10+ Free React Templates for Your Next Big Design Project

Free React Templates
Written by Ratnesh

When developing a new website or app, one always looks for great template options to choose from. Something that is easily customizable and perfectly meets the product niche that you’re targeting. It’s the icing on the cake if these templates are free, especially if you’re running a Bootstrapped start-up or if it’s a passion project that can’t afford expensive design resources.

We’ve compiled this list of free React templates that are perfect for data-heavy design projects that require simplified dashboards and data visualization tools. If your project is within the Fintech or Crypto space involving a strong analytics component, you’ll find these templates to be a lifesaver. If you do find something that you love, don’t forget to like and share this blog with your friends who may be struggling with similar design and product development challenges.

1. Xtreme React Admin Lite (Highly Recommended)

Xtreme React Admin Lite

The Xtreme React Admin Lite template from WrapPixel has a laundry list of awesome features that let you create a mind-blowing and interactive user interface. With over 10+ React components, 7+ functional and trendy page templates, minimalist material icons, and fully responsive pages, it’s an amazing template to work on. Due to its modular design, it’s easy to customize the template according to your needs. There’s also detailed documentation in place to guide you along the way. The template is designed to be fully responsive and can be accessed via phone, tablet, laptop or desktop without any loss of quality. You can stick to the lite version of the template if it fits your bill; however, there’s also an option to upgrade to the pro version to unlock premium features and even more customization options.

Download URL:

2. Crystal React Dashboard

Crystal React Dashboard-Free React Templates

A multi-purpose admin dashboard built with React, Redux, and Bootstrap, the Crystal React Dashboard is beautiful and easy to use as it contains a lot of simple and customizable React components. The long list of components gives you the ability to build the right kind of dashboard for your application. With features like charts, buttons, notifications, Redux forms, Google Maps, React Bootstrap tables, and React big calendar, this template can be used to build a highly customizable internal dashboard such as those used for employee performance tracking.

Download URL:

3. Material React Dashboard

Material React Dashboard-Free React Templates

Inspired by the Google Material Design, the Material React dashboard is a free Material-UI admin template. It comes with 5 color filter choices for the sidebar and card headers. With over 30 handcrafted elements, 2 customized plugins, and 7 example pages, Material React dashboard is perfect if you’re a fan of the Material design principles. Features like success animations and transitions add high aesthetic value to the template; it also enables a host of visual customization options.

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4. Light Bootstrap Dashboard React

Light Bootstrap Dashboard React-Free React Templates

The Light Bootstrap Dashboard React is designed in a simple and minimalist aesthetic style. Built on top of the Light Bootstrap Dashboard and React JS, the template is fully responsive. If you’re starting the project from scratch, this template can help you jumpstart it. Everything you need in a dashboard is here with 6 filter colors for the sidebar and an option for a background image, which enables you to have several design combinations. With 30 handcrafted elements along with 3 customized plugins and 7 example pages, the template boasts of a varied number of use cases. The best fits are admin panels, project management systems, and web application backends.

Download URL:

5. Shards (Highly Recommended)

Shards Dashboard Lite React-Free React Templates

A free React Admin dashboard template, Shards is a beautifully designed, modern-looking React template that uses ample amounts of white space, making it great for data visualization. It’s built using Bootstrap and implemented using Create-React app giving it robust utility. There are about 1500 supported icons with awesome fonts and material icon packs. The modern design system has fully responsive pages and source files with SASS and sketch files. Features like blog posts, forms, tables, user profile, and content editor allow you to add, tweak, and customize with precision.

Download URL:

6. Argon Dashboard React

A dashboard for Bootstrap 4, React and Reactstrap, the Argon dashboard React is made with Create-React app. Its components have a huge list of color variations that you can modify through the SASS file. There is a lot of scope for modification and building as there are 100 handcrafted components, 6 example pages, and 5 customized plugins for your apps. With exclusive icons, maps, tables, search, user profiles, and more.

Download URL:

7. Paper Dashboard React

The Paper Dashboard React is a dashboard template crafted using Bootstrap and Reactstrap frameworks. This dashboard utilizes mild colours, clean typography, and elegant graphics. With 16 components, 4 awesome plugins, and 7 example pages, the sublime looking template is super light and easy to use. Having the option to change the colour of the sidebar background and the active sidebar colour, the template allows you to customize more and create a unique colour scheme for your apps.

Download URL:

8. Tabler React Dashboard

Tabler React is a free multipurpose admin dashboard that fulfils a multitude of user needs. Built with React and Bootstrap libraries with over 10 different components, Tabler poses as a versatile solution. Moreover, the components are simple to use, making your job easy to set up the app. With Charts, gallery, maps, pages, forms, tables and many more features, it’s useful for many business needs and applications. The dashboard design is clean and minimalist and resonates with today’s visual expectations and clutter-free look.

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9. React Reduction

React Reduction is a free admin template that is built with React and Bootstrap 4, which has a clean and sleek design aesthetic making it perfect for corporate websites and applications. A number of components, along with features like cards, charts, pages and more, make functionality a prime feature. Due to its Create-React-app base, React Reduction has all the useful tools that you need at your disposal. Additionally, there is a basic Google Analytics integration as well.

Download URL:

10. React Blur Admin

Good looking effects are hard to ignore, and when coupled with utility, it becomes indispensable. React Blur Admin has a wonderfully simplistic UI that is a must for your apps. The looks, as well as the elements, are also easy to use. Buttons, tabs, switches, pages, dropdowns, and many more implementations make React Blur a smart pick for your React dashboard needs. The dark color scheme template also has lots of components, making it variably functional.

Download URL:

11. Datta Able

Datta Able is another free React Admin Template with some of the best features needed to set up your app and kickstart your project. With React Router, code splitting, lazy loading, and fully responsive pages, Datta Able becomes a great template for your customization needs. With more than 30+ preset color combinations, the already vibrant template provides a variety of design options. The responsive pages are tested for app-accessibility from many devices. Components like Form, tables, and font icons are available along with extra 3rd party components. The template also provides smooth rendering and browsing on all devices.

Download URL:

12. Black Dashboard React

A superb tool for managing your apps, Black Dashboard React is a free Bootstrap 4 (Reactstrap) Admin dashboard. More than 15 handcrafted components, 3 customized plugins, and 8 example pages come bundled with the stunning components. This package helps you manage and visualize the performance data to the very last metric. With so many features at hand, you get the freedom to create your admin dashboard as you please. There is a great mix of colors and stylish typography with sleek graphics. All the plugins are easy to use and lets you set up your dashboard quickly. There are Icons, maps, a table list, and many more features with this Dashboard.

Download URL:

13. React Material Dashboard

The React Material dashboard is built using React and Material-UI components and has a clean and minimalist design. It is fully responsive, which means access can be maintained with any device. The use of Create-React-app makes it a preferred option to boost your app development process.

Download URL:

I hope you liked Free React Templates for your Websites.