13 Best Free SEO Content Readability Checker Tools Online

best Readability Tools to Check Your SEO Content
Written by Micah Phillips

You must spend hours, if not days, producing and refining the material itself. Along with it, you need to go through a huge amount of research materials.

Admittedly, when it comes to being recognized by search engines and visitors, you need to create appealing content.

Having the required skill set is a fantastic start, but you’ll also need the proper tools at your disposal. Otherwise, you won’t be able to develop content that stands out from the crowd. These measures are implemented by the best SEO services.

In this article, we’ll look at the finest and brightest tools for improving your content readability . This would inspire readers, and increase the conversion rate.

Given below are a variety of tools that can be used in content creation. This includes Readability check, grammar check, editing, content analysis, common errors, plagiarism detection.

What is Content Readability and How Does It Work?

Content readability means how easy it is to read and understand content for users, Content Readability can be measured using different types of metrics such as the number of syllables in a sentence or variety of words used to calculate a ‘level’ and/or a readability score. Based on that these tools give you grade and other metrics to how good is your content for readers. If the readability score is low, it means your content is not good enough for users and needs correction as suggested by tools.

Best Readability Tools to Check Your SEO Content

Hemingway App

hemingwayapp-Best Free SEO Content Readability Checker Tools Online

The Hemingway App is all about improving the readability of your writings. It will suggest synonyms for you, check for passive voice, and make your work easy to read. It gives your text a bright and crisp appearance.

Key Features of Free Hemingway App

  • highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors
  • Shows Readability Grades, Reading time, Characters, Words, Paragraphs
  • Color-Coded Writing Problems, Mistakes, and Errors.
  • Cut Dead Weight From Writing.

Plans: Free


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SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

semrush-Best Free SEO Content Readability Checker Tools Online

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant Add suggested keywords to your content. It Include semantically relevant keywords in your material to ensure that it meets the expectations of your audience. Make sure you’re not overusing any keywords. The tool will tell you whether any of the keywords you want to target are overused in your writing. You’ll be prompted to provide your photo’s alt attributes. Check to see if any of your links are broken. If any broken links are found in your content, the program will alert you.

Key Features of Free SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

  • Connect an SEO Content Template to your Google document or WordPress draft, and SWA will analyze.
  • plagiarism checker.
  • Check SEO quality.
  • It shows Words Count, Content Issues, Target keywords, Recommended keywords, Title Issues, Tone issues.

Plans: Free


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Grammarly-Plagiarism Checkers Tools

When it comes to editing content, Grammarly is one of the best and reliable editing tools. Grammarly corrects grammatical and spelling mistakes, along with the tone and flow of the content. It highlights unnecessarily complicated phrases and checks for clarity and precision.

Key Features of Free Grammarly

  • Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant.
  • Grammar and spelling checks
  • Checks punctuations grammar, context, and sentence structure
  • Vocabularly enhacement
  • Tone Detector

Plans: Free/Paid


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Readability Tool for WebFX

webfx-Best Free SEO Content Readability Checker Tools Online

The Readability Tool offers vast information on how good the readability of the content is. The tool provides six readability ratings. These include:

  • Flesch reading comfort.
  • Score on the Coleman-Liau Index.
  • Grade level according to Flesch-Kincaid.
  • The score of the Automated Readability Index.
  • The score for Gunning Fog.
  • The SMOG Index is a measure of how well a product performs.

Key Features of Free Readability Test Tool WebFX

  • Readability Score
  • Readability Checklist
  • Get Readability and SEO Score
  • Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease
  • Website Readability
  • Test by url, direct text and Referer.
  • show Automated Readability Index (ARI), SMOG Index

Plans: Free/Paid


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wordcounter-Best Free SEO Content Readability Checker Tools Online

Wordcounter is a tool that helps you detect overused words in your work. This online tool is better than simply a word counter. It will assist you to avoid unnecessary overused terms in your work. This way you can avoid overused “ifs”, “and” and “buts”. If you’re writing SEO content, you may utilize Wordcounter to keep count of the number of keywords in a document.

