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What are the Best Mobile Apps for Aspiring Entrepreneurs?

What are the Best Mobile Apps for Aspiring Entrepreneurs?
Written by Micah Phillips

Mobile apps are gifts of modern science which have made our lives comfortable and convenient. Our mobile devices have graduated into smartphones owing to the advent of diverse mobile apps.

Now you can easily imagine ordering your favorite food or traveling to your dream destination just by few clicks with your apps. But this was unimaginable even 10 years back. With time technologies have drastically transformed through which we can experience our desired services and avail our preferred products with utmost ease and efficiency.

As mobile apps have unfolded limitless prospects for us, businesses across industries also have grabbed this option to boost their productivity along with increasing the customer base.

With the increasing competition among various businesses, companies are always on the lookout to create strategies to serve their consumers. But how? Here comes the utility of mobile apps.

In today’s time, both start-ups and established brands prefer using mobile apps developed by different app development companies to cater to the diverse demands across the globe.

In this post, we will mainly discuss some of the prominent apps that can be used by people who want to grow up as successful businessmen.

Best Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

1. Pocket: This is one of the popular apps which can be used by aspiring entrepreneurs to find engaging content related to their businesses. Such contents can be saved for the time being and can be read later on. You can avail of any type of content in the form of social media posts, articles, videos, etc.


This app comes up with an amazing dashboard which can help you save your desired content topic wise. What makes this app even more popular is its ability to function seamlessly across devices like tablets, computers, mobile phones, etc.

This app can be used by you as an aspiring entrepreneur for the following purpose:

• To discover innovative strategies and ideas
• To preserve effective materials on startups and entrepreneurship
• To train and educate minds so that unique ideas can be implemented

2. Evernote: For any aspiring entrepreneurs ideas or concepts can come anytime and from anywhere. Hence fo such cases you require apps that can help you in recording and organizing those for effective implications.


With Evernote, you can do the same such as saving and creating ideas as memos, checklist, notebooks, to-do lists, etc. This application is also good at supporting different formats such as videos, texts, sketches, web clippings, PDFs, etc.

This application like the former one is also highly compatible with all sorts of gadgets from tablets to desktops. Using this you can also directly share content with your colleagues or friends for more engagement and discussion. Comments can also be included here.

Forgoing to be businessman, this app helps you with the following:

• To execute and prepare a startup plan
• To jot down and brainstorm new ideas
• To organize and save different important documents such as business cards and contacts
• For project collaboration with colleagues/co-founders

3. Motivation 365: From the name itself you can easily understand the main purpose of this app. It has been often seen that people who are business owners suffer from stress and tension. This app is of immense help to those who can be encouraged with an appropriate dose of motivational thoughts or insights.

Motivation 365

With handpicked motivational content in the form of quotes, stories and wallpapers this app facilitates in keeping the mind relaxed and stress-free.

As budding entrepreneurs, you can use this application for the following purpose:

• To inculcate trust and confidence in your thought process
• To stay motivated with your startup plans as it helps in focusing on the core aspects with confidence

4. Slack: Work Collaboration is an important concept that has gained immense significance in today’s business environment. It implies remaining in constant touch with your employees or colleagues.


The Slack app can act as your social networking tool for your business. It helps in seamless collaboration and communication so that your brand can become distinctive amidst fierce competition.

Right from organizing and communicating your communication with the teammates you can also set regulations and create groups for them. What is more useful is the capability of this app to edit and share documents directly.

For prospective entrepreneurs, this app is highly suitable for the following:

• To remain productive
• To effectively collaborate and communicate with the startup team
• To efficiently manage the startup projects

5. Google Calendar: Time is money for all business owners. Start-ups are no different in this regard. Using Google Calendar you can manage your time effectively so that reminders or goals can be set and events can be planned well in advance so that the desired tasks can be executed with ease and efficiency.

Google Calendar

For instance, if you have any business invitation email in your Gmail inbox, Google Calendar will give you alerts on the same to make you stay attentive.

Google Calendar app can be used by to be entrepreneurs for the following reasons:

• To track progress and set goals
• To fix up reminders and appointments
• To stay proactive and productive

6. TripIt: In fact, it is very common that business owners need to travel a lot. Hence time management is an important task here. Using this app you can organize all your travel documents like contact info, directions, confirmation numbers, reservations, etc in one place.


This application is compatible well with apps like Google Calendar and all major devices.

If you wish to be a potential businessman, you can use this for the following:

• To store your vital travel documents
• To obtain relevant travel notifications and reminders
• To organize and plan travel schedules

7. Mint: This is another popular app for aspiring entrepreneurs like you. If you wish to make your startup business a success story you should consult a reputed mobile app development company.


To strengthen your startups you have to first learn how to manage your finance. Using Mint, you can efficiently manage your money in one place. This application will especially facilitate you to track your expenses, bills and create a planned budget so that unnecessary expenditure can be controlled.

Mint app is useful for budding business owners because of the following reasons:

• To plan finances for your startups
• To instill financial managerial abilities
• To save money prudentially

8. Wrike: This is one of the most powerful apps that can be used by aspiring entrepreneurs to manage their work processes easily and with tremendous efficiency. Using this app you can manage tasks and people, execute and create projects, and manage workflows.


Wrike can help prospective entrepreneurs a lot in the following aspects:

• To manage work files
• To execute and plan your startup business scope
• To manage and allocate resources
• To communicate and collaborate with the team members
• To implement and create an internal control system

9. Flipboard: This app is no less important for aspiring business owners as it helps in aggregating effective news and articles. You have to choose topics of interest here once you sign up with this app.


For example, if you show interest in entrepreneurship then Flipboard will furnish you with all the latest news and information on this topic.

Flipboard for wannabe entrepreneurs is helpful for the following reasons:

• To obtain relevant, appropriate and latest knowledge on your desired topics
• To remain updated with current information on your business sector

As startup entrepreneurs, you have to be focused not only on making your business process streamlined but also on identifying the changes in consumer behavior. Once you can set goals as per the tastes and preferences of your customers, you can easily personalize your offerings for them.

Time, money and people are the three basic tenets that can enable you to gain instant attention for your targeted buyers. From the above description, you can find applications that can help you with all three requirements to ensure stability for your startup businesses.

There are plenty of app development companies available in the market today who can give you customized solutions depending upon the nature and scope of your venture. You need to pick up the most suitable ones who can give you better than the best insights to make your business stand out in today’s competition.

The popularity of mobile applications has increased manifold once interactive technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have been introduced. These immersive techniques have not only engaged users but also have enabled startups and established brands to serve their customers with a more personalized touch.

Conclusion: This post gives you a fair idea about some of the promising apps that can be used by prospective businessmen for their startups initiative. Each app has its advantage. So based upon your needs you can choose any apps for business one or more than one. While some apps are meant for collating your documents effectively so that you can refer later on, while some others help you to remain updated while attending meetings or conferences.