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Top 7 Free Gift Card Apps for Android

Top 7 Free Gift Card Apps for Android
Written by Micah Phillips

In today’s world of inflation, we all like to make extra money from our games, hobbies, and daily habits, whether it is cash or the next best equivalent, the gift cards.

You must be thinking How to Manage Apps That Get You Free Gift Cards? Well, there are dozens of methods to earn gift cards with apps. And here, we are going to show you four various ways on how apps pay out with gift cards. And also, we will give you the information about which app goes with each of the four earning ways. And then, we will deal with how each app works so that you can utilize the apps in which you find the most beneficial one. So, here is the scoop.

Apps with Multiple Earning Opportunities. This first part is a bunch of apps that will let you earn gift cards by dividing tasks.

These apps can be the most natural way to get started. This is because you can get paid for virtually anything that you do online.

Free Gift Card Apps


PrizeHog is one of the most natural ways to make money online within a variety of tasks. Given below are several ways you can get gift cards with PrizeHog:

● Surfing the web
● Playing different games
● Testing new products
● Completing surveys
● Watching videos
● Shopping online

For every job you complete, you will earn rewards points. They can be retrieved for gift cards for your favorite stores and restaurants for only $3. You can redeem your points for free PayPal cash as well.

PrizeHog is one of the various legit survey sites that I have found. Giving a variety of ways to earn “Bucks,” extending from building surveys to surfing the web, this certainly is a profitable option to make a little more money in your free time. Moving on, as the tagline states, “The Largest Free Online Rewards Program,” PrizeHog is not a typically paid review site.

What exactly is PrizeHog?

It is a business where you can earn points and reclaim prizes and cash in trade for doing the things that you would normally do online anyway. Some of the examples are buying at your favorite online stores, window-shopping on the internet, playing games, listening to audios, and filling online surveys. By doing these certain details via the PrizeHog site, you can earn “Bucks,” and then interchange them for rewards such as gift cards or cash. PrizeHog has exponential growth and is free to join.


Extra leading get-paid-to site is InboxDollars. InboxDollars gives you gift cards or pays for doing just anything online. I know it is hard to believe, but that is true! Listed below are things that can get you gift cards or money.

InboxDollars will give you incentives to:

● Answer surveys,
● Download apps
● Watch videos
● Shop online,
● Search the web,
● Play games.

I love InboxDollars because they pay you to shop as well. The app makes it possible to make money for getting products you buy anyways.

For example, you can obtain paid for downloading apps that you are already planning to use. And not only this, but you can also gain cashback for shopping at your favorite stores! It’s easy to do, too. Instead of buying on the store’s website, you access it through InboxDollars to begin the bonus offer.

You can reclaim your prizes for gift cards or PayPal cash. We have a further in-depth survey of how to make money with InboxDollars. It would be best if you tried using this app to help you increase your profits as soon as possible.


Like other platforms in this part, instaGC lets you gain gift cards through standard methods. You can earn points by creating surveys, shopping online, watching videos, and surfing the web.

There are over 350+ reclamation options for gift cards. And you can start receiving gift cards with only a $1 balance! Also, all gift vouchers are instantly accepted, which means once you reclaim your points for one, there is no wait! You will immediately receive the gift voucher code details.

Not only are these gift cards immediate, but they also offer PayPal that is immediate as well. These are both excellent reasons only to consider instaGC.


MyPoints is the companion site to Swagbucks and has been paying users with prizes since 1996.

While both sites seem similar in appearance, they do have several payouts per task. They also have different reclamation values for gift cards. You can recognize joining both sites to ensure that you earn the most features possible for the online actions you take.

Not only this, but it is also possible to earn reward points when you book your next holiday through the MyPoints travel portal.

MyPoints has partnered with a large number of leading hotels and airlines to give you bonus points on just about any tour purchase you book in advance. And you can use MyPoints also if you want to book through a third-party site like Expedia or Is it not amazing?!


FeaturePoints is a different app that allows you to earn reward points in numerous other ways. When you sign up with the FeaturePoints, you can get scores by:

● Referring friends
● Shopping online
● Downloading apps
● Taking surveys

With the points you make, you can get a free voucher to most visited online shops like Starbucks, Playstation, Amazon, and many more. You can utilize your points for PayPal or Visa gift cards.


PocketFlip is an easy-to-use app that gives you tasks for performing, and they might also ask you to take a review or to download a new app with PockFlip itself. Or, it can be that PocketFlip might ask you to take an image and send it in. You might get asked to take a picture of a specific product or a letter from a recent shopping trip. You might be capable of getting coins by some of your PocketFlip points too.

So, all the apps listed above are abundant, in our opinion. But before you start using them, you must go through the reviews and ratings and find the app that suits you the most.