17 Top-Notch Proofreading Tools for Content Writers

Proofreading Tools for Content Writers
Written by Tiffany Harper

When creating a text, you need to pay attention to the whole process. Research, outline, writing, editing, and proofreading. To write a top-notch text that will be appreciated by your audience, you need to care for tiny details that make a difference.

Why is this important? Because the competition is fierce out there and many emerging writers are stepping in the world of writing. There are bloggers, SEO writers, and marketers that all use writing to target their audience and attract it towards them. And even though writing quality content comes with time and experience, there are some shortcuts you can take as a writer.

If marketers should use marketing tools to help them build a powerful message and increase promotion and sales, writers can use writing tools to edit and proofread their texts. Professional writers from Australia assignment help use software and online checkers to check their texts before publishing.

Using software or apps that help you check your texts for errors does not say something bad about you. Many writers avoid using these apps because they see them as proof that their skills are not enough. And this is not true at all. We all have bad days when we do not feel like writing or when we are tired or stressed.

All these can make you more prone to making mistakes, as your attention is directed towards something else, for example, something that stresses you out. Even the ones that excel can make a mistake or two. And using these top-notch proofreading tools helps you create better content by helping you identify your mistakes, understand them, and improve your writing skills.

So, these apps and online software I am going to recommend were built to spot grammar and spelling mistakes, rephrase, and to help you build a top-notch text with a powerful message. Here are 17 of the best proofreading tools for content writers.

Tools for Proofreading and Editing

1. Grammarly


Grammarly is by far one of the most used proofreading tools in the world. This is one of the tools that go deeper than grammar to offer you helpful feedback. It can be used on desktop, online or you can even install it on your phone.

Grammarly offers real-time corrections. All you need is to paste the text and it takes the app a few seconds to go through it, detect errors in grammar and spelling, and propose corrections. The best thing about this app is that it detects errors in contextual spelling, sentence structure, and writing style.

You have a wide variety of options that can help you build better content. You can select the level of knowledge on the topic of your audience, from general to expert. You can also select the formality and domain of your content to help Grammarly offer feedback depending on these.

And the most important feature is that you can select the tone of your text:

● friendly,
● confident,
● joyful,
● analytical,
● urgent, or
● neutral.

Few of these options, such as selecting the domain of your content, are available only for premium users. Grammarly has more subscription options, but the most basic one is free for everyone. It is intuitive and easy to use, so I would highly recommend using it.

2. Reverso


According to expert writers from texts with mistakes keep your audience away. And sometimes it might be the context of your story that requires using more suitable words. Reverso is the app that can help you spot grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors on the spot.

Why? Because it can be installed on your phone or added as an extension to your browser, so it can instantly propose some rephrasing or corrections.

3. Hemingway Editor


Hemingway Editor is different from the writing tools I have presented above. Content writers usually use more than one top-notch writing tool to check their texts. Why? Because some of these tools are better at checking grammar and spelling errors, while others analyze the readability of your text. Hemingway is one of these apps that can highlight the sentences that are hard to read, the adverbs you can omit, and the phrases that have simpler alternatives.

Keep in mind that Hemingway Editor is built to give you feedback depending on the writing style of the writer Ernest Hemingway, who wrote short and simple sentences. Depending on how you want your content to look like and be read, you can use this app or other.

4. Perfect It


Perfect It is another top-notch tool that goes beyond highlighting grammar and spelling errors. It can go beyond these and identify and correct abbreviations, hyphens, bullets, lists, and many more. The best thing about this app is that you can sync it with Microsoft Word, so you can use it as an add-on.

Unfortunately, there is still not a free version, so if you want to use it you need to pay about 70$ per year. But if you use it constantly, you will realize that the price is quite affordable, under 6$ per month.

5. Ginger

ginger tool

Many content writers do not trust grammar checkers because they say they are not able to identify the context and make mistakes on their own. But this is not simply the case with Ginger. It is a top-notch proofreading tool many content writers use to check their texts.

