Retargeting Ads vs. Remarketing Ads – A Basic Comparison

Retargeting vs Remarketing
Written by Micah Phillips

In order to make your business a success, you need to include attractive and effective marketing strategies. It is not always possible for the owners to take part in such an affair, which is the reason they hire PPC agencies. With experienced experts, these services providers offer you the apt Ad campaigns that will generate profits and results.

Retargeting and Remarketing are two such features that can accelerate your business by converting mere viewers into potential purchasers. You need to have a fair idea regarding both before choosing one for the benefit of your business. Thus, it is wise to understand the differences between those two terms to make Google AdWords remarketing services for your business as a profitable affair.

Meet the Ideas

Mostly, the ad remarketing and retargeting ideas overlap with one another due to their similar aims. However, both the ideas follow different approaches to make their efforts count for the users.


This approach works on paid ads in order to convert people into customers after knowing their preferences. One gets to interact with a large number of people and try to convince them to purchase with repeated ad pop-ups. This strategy has its own targeting interactions and follows certain ways to achieve the intended goals.


In this approach, the concern lies in the same place of converting audiences into buyers who would boost your sales. The strategy uses e-mails for interacting with people and transferring the information, which they highly appreciate. A Google remarketing expert will understand the pulse of the users and provide the person with the same thing by following different ways.

Retargeting vs Remarketing

About Retargeting

#1 Working Procedure:

Based on the actions that an individual performs on your site, you track him using cookies and then publish ads of their choice. Google network displays promote these ads to allure the visitors who have clicked links or viewed products on your website. Depending on the interaction methods, you can devise various strategies for the people but primarily, these are of two types.

#2 Off-site Interaction Targeting:

In this method, you target people who have never visited your website or have had no first-hand interacting experience with you. You select these people based on the nature or behavior of your previous customers to include them in your customer base. You need to keep an active eye on their search preferences on Facebook or other similar sites to offer them effective baits.

#3 On-site interaction Targeting-

This is the actual retargeting process, a lot like Adwords Remarketing, which targets visitors that have interacted with your website. These people have visited, chose and carted their wishes but could not finish their purchase. You can contact with them to remind of their half-done activity and encourage in taking part in more shopping. You can target them with their preferred products and through the sites that lead them to you.

About Remarketing

#1 Working Procedure:

In this process, you try to re-engage with people who have interacted with you once by sending e-mails. You need to enact on the information that you gathered from the user’s previous outing and send them related mails. You can remind them of their unfinished purchase or about their favorite item for further buying.

#2 Mailing Tactics:

Using Google Remarketing you can send the users mails for three categories to convert them into your buyers. Offer them VIP Treatment, inform about Products on sale or inquire about cart abandonment to continue the communication. People, who have already visited your site and showed interest on certain things, will definitely appreciate this move of yours.

Both Retargeting and Remarketing have their own benefits and are differently but equally effective in improving your e-commerce conversion. You can choose any one of the two or both depending on your needs and business strategies. Just consult, an expert PPC management agency to get tailor-made solutions. It will certainly enhance your sale and reputation!