Word Count and its Importance in Blogging 2021

Word Count and its Importance in Blogging 2019
Written by Ratnesh

A salesman gets paid by the number of sales he does. A Fisherman gets paid according to the pound of fish he catches. While the authors/bloggers get paid on the bases of word count in their blog. It is not surprising that writers know very well that word count matters a lot in their payment. Webmasters or site owners often demand certain word length articles and blogs.

Google Requirement

Do you know what optimal length of content is for SEO? How long must be an article for maximum SEO? These are the questions that the majority of the people ask. You need to have the knowledge to get better ranking an article must not be too short and too long. Over the last decade, as per several research studies, it is concluded that long content gets a higher ranking. The word count is different according to the niche. The ideal word count of an article or a blog post is between one thousand to two thousand words. There are some factors that are involved when we are going to decide the article length.

1. Type of Article

The article length depends on the type of niche. If the article is for a news website or blog, then the word count does not matter because the length of the article consists of information and the story that the writer is going to cover. You will get high-ranking if the information is to the point.

A classified ad site has the objective of presenting service or product in only a few sentences. It should be to the point and of short length.

2. Google Requirement

For SEO, it is important to search Google to focus on keywords. In this way, you will be able to analyze the length and type of article on the 1st page of the search result. This is a quick and easy way to find out what Google wants about certain topics. There are five results; you may get on your search.

● Result 1: Word count 640
● Result 2: Word Count 2216
● Result 3: Word count 4000
● Result 4: Word count 2246
● Result 5: Word count 959

If you notice range is high, then you can choose the 2000 words for your SEO article? Google wants long-form articles for the search results. The ranking comes down due to the domain authority and quality of content.

Google continuously develops its algorithm, and it develops more advanced. It starts to prioritize short pages for keywords where users like reading homogeneous articles. Some years back, the best length of an article as per SEO ranking was 2000 words. A long post ranks better, but it is a fact that the majority of the people do not want to read the articles that are too long. It means Google does not give the desired results. Google algorithm works as per the length of the content.

3. Keyword is important

On the basis of the keywords, the length of the content cannot be decided. The writer checks the word count in the word counter to provide the accurate word count as per the requirement of the SEO. To get high-ranking, SEO can decide which Keyword needs a lengthy article. There 2 components are involved in it; if 200 words are enough for the article as per keyword, then there is no need to write 2000 words. The searcher’s intent dictated what to write. It is not suitable to spend money on writing long articles.

 Word Count and Blogging

In blogging word count is important because it seems to be much correlated with greater search engine ratings such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This correlation has been around for years, but it seems that longer blogs are becoming more important for the top ranking in 2019.

In Google’s rankings, the highest quality content is always preferred; after all, the best possible results will be achieved by users. Consequently, they concluded logically that content with more word count is more comprehensive and therefore more likely to answer requests of the users.

Of course, the readers may not always look for longer blogs, particularly for easy queries. This is why Rank Brain was created to attempt to decipher the purposes of internet user and offer the search engine stronger outcomes than more common outcomes.

But for now, it seems that, although Rank Brain has been incorporated into the algorithm, blogs with longer word counts work better. This implies that websites that want to generate more organic search traffic should try to generate blogs with more word count with detailed descriptions.

 Change that Came Beyond

This has not always been the case since the recommended word count previous years was much shorter, 500 words were often thrown around, but now it is close to the very least that anyone could think about.

The reason is easy: only a half-century earlier, Google was primitive. Their algorithm was not so great at knowing the material on one site that it depended on connections extremely.

This allowed SEOs to manipulate the SERPs more easily and there was little need to create long-running content or add any value to the internet. But in 2019, with precious, comprehensive material with more word count being created and responses to your readers’ issues, you will find far stronger rankings.

You have a greater opportunity of being in the top of Google ranking if you publish a blog with more word count (1000 or more words). There are many explanations for the word count importance in blogging for SEO.

Word counts play a significant part when you write for SEO. The bulk of high ranked content containing blogs are on the first page of SERP’s are lengthy in the word count. Many of them are more than 2,000 words and the majorities between are 1,300 to 1,500.

You will realize that many long word count blogs contain always-green material the finest content form for SEO. In contrast to content that relies on present news or viral patterns, Evergreen content gets more clicks over a lengthy span.

More influential blogs are also found with long word counts. You have the chance to add more data and information in your post and create it more useful if you write longer material and have more word count.

This will add more importance to your blog and increase the capacity for sharing and linking the blog. The more personal shares and backlinks you get, the stronger your website or page ranking will be in Google.

 Word Counter Tools in blogging

With the Word Counter tool, you can ensure that the minimum word count for the finest SEO activities is available in your post. With an optimal word count, it will certainly not ensure excellent search result rankings, but in the long term, it will certainly assist your blog.