s not the case for React Native.

There’s a powerful variety of learning resources for this framework and therefore the variety is growing.

6.Overall Comparison

Answering that framework is best may be a powerful job as each the tools square measure of terribly high-quality and each is developed by massive firms like Facebook and Microsoft.

Instead of asking that framework is best, raise yourself that one would be the proper appropriate your work.
Take a detailed explore the comparison factors like performance, development time, and market share, and judge that framework would work best for your business.

If your staff is full-fledged in JavaScript and React, selecting React Native would be a good plan, in my opinion, as a result of your developers are going to be ready to quickly grasp the ideas of React Native, and that they will get pleasure from the work if they love JavaScript and React.


Though there are too many Web App Development Companies popping up due to popularity amongst the developers, you need to be specific according to your work structure.

The preference of your coding language and work structure you can choose any of these. React Native app development where gives you the flexibility to work on any editor Xamarin provides you a singular efficient platform. It is your call to select the one to what sort of app development you want to design. Explore, Research, Choose and Design.