What makes Dynamics 365 different from other ERP and CRM systems?

Microsoft dynamics 365 CRM Features
Written by Ratnesh

Customer resource management or CRM apps have become the most popular way to manage the operations. Almost every brand these days makes use of these apps and platforms in order to manage his work planning and operations with added ease. There are a number of Enterprise resources planning and customer management software that are available in the market which makes it tough for you to make the right choice. Every one of them has its own quality but you need to select the one which offers you with the best services.

Dynamics 365 different from other ERP and CRM systems


Dynamics 365 has come up as a revolutionary platform that has changed the things as far as ERP & CRM software is concerned. It has come up with a completely different and innovative approached that has changed the game. It has turned the tables in the ERP which is why everyone is so excited about the Dynamics 365. You can make use of Microsoft dynamics 365 for financial use in the best manner.

Here is a look at the features of Dynamics 365 that give it recognition a class above the rest –

features of Dynamics 365

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Cloud-based platform – The first and the best thing with the Dynamics 365 is that it is a cloud-based platform which makes it easier for you to access the data from anywhere and at any time. You no longer need to have the data stored on a particular system as it is now configured over the cloud-based network.

The platform is hosted by Microsoft Azure which is one of the most loved and popular cloud-based platforms. The users are liberated from having to work in the office as they now have the flexibility to work from anywhere. What you just need is an internet connection that will get the job done for you. Thus, everyone is becoming addicted to the platform over the others making it the most popular software platform for CRM.

Comprehensive integration – The second feature of the platform that makes it an ideal one for any kind of business needs is the fact that it integrated with all kinds of apps. It does not only support the Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps but also other Microsoft apps such as office 365, excel and power board that gives you some added convenience when you are looking to do different sorts of things.

At the same time, it helps the ERP and CRM work in cohesion by acting as a cohesive agent. In the past, some of the apps have allowed the ERP and CRM to work simultaneously by making use of the connector. But there, you always need to have that connector in order to transfer the data between CRM and ERP applications.

Added flexibility – Yet another feature of the platform that separates it from the other conventional apps in the market is the added flexibility that it provides you. You have the flexibility to use several apps at once without any kind of problem or hang-ups.

The facility to switch from one app to another is what makes the Microsoft dynamics 365 in Australia the most popular one among others. You also have the choice to customize the interface as per the needs and demands of your business.

You also have the luxury to add the extensions from the store that will facilitate your business in the right manner.  If you are not having any feature in your platform, just go to the store and add it, it is that much simple. So, you are never short on the tools and apps that facilitate the business in the right manner.

Innovation is the key when you talk about the business management and customer planning. You need to have a partner by your side that has the ability to come up with ideas that are quite unheard of. With dynamics 365 business central Australia, you actually get a partner who has the capacity to come with what you exactly need. Being a cloud-based platform, the ease of use is way above the platform bound apps. You can also get to use it on variety of channels and devices which makes it such a popular platform for enterprise management and customer relationship improvement for your brand.