15 Reasons Why Local SEO is More Important Than Ever [Infographic]

Think about it…when you’re searching for a service or business, odds are you’re going to want search results that are accessible to you. More than likely, you’ll want something local. And for you business owners out there looking to connect with potential local customers, local SEO is a tremendous way to get in front of them!

Local SEO is utilizing your current SEO strategy, but adding localization to it. It’s all about targeting customers who are actively looking for you, in real time. Have you ever noticed when you do a google search for something near you and you get google’s “snack pack”? Having a strong local SEO strategy can get you inside that snack pack or at the top of the organic search results. This is prime real estate for local business that can certainly yield increased traffic to your website, store front, as well as an increase in sales.

So how do you exactly improve your local SEO? Here are 3 ways to help customers find you when they’re looking online:

  1. Local on-page optimization (Website content is optimized for local search)

  2. Localized content (Is your content relevant to your location?)

  3. Google My Business optimization

15 Reasons Local SEO is More Important Than Ever

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