Frequently Asked Questions before Hiring a PPC Services Provider

Frequently Asked Questions before Hiring a PPC Services Provider
Written by Ratnesh

Since digital marketing has taken the world by storm, every business owner is opting for various marketing strategies to promote their business growth.

In this era of digital marketing, PPC has proved its worth as one of the best platforms for online advertising.

It has rapidly evolved itself into the digital advertising channel and has become a significant part in the success of online businesses.

It has become so efficient over time that even experts and successful entrepreneurs have recommended it as a means to promote business online successfully. There are various marketing strategies that help to boost the ranking of your business in top search engines like search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, link building, email marketing, etc.

Speaking exclusively of AdWords and Pay-Per-Click advertising, you must know the incredible benefits of PPC advertising.

Advantages of pay-per-click advertising –

 Affordable – It is highly cost-effective. You can opt to spend as little as you want and still get the best conversions on your website.

 Choose the right audience – It helps you choose the right targeted audience with various factors like language, device, and location.

 Customized – It can be easily customized based on your business requirements.

 Absolute measures – PPC advertising helps to set up perfect marketing campaigns with absolute and effective measures.

 Prompt and result-driven – PPC services are highly result-driven and show instant results.

Despite such great benefits of PPC advertising, we cannot deny the fact that very few people know how these services work and what to expect from them. Therefore, here is a complete guide to everything that you need to know about PPC services.

1. What does PPC stand for and how do you define it?

PPC stands for pay-per-click. PPC advertising is one of the most sought after SEO technique that is highly effective to increase the web traffic on your website. As the name suggests, PPC services as you to pay each time a user clicks on your advertisement.

2. What is the procedure of PPC advertising and how does it work?

Since PPC advertising is highly targeted by the majority of companies, it is an extremely efficient way to turn your traffic into conversions. As per PPC norms, your desired brand ad is displayed on Google search result pages and as soon as a user clicks on your ad, he or she is routed to your designated landing page.

3. Is PPC advertising effective?

Yes, marketing through PPC advertising is highly effective as it puts you into a high commercial category. It strengthens your chances of getting potential traffic on your website.

Now that you are aware of the basics of PPC advertising, it is essential to know the role of a PPC agency. Hence here is a list of benefits of hiring a PPC services provider and frequently asked questions that you must ask them before signing a contract.

Why you should hire PPC service provider?

 PPC Campaign takes the minimum time to build traffic with just a click of a button. It is easy to go back into your campaign and make edits in real-time. Hence, with the help of a great service provider, you can get prompt feedback.

 We often overlook the ability to gain impressions. Remember that your potential customer only clicks on your ad when he sees it; hence it helps to build brand recognition.

 PPC experts help you enhance sales optimization, brand promotion, brand awareness, conversion optimization, leads generation and customer attribution optimization.

 In coherence with very sophisticated marketing strategy, PPC marketing professionals bring assured results to your business with tons of ready to go potential leads. They help you hook potential customers at the right time with right with a touch of trendiness.

Questions you must ask your PPC Service provider before hiring him/her

1. Are you partners with Google?

This is an incredibly important question as an official Google partner agency is equipped with thorough knowledge and experience and works exactly as per standard AdWords best practices.

2. What is your monthly ad expenditure?

Ensure that your PPC advertising agency is clear about their monthly advertising expenditure. You certainly do not want any kind of confusion later.

3. Can we track the actual expenditure done on AdWords?

Make sure that you are able to monitor all the expenses you spend.

4. What are the criteria for selecting the management fees?

Get a clear idea of how you would be charged for the management time.

5. What happens to the extra money that goes beyond the ad budget?

Mostly the extra amount is rolled into the next month’s bill; however, you need to confirm the same with your PPC expert.

6. What tools do you use for keyword recovery?

Besides Google, there is plethora of platforms that help you explore new keywords related to your subject. The most common ones are SpyFu, SEMrush, and Bing keyword research tool.

7. How long should we wait once we have created a new display campaign?

The normal Google answer is approximately two to three weeks. However, it can vary depending on the work of your PPC expert.

8. What do you suggest for bidding?

Bid+ is perhaps the best bidding platform, as it allows Amazon to raise bids up to 50%.

9. Which potential audience section would you target?

It totally depends on the kind of brand you are endorsing. Your PPC agency can target any combination of general visitors, previous customers, and specific product visitors.

10. What are other match types besides AdWords that are most effective for my sponsored product campaign?

Though after AdWords, it is Amazon that is mostly preferred, it is good to confirm the similar match types with your expert.

11. What are the different search engines you advertise in?

The most relevant answer should be Google, Yahoo and Bing. Besides, ensure that PPC expert makes most of 2nd tier search engine opportunities.

12. Can I improve my ad’s position in Bing?

Yes, you can certainly do that and reach the top eight spots in their search engine. You can also increase the relevance of your ad, write more effectively and enhance the relevance of your landing page.

13. How does remarketing help?

You can reach your potential users with the help of remarketing with the help of large scale reach and lists created as per users’ interests.

14. What are the different kinds of remarketing techniques?

You can choose amongst search remarketing, email remarketing, social media remarketing and site remarketing as per your business requirements.

15. What are the different segments of choosing a potential audience?

Ensure that your PPC expert knows the absolute difference between different types of targeted audience. You can choose between general visitors, product visitors, previous customers etc. and understand with the help of your expert as to what type of audience you can reach with the help of pay per click advertising.

16. Can I enhance the number of impressions on my ad on Facebook?

Yes, it is easy to enhance the number of impressions on Facebook. Ensure that your budget is flexible, your targeted audience is not overlapping and same people see same advertisement repeatedly.

17. What is the communication process like?

This is an extremely important question when it comes to communicating with your PPC expert. Ensure that they respond to emails or calls same day or within 24 hours. It would be great if they use online software management tool that documents all your PPC marketing activities.

18. How would you explain your keyword research process?

Keywords play an important role when it comes to pay per click and search engine optimization. However, speaking exclusively of extensive keyword list, it contains minimum 1500-2000 words that are relevant and smart utilization of match types. Consideration of short and long tail keyword is relevant to different types of audiences.

19. What are the different types of budgets available on Facebook?

The two types of budgets available on Facebook are daily budgets and lifetime budget. You can opt for anything that fits your business needs.

20. How do you manage your Google quality score?

Evidently, Google quality score is based on three things – Ad text, keywords and landing page relevance. It is recommended to use keywords appropriately as per the text and target smaller ad groups to maintain the highest score possible.

Pay per click is the most profitable digital marketing strategy that brings you sure shot results. However, PPC campaigns can be complex at times, even the minutest detail can have a major impact on the outcome.

Being the paid marketing strategy, it is most practiced and asks for payment whenever any customer clicks on the advertising. As a whole, we can say that Pay-per-click is the elixir assured business optimization. Therefore, ensure that you do your research in the most appropriate manner to find the perfect PPC advertising agency that provides great value for your money and boosts the growth of your business instantly.