10 Best MP3 to MIDI Converter Online Tools

MP3 to MIDI Converter Online
Written by Micah Phillips

Music forms the backbone of every generation. You take this element out, and you’ll see the eras lacking something. In the current times, we have a wide variety of formats to store music. If we look at it closely, MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is the word that often spurts from a conversing group of musicians or music producers.

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What is MIDI?

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and is not to be mistaken as an audio format. It’s a technical standard that allows electronic instruments and other digital musical tools to communicate. Described as a series of messages like ‘note on,’ ‘note off,’ ‘pitch end,’ etc.

● MP3 is a digital music audio format.

MIDI unites musical instruments, making them compatible with one another. Therefore, for musicians, music composers, and music producers, it is a must. But, if we store most files in MP3 format, how do we use them for editing and mixing purposes?

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Don’t worry, and we are to the rescue! Listed below are best ten awesome MP3 to MIDI converters online.

Best MP3 to MIDI Converter

● Audacity

The best open-source software available for converting MP3 files to MIDI. Its versatility across all platforms, i.e., Windows, Mac, and Linux, make it an obvious choice. Its support starts from Windows XP and extends up to Vista, 7, 8, and 10. For Mac, it supports MAC OS X, 10.6, and later. In addition, since it is desktop-based software, you don’t require an internet connection to operate it.


● Bear File Converter

It is one of the most used, widely renowned online applications for converting MP3 and other numerous formats to MIDI. Offering a simple, quick-to-use interface that almost anyone easily operates. Since it’s an online tool, it has a maximum limit of 50 MB. It refers to the file size that one can upload at once. There’s also no need to be apprehensive of privacy issues since it deletes your files 2 hours from the uploaded time.


● Intelliscore

It’s a software dedicated to this field for the past 18 long years. This software can convert almost any file to MIDI, which explains its strong tenure. It understands the musical note from a file and provides the expertise to improve the visual pitch indicator to tune instruments. It comes in both free and paid versions, the latter having more features to offer, only for Windows.


● AVS Audio Converter

Yet, another powerful tool to convert a variety of audio formats to MIDI. It furthermore supports all versions of Windows and various languages. Also, it has an easy-to-use interface which makes it more user-friendly. It additionally allows the extraction of a particular sound from a music file. No other OS is supported other than Windows.


● Zamzar

This is again a free online tool that is super easy to use. All you have to do is upload your files, select the format you want as the output, and click convert. That’s it! No more hassle in converting MP3s to MIDIs. You also get an option to get the file mailed to you; this way, you can also keep track of what MIDIs you have and access them anywhere you want to.


● Amazing MIDI

It is termed an extraordinary software for Windows that allows you to convert MP3 and WAV files to MIDI. Capable of handling both monophonic and polyphonic sounds easily. It can detect notes from diverse instruments used to create music and interpret each of them. The quality of Amazing MIDI is high, but the music recognition depends on the tone color. It’s now freeware but has a capped data size of 30 seconds for unregistered users.


● Converter Lite

It’s exclusive for Windows users. The number of downloads it receives reflects the popularity it has among users. Though it’s only for Windows users, its support extends only up to Windows XP, Vista, and 7. You can also run it on Windows 10 in compatibility mode. One of the best advantages it offers is that you can convert multiple sound recordings to MIDI without wasting a vast amount of time. Always choose custom installation to prevent downloading any other unnecessary software while installing it.


● Notation Player

It is a brilliant software and none like the others available in the market. Users can convert MP3 files to MIDI and even view the musical recordings plus the associated notes on the screen. It is also quite suitable for creating brand new music from scratch. It supports all the operating systems ranging from Windows, Mac, Linux Ubuntu, to Linux openSUSE. You can likewise change notes and add pitch as per your liking.


● Widisoft Home

An amazing programming tool from Windows for converting various diverse files and MP3 files to MIDI. It stores only musical sound, which is also easily editable. Further, it allows the conversion of MIDI to various other formats. It supports all versions of Mac and Windows. It’s a paid software but allows 30 days free trial. One requires basic technical knowledge to operate it, so a layperson might have a tough time operating it.


● Toneroll

This is an open-source, musically creative web application. It allows easy conversion of MP3 files to MIDI in high quality. It can also convert mic audio to MIDI and sheet the music within a couple of minutes. This simplifies the creative process of a songwriter by automatically transcribing your live performance into music notation. Being simple and easy to use, it accommodates all the musicians, from professional to novice. Along with that, this article by gives you a quick demonstration of how to convert MP3 to MIDI.


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In the current world, where everything is going online and on the go. These tools available both online and as separate software make such a time-consuming task quite easy. With their easy-to-use interface and a multitude of options to choose from, it ensures that there are no roadblocks to your creative juices.

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