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Must Have Apps for Aspiring Blog Writers

Must Have Apps for Aspiring Blog Writers
Written by Micah Phillips

We have seen a steady rise in the numbers of bloggers in the past couple of years with people adapting it either as a part-time hobby or a full-time career. Blogging has provided a platform for people to showcase their ideas, thoughts, methods, etc. to the world.

Blog writing in a nutshell

Blogging doesn’t require rocket science. All you need is good content and a place to exhibit them. Having the right set of tools or in this case app that assists you in various ways is beneficial.

Many companies have incorporated this into some of their marketing strategies as the target audience responds to it positively.

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So here we have listed down some of the must-have apps for any aspiring blog writer:

Apps for Aspiring Blog Writers

1. WordPress

WordPress is the most reputed and respected blogging platform. This free to use website has many amenities to make your blog shine. It supports:

●Theme addition
●Time-regulated blog publishing so that no delays occur
●Data analytics to understand your user base more thoroughly
●Better engagement facility to interact with your audience
●An excellent support system to help you in times of difficulty
●Video and Image integration

With an estimated 76.5 million people using WordPress for their blogs, it still isn’t too late to jump on the blog writing wagon.

2. Tumblr

If long wordy blogging is not your forte, then Tumblr is especially for you. A handy app that is perfect for short on the go blog that conveys quick and sharp messages. However, Tumblr doesn’t deviate from the core essence of blogging just converts the form of it a little.

The functionality of the app also supports this type of blogging. By involving convenient uploading methods and post-scheduling, it also lets you handle the content that goes on the website.

3. Flipboard

Let’s face it, to come up with ideas constantly for a blog isn’t a walk in the park. Brainstorming for this takes hours. With the help of Flipboard, you can fuel up your idea machine. It feeds you with daily news articles and other trending topics.

It is easy to handle and also tops you up with great ideas for your next blog. The best part is it condenses down the entire news or article and provides the important snippets from it.

4. Grammarly

When writing blogs it is important to maintain good quality writing. This could be with the grammar, the verbiage, or effective punctuation. Grammarly is the right tool for things like this, you couldn’t ask for a better proofreader.

This website plugin helps refine your blogs with the right replacements or eliminations. The app supports:

●Grammar and spell checks
●Word counts and readability score
●Adaptation to specific writing styles
●Cloud storage
●Exceptional support


Keeping your vocabulary always refreshed and refined is a good writing tip. This can help make your blogs crisper with a seamless transfer of information.

Going through a fat book or searching for a specific work is ancient now. helps you find the word you are looking for just by speaking it out loud. Learn how to pronounce a new word, or see its translation in a different language using this app.

6. Easy voice recorder!

This is an app that you might have not asked for but definitely need. The voice recording app can capture the data so that you can analyze it later at your comfort.

This app lets you edit and even upload the recording to multiple services in one go. Even if you are running around with a busy schedule, your data for your next blog is secure on your phone.

7. Google Docs

Google has been constantly trying to make life easier with its apps and software. Even with Google docs, you can easily write an entire novel and not worry about losing it due to space or negligent saving.

Google docs also provide the user with the choice of multiple collaboration of a single doc. It is also equipped with all the editing tools required. Another useful advantage of Google doc is it can sync with any other device by just accessing your Gmail account

8. Evernote

Taking notes has now gone digital and is better than ever. This neat app helps you to take notes on the go and personalize them to your liking. Besides that it allows:

●Audio recording
●Creation of to-do lists
●Image capturing
●Sync with other devices


Stepping in the world of blogging can be daunting and challenging. Each day requires a new idea and new content.

With around 77% of the internet, regularly reading blogs you will need to step up your game constantly to keep the audience in grips.

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Implementing some of these tools and apps in your blogging process can help you deliver quality work.

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