Besides grammar checks and sentence rephraser, Ginger can translate the text in about 50 languages, and the read-aloud feature helps you learn how to pronounce different words and improve your writing skills.

6. ProWritingAid


Expert writers from say that ProWritingAid is one of the best tools if you want to spot jargon, incomplete sentences, or wordiness. You can use it as a browser extension, desktop app, or even install it on your phone.

It also has a free version and for an update to the premium, you need to pay about 60$ per year. What is more, it checks for plagiarism too, so it is a great tool to use to check your content.

7. BoomEssays-Paid

As I’ve said, many content writers avoid using proofreading tools because they are prone to making mistakes. Besides, sometimes they are not able to identify the context and propose solutions. This is why BoomEssays is the first choice of many writers.

Behind this top-notch tool are experts in proofreading and editing. And sometimes you need a human touch and comprehensive feedback on your content to improve it.

8. Edit Minion


Edit Minion might seem no different than other proofreading tools. It can spot and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. But it also has a unique feature that helps writers that struggle with certain areas in their content.

For example, you can use Edit Minion to check your content and identify the use of passive voice or clichés. Even though these might help you send your message better, in some cases it is advisable to use as few as possible and this tool can help you meet this goal.

9. Language Tool

language tools

Language tool is a top-notch proofreading tool that offers content writers everything they need. It checks your text for style, grammar, and punctuation errors and it can be added as a plug-in or add-on to your browser. What is great about this tool is that it works with both Microsoft Word and Google Docs, so you do not have to switch between apps anymore.

10. Ludwig

Ludwig is one of the most interesting proofreading tools because it comes with a unique and very helpful feature for content writers. It does not check your texts for grammar and spelling, but it can do so if you want. Instead, it focuses on offering you synonyms and definitions to some words to better find and define the context.

It shows you examples taken from reliable sources, so it helps you improve your English and develop your vocabulary and word usage.

11. Paper Rater

Paper Rater is one of the top-notch tools that might be irreplaceable. It has similar features to other apps, such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks. But it also comes with something new, such as detecting plagiarism in your content.

12. Wordy

Wordy is another tool that offers top-notch performance. Just as BoomEssays, behind Wordy, are expert writers and proofreaders that are always ready to help you. So, even though you are in a hurry, Wordy is the tool that can help you in no matter of time. You are matched with a writer in a matter of minutes and you receive your edited and proofreader text within half an hour. How cool and fast is this?

13. White Smoke

Even though White Smoke does not come with a free version, it comes with an in-built plagiarism checker. It checks your content for grammar, style, punctuation, and spellings and it is compatible with many operating systems and devices.

14. Cliché Finder

Cliché Finder has quite a self-explanatory name. It does not check your text for grammar and spelling mistakes, but for clichés. We all know that clichés can sometimes describe the best idea we want to send. But it is often the case when fewer clichés mean more quality, and we are not always aware of using them. Cliché finder highlights clichés in your text and proposes alternatives.

15. WordRake

WordRake is the proofreading tool you need and want. Why? Because it can be installed and synced with your editor so that it can make live suggestions. Like this, you can identify and analyze your mistakes and find alternatives while you are writing.

16. OnlineCorrection is a top-notch tool that has an in-built feature that highlights mistakes and errors depending on colors. Like this, you can have your color code and spot grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes easier and faster.

17. Grammark

Grammark is that top-notch proofreading tool that might be better or close as good as humans. We must admit that technology develops at fast rates, so engineers are finding new and innovative ways to improve their services.

Grammark is one of the tools that can help you improve and develop your English skills and analyze your style so that you create powerful content.


Being a content writer is no easy task, especially during more difficult and challenging days. The competition is fierce and you need to build powerful and error-free messages to reach your audience. All these proofreading tools can help you create top-notch content by identifying grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, word choice, and many more mistakes. Get through the next level by using tools many content writers love.

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