9 Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions That Will Reveal a Lot

Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions That Will Reveal a Lot
Written by Micah Phillips

Organizations conduct a staff satisfaction survey to ascertain if their customers are satisfied. This will tell them how to improve their operations to keep customers happy. In the same way, employee satisfaction surveys act as a barometer to measure if their employees are happy. Organizations today have realized the importance of keeping their employees happy.

A satisfied employee will be motivated to put in more effort to achieve organizational goals. This is why organizations implement employee-friendly policies to keep employees happy. To decide what to do, they need to first understand how satisfied employees are. For this purpose, they conduct an employee satisfaction survey that has well-framed questions to understand what the employees think of various aspects related to the organization.

Framing the questions in the employee satisfaction survey is a key activity. The questions should be in such a way that they reveal a lot about the employee’s feelings and