Key Features of

  • Count Words & Correct Writing
  • Character Counter
  • Web Page Word Counter
  • Citations generator

Plans: Free


Text Optimizer – Optimize the text of your website

Text Optimizer-Best Free SEO Content Readability Checker Tools Online

Text Optimizer is easy to use, quick to load, and efficient, allowing you to generate well-optimized text quickly. It allows creating material that is optimized for search engines. To perfectly accommodate search engine requirements, optimization involves adding or eliminating material from your text.

This is an excellent tool to start and generate fantastic content to improve the ranking. This tool will provide you ideas for words to include in your post and words. It suggests words that have to be deleted from your content to boost your ranking. Besides, you can measure the word count, sentence length, and verb usage in your content.

Key Features of Text Optimizer

  • Webpage Content Check Online
  • Text Content Optimization
  • Optimise based on Search Engine like Google or Bing.
  • Target Audience’s Location based optimization
  • Keywords based Optimization.
  • Find content ideas.
  • Chrome plugin to write and optimize faster
  • Excel file export
  • Text Analysis

Plans: Free/Paid(Pro 60$), 7-day free trial included.


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Yoast SEO tool – Real-time Content Analysis

yoast-Best Free SEO Content Readability Checker Tools Online

Yoast is a free WordPress plugin that many online business marketers use. This helps to assess their content’s fundamental SEO content optimization. It may also offer a readability score of the content online.

A report analysis that lays down the readability score based on several factors, listed below :

  • Reading comfort
  • Implementation of passive voice over the active voice.
  • Utilization of subtitles for easy reading
  • Creation of proper sentence structures.
  • Mailing a decent length of a paragraph
  • The length of a sentence should be up to 20 words or less.
  • Use of transition words between sentences.

Key Features of  Yoast SEO Tool

  • Free content analyse.
  • Shows problems and suggest improvements.
  • Get Search Snippet preview based on Content.
  • Content assessments, Estimated reading time.
  • Available in multiple languages

Plans: Free/Paid(Pro 89$)


Plugin Download:

Content Experience with SearchMetrics

searchmetrics-Best Free SEO Content Readability Checker Tools Online

The Content Experience assigns ratings to a write-up’s word length, sentence structure, keyword coverage, phrase repetition, and other factors. These are based on your keyword goal.

This is a comprehensive content digital marketing tool. It rates content based on information on user experience, keyword selection, and time of year.

Key Features of SearchMetrics

  • Content Score
  • Topic explorer
  • Boost your content quality in real time
  • Ensure 100% Uniqueness
  • Measure Content Quality
  • Prevent Unnecessary Repetition

Plans: Paid


Readability analyzer


The simplicity with which a section of written material may be comprehended is referred to as readability. It’s often used to determine if a text is appropriate for a certain audience. Legal and health-care papers in certain places are even required to meet rigorous readability limits. This is done to provide access to a broad readership. Take time to think about readability if you want to reach the widest potential audience with your content.

Key Features of Readability analyzer

  • Shows Passage Statistics
  • Paragraph Level Readability Scores
  • Passive Voice Detector
  • Difficult and Extraneous Word Finder
  • Spell Checker

Plans: Free/Paid


Cliché Detector

Cliche Finder-Best Free SEO Content Readability Checker Tools Online

A cliché detector is a useful tool while writing content. It is a useful tool in the sense that you don’t have to put a lot of effort to find out the cliche. All you have to do now is use Cliché Finder to double-check. This handy tool will locate and reveal hidden clichés in your content. It is capable of finding phrases too. That any form of repeated cliche or phrases can be identified if they are used multiple times.

Key Features of Cliché Detector

  • Cliché  words Detector

Plans: Free



readabilityformulas-Best Free SEO Content Readability Checker Tools Online

readabilityformulas is an automatic readability checker tool available online for checking SEO content.

Plans: Free



readable-Best Free SEO Content Readability Checker Tools Online

Readable is quickly test the readability, spelling and grammar of your text. You can integrate with Dropbox & Slack.

Plans: Paid/$8$4/mo



copywritely-Best Free SEO Content Readability Checker Tools Online

Readable is quickly test the readability, spelling and grammar of your text. You can integrate with Dropbox & Slack.

Plans: free


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Conclusion: There is a wide range of SEO tools that SEO services Noida use to create and post content that is appealing to the readers. You can use them too. This would help you to gain more visibility on the internet and convert the visitors into potential leads.

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