10 Best Search Engine Marketing Strategies

10 Best Search Engine Marketing Strategies
Written by Micah Phillips

You cannot disagree with the fact that online presence has witnessed unprecedented growth in the recent decade. This growth is not only limited to desktop users but also involves mobile technologies as well.

The use of proper techniques and strategies to generate more visitors from search engines to your business website is what constitutes SEM. You might be thinking why Search Engine Marketing is important?

Basically, they are required to promote the website by increasing the visibility in the search engine. This may involve various processes such as paid search, contextual advertising, and placement.

A well invested SEM will drive business to your website. Specifically, there are 4 ways through SEM can support your marketing strategies:

• SEM enhances and increases brand awareness.
• It can sell products, services or any content online.
• SEM can generate online leads and increase the sales thereby
• It also provides information on educational content.

However, there are a lot of misconceptions about SEM. So, let’s take a glance at the 10 best search engine marketing strategies that can enhance a website’s branding.

High-End Search Engine Marketing Strategies

Search Engine Marketing can benefit your business website in various ways and get enhanced with strategies to build a strong online presence. To be successful in SEM you need a plan to execute the brand promotion.

SEM strategies are a very broad and complex term, which includes a list of activities listed below:

• Search Engine Optimization
• Search Retargeting
• Submitting sites to Directories
• Managing paid listings in search engines
• Finding out online marketing strategies
• Social Media Marketing

In addition to these, let’s get a vivid insight into the aspects that are highly required to develop potential Search Engine Marketing Strategies.

1. Keywords

One must undergo broad research of keywords before choosing a particular keyword, which is the main aspect of any website ranking. Besides, you can also get to know about the negative keywords and can ignore them during the market campaign and promotion of the website.

Keywords have high commercial intent and act as a strong indication for the person who is searching for something to buy. There are five elements that contain a properly structured account and they are Ad campaigns, Ad group, Ad text, and Landing Pages.

2. Building Links

To optimize your website for search engines, building links is another most important factor. Website saturation and popularity are measured through inbound links. Further, link popularity in the ranking algorithm includes the search engine’s popularity.

3. Shortened URL

An online application can shorten any long URL into a condensed form. It is highly necessary to shorten the URL, as some posts have character limits, gives an aesthetic appeal. Further, you can count the number of clicks easily. Shortened URL helo to achieve recognition within a shorter period of time.

4. Web Analytics

To check the improvement and traffic performance, of your website, you need to follow a constant measurement tactic. However, drafting a web analytical framework can help you to measure the traffic and improve simultaneously. Web Analytics can help you to check the traffic performance and keeps you updated with the newly added improvements.

5. Finding Broken Links

To find the broken links is indeed a time-consuming process and scalable. There are many companies that have moved to new links or changed their names. Now, to delete those previous links, this strategy is worthy enough to spend your time and effort.

You might be thinking, how to gain these broken links? You can search in the Google search bar each of the following strings: “SEO” + “resource page”, “SEO” + “recommended sites”, “SEO” + “useful links”, “SEO” + “toolbox”, “SEO” + “resources” and “SEO” + “useful tools”.

Once you locate the pages, check whether the links are working well or not. Then. based on the preference change them accordingly.

Note: Replacing Dead Links in Wikipedia

You might have noticed that in Wikipedia, they don’t remove the deadlinks. So, you have a chance to replace it with your Link.

6. Monitoring the Competitor’s Backlinks

Monitoring the competitor’s backlink can ensure that you get an idea about the top competitors in SERP. As soon as you get the keyword, enter them in the backlink tool like webmeup or ahrefs if you are using any. You will get a list of backlinks associated with the site.

Moreover, you can use the check-up process once a week or once a month to be aware of the tactics of your competitor. Draw up a plan to form a replica of as many links as possible.

7. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

None of the strategies are as strong and effective as PPC. It is totally focused on promoting and increasing the popularity of the site through paid ads based on targeting keywords. Yahoo/Bing and Google Adwords are the two important players of the PPC advertising.

Google Adwords:

Google Adwords is a PPC service that uses text ads that are displayed when the viewer searches for the keywords in Google. These are generally correlated with your business website or products, you can also take the help of PPC Service Providers to run effective campaigns to generate leads.

Using Google Adword can let you can bid as many keywords as you want, though you need to pay only if someone clicks on the ad. Furthermore, the benefits are endless. Starting with:

• A large number of users you can reach through Google Adwords, thus providing opportunities.

• Besides, you can have full access and control to where and when to place the keyword.

• Budges is not an issue, you can work with any billfolds.

• You can directly reach the demands of the customers with the help of Google Adwords.


Yahoo/ Bing has a large number of searches per day. For that, you need to have an account in Yahoo search marketing. This will provide you a platform to advertise your product or business website.

You have to pay for the number of clicks on your ad. Some of the benefits of choosing Yahoo/Bing over Google Adwords are listed below:

• You can reach and interact with a new set of potential clients who do not use google for search.

• Yahoo and Bing have merged and they have the highest exposure.

• It has more chances of conversion due to users spending more time.

• Cheaper than Google Adwords, as the competition is less.

8. Design of the Site

Designing your site, keeping in perspective of your business and products or services offered is a core strategy of Search Engine Marketing. However, you can use the best web developer in the market to get and develop a link that meets the needs of a brand and product of your business.

You need to know that the website is the primary impression of the business and the products or services. Therefore, it is important to help the customers to check the details. Besides, you also need to focus on the content.

9. Reverse Image Search

Reverse image search is a new and very different link building strategy. Here are a few points to help you procure the process that makes is highly acceptable:

• Firstly, you need to go to the Google Image Search

• And then enter the search string, like your URL or Site Name.

• After that, you will get all the images indexed by the Google

• Then, click on the images and check the details.

• If you find out if someone else is using any of the business images of your website.

10. Adding Infographics

The most powerful link building in Search engine Strategies is the Infographics. Infographics deals with visual content marketing and visual communication. Though creating it is a bit expensive, but take a look at the points that make this feature creative and effective:

• Write a unique description and include real data sources.

• In the infographic source code include your website, use a pleasing design.

• Keep the information short and crisp.

• Use statistics that gain more attraction.

• Share the infographics in social networks.

• Use a lot of creativity to make the campaign successful.

These are top-notch and 10 Best Search Engine Marketing Strategies that can help to improve the SEM strategy. Choose the one that sounds more appealing or you can opt for all and gain a high ranking in all perspectives.

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