9 Secrets about PPC Management Only a Handful of People Know

PPC Management
Written by Micah Phillips

Ever wondered how PPC management experts deliver outrageously profitable campaigns while others struggle to get decent ROI? Here’s an inside peek into the tactics they use to achieve those amazing results.

Focused Targeting With Single Keyword Ad Groups

PPC management professionals use single keyword ad groups as this allows them to better manage ad groups and increase ad effectiveness. With the focus on just one keyword instead of many, they can make ads that are highly relevant to search terms so that users feel motivated to click through. Single keyword ad groups also make way for better bid management, leading to lower costs.

Optimize Campaigns for Generating Sales

In some cases, PPC management services providers optimize for sales, not just conversions. By using Google’s Value Track Parameters, they find high-revenue generating keywords and bid aggressively on them. It does not stop there – they continuously analyze data such as best performing geographical areas, devices and demographics to create even more powerful ads with the aim to get even better results.

Look Into Earnings per Click

Instead of focusing on cost per click, seasoned PPC management services providers concentrate on earnings per click. This can be determined by setting the average revenue per click on an ad against the cost per click. To determine average revenue per click, you need to have proper metric tracking in place. Information about earnings per click allows PPC marketers to identify what they should focus on in ads.

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Use Matching Long-Tail Keywords

Don’t trust a PPC agency that recommends only short-tail keywords – these can actually rob you of impressions from specific, high-converting long-tail keywords. Whether you use short-tail keywords or long-tail keywords, they should be an exact match with the search term. Good PPC marketers use negative keywords to block ads from appearing for irrelevant search terms.

Create Compelling Ads

An expert PPC agency understands the need to create compelling, stand-out ads that induce users to click. While creating ads, they focus on factors such as vanity, direct or implied benefits, shock value, curiosity and fear that are known to trigger a response in an audience. Another trick is to provide an attractive offer that will motivate users to click through and convert. Incorporating a strong call-to-action is a great way to nudge users to convert.

Experiment to Determine Best CPA

Even a good PPC management agency needs to do some experimenting to determine the best CPA for a business. The good news is that the best agencies experiment carefully after understanding the differences between Google-generated max CPA bidding and target CPA bidding. They also work towards achieving higher ad rank by using relevant ad extensions and focusing on improving Keyword Quality Score.

Keep Track of Competition

Google AdWords is a ruthlessly competitive advertising platform and competitors may resort to practices such as bidding on your brand terms to jeopardize your campaign. Good marketers access auction insights reports to find a client’s main competitors and analyze how their campaigns are being run. This also helps them pick up ideas to use in their own campaigns.

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Optimize Landing Pages

Good landing pages are vital to driving conversions. Professional PPC marketers actively work towards optimizing them. They don’t hesitate to get their hands dirty with rigorous testing. They follow best practices such as providing valuable product/service information, using language that mirrors ad copy, incorporating a short form-field and prominent CTA. They also make sure landing pages are fast-loading and responsive to all device types.

Cap Ad Frequency

There is such a thing as audience fatigue – that is when the audience gets tired of seeing the same ad time and time again. Overexposure can lead to users feeling annoyed, irritated or even worse – indifferent. This can negatively impact CTR, Quality Score and average ad position.  To avoid this, PPC marketers add frequency capping to limit the number of times an individual view an ad.

Using these and many other insider techniques, a PPC agency manages to drive conversions, sales and profits for clients! To implement these strategies for your campaigns, get in touch with a top-rated PPC agency in the UK!

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