9 Important On-Page SEO factors You Should use to Rank on Google

Important On-Page SEO factors You Should use to Rank on Google
Written by Micah Phillips

When we thinking of the On-page SEO there are factors that use build on-page optimization, So today I will share with you about the most important on-page SEO factors that we need to use all the time when we start building new content.

When you are good at optimizing in those factors you will see your SEO score with increase if you are using SEO plugin like Yoast or Rank Math.

Because that was the main factors that you need to know and optimize it for your content SEO for get higher ranking position on the Google SERPs (Search Engine Rank Pages).

So, make you need to have one of these two SEO plugin (Rank Math & Yoast) installed on your WordPress site because these two plugins can help you very well with the on-page SEO optimization.

So, let’s getting started with the On-Page SEO factors that you need to be focusing on…

9. On-Page SEO factors you should use to Rank on Google

1. Heading Tag

Heading tag is optimization for SEO is important option that cannot skip when it comes to on-page SEO optimization.

So you must doing well of optimize your blog article to more catchy and appealing to attract reader for better SEO you need to include the keyword inside the title tag if you not your content a well optimized once.

But it not just only optimizes your title tag for just include keyword but there is other option that you need to focusing on that make your title to be get more click on the SERPs. Meaning that increase the Click Throw Rate (CTR).

Why optimize title tag for CTR?

Well, it a good question.

Let’s imagine – Your website rank on the number 2 position in keyword of “SEO” for example and the another guy website rank number 1 on the same keyword.

But your website gets ways more clicks then the number 1 position and it tell Google that the number 2 position is the best result that what people are looking for then Google will switch the number 2 position to 1 position and number 1 position to drop to number position.

But it not just that it also drives you tons of traffic to your website when you do well on optimizing your title tags for CTR.

That why it so imports to optimize title tag for CTR…

2. Meta Description

Meta Description also the most important on-page SEO factor that we use to optimize our ranking description by adding the target keyword that we wanted to rank inside the Meta description.

So make sure you need to add the keyword within you Meta description to make your content more SEO friendly.

If you are using the SEO plugin like Rank Math or Yoast this tool will tell you what wrong with in your page optimization and tell you where you should fix to make your content more SEO friendly for search engine to index and get rank fast.

So, I highly recommend you to use one of those SEO plugin that I had mention about because it’s a good SEO plugin that had many recommend from the bloggers and webmasters.

3. Heading Tag

Heading tag also the most important factor that Google use to rank a web page, when we start a blog we need also to optimize our heading tag for SEO too.

Because it will make our content getting better for the search engine and get love by theme from optimize the right factors that they had required to blogger to be done when they want to rank higher.

You need to add the keyword inside you heading like (h1, h2, h3…) to get a better SEO but if you don’t know to get the better heading optimization with your keyword I will suggest you to use one that will help you to create an amazing headline it called answer the Public.

After you there what you had to do is entering your target keyword and then click get the question button then tool will generate tons of questions that you can use in you heading tag to make it search engine friendly.

4. Keyword Density

This also the must focusing on factor when we start new content creation because it will help your get better optimization with SEO.

So make you should use your focus keyword only 3% maximum in your full article you cannot use more than that if you want your article to get rank with search engine.

Make sure that your article super thorough and valued for the reader it not just writes for the ranking keyword, when you do it will hate by Google so your content wouldn’t rank.

I highly recommend you to include your target keyword only 3% or less than that is better with total number of your full article.

It hard to for you to know how many percentages you wrote on your article when you don’t use the SEO plugin, then you must you the SEO plugin and the plugin will then you how many percentages your target in total within your full article.

5. Image Optimization

You know what? When you start content and you will add Media like images, videos and more…?

Those things also can help your content get a better SEO when you optimize to the right factor of Google need.

When you adding images to your blog post you need to add your keyword inside the Image Alt Text otherwise your images will not good optimized for SEO.

So make sure you need to add the keyword you want rank with your images alt text to make it SEO friendly.

But it not just adding the keyword to image alt text, there more options that you need to work on when it comes to image optimization.

Optimize Image for SEO keyword – is to add the keyword inside your image to get a better SEO.

Optimize Image for Speed – When you try to add more image to your blog post then your page will get sometimes to load then it is not a good ways for having a slowing web page because Google had announce that you need to have fast loading website if you want to rank higher on Google so you need to optimize your image for speed like using of the plugin that help you optimize your image such as: Smush It, Short Pixel and more…

Here is all about image optimization, when you don’t this you will get better ranking and SEO optimization score.

6. Internal Link

Internal link is the most important on-page SEO factors that you should use all the time when you start a new content creation because it will help you structure you article nicely and getting easy for your reader to find the most relevant article which one they had reading.

It not just but it also good for Google to find your structure of your website and getting index fast so you must to link to your other content with most relevant words and make sure to link to only the relevant once, don’t link just a link you need to for value to your readers.

You can do linking as many as you can with your relevant page to help your reader find more thing with related topic.

7. External Link

It can be resource to find more solution to solve their problem within your topic and it is the most important on-page SEO factor that Google use to rank a website, you need to optimize really well on this external linking.

8. Site Speed

As technology really improving and no one going to like the slow loading website nowadays and Google want to serve their user with good result on the search page then the use factor to calculate and get rank higher with the page had load much faster than others.

Make sure you need to optimize your website really well for speed to make your website get higher ranking, If you are using WordPress there a plugin that will help your site faster like cache plugin, and image optimize plugin and more…

9. Mobile Responsive

Nowadays people are using the mobile phone to find things online so your website need to be mobile friendly to let’s mobile user able to using your website with the mobile screen.

To do that you need to find the good with mobile responsive with on your WordPress website and also install the plugin that help your website get better optimize with mobile device is AMP plugin.


While you use all of these on-page SEO factors you will get a better optimized page for search engine to rank your content and you have to just wait for Google index and start ranking them.

Now it all about on-page SEO factors that you should if you want to rank your website higher on Google and I hope your will like this post.