Why It’s Important to Stay on Top of Restaurant Technology

Why It's Important to Stay on Top of Restaurant Technology
Written by Micah Phillips

While other industries have heartily embraced the use of technology within their daily business practices, the restaurant industry as a whole hasn’t been so welcoming to new tech. In fact, the restaurant industry as a whole can be described as lagging behind all of the new tech that’s designed to streamline operations while also driving increased revenue.

While many of the newer restaurant owners who are of the younger generation find that the use of tech is native to their lifestyles, restaurant owners of older generations are having a hard time of letting go the same systems they’ve used for decades on end. But there’s strong cases for leaving the past behind in favor of new technology that allows today’s restaurant owners to succeed.

Consider the following reasons why it’s crucial for restaurant owners to stay on top of technology:

An abundance of customer feedback

Imagine being able to generate immediate feedback from your customers? With the right tech in place, you’d be able to learn all sorts of important data and feedback from your current patrons. You’d also gain feedback from guests who you’re hoping to convert into regular patrons.

Think of how the data would that change and improve your operations. More important, think of how gaining immediate insight to crucial customer feedback data would boost your revenue and profits.

Tech vastly increases efficiency

There’s no denying that implementing tech within your restaurant would vastly increase the efficiency level of your operations.

For example, there are new software for POS that allow managers to track store inventory in real time. There’s also software that allows you to gain insight into all facets of your supply chain – you’ll never have to wonder if in fact your order is being fulfilled, where it’s being shipped from, or how long it’s sitting on a truck or inside a temporary holding facility. You’ll be able to track your orders every step of the way.

Wouldn’t you love the capability of being able to calculate your receipts within a fraction of the time it takes to calculate them manually? Not only does restaurant tech allow you to cut your receipt calculation time to a fraction, but you can also do other things like track employee schedules and time sheets, all from within the same streamlined program. And these are just a few of the things you’ll be able to do to streamline operations.

You’ll cut operational costs

Not only will all of the new efficiency allow you to streamline operations, you’ll find that you’ll also be able to cut costs.

Let’s face it – it costs money to hire someone to perform all of the operational tasks. If they’re required to perform these tasks manually, then you’re responsible for paying overtime. What’s more, there’s an abundance of opportunity costs and the cost of lost revenue to consider by foregoing the use of tech in your restaurant, too.

It might seem intimidating and time-consuming to implement tech into your restaurant, but the benefits of saving time and money while generating even more money makes tech implementation well worth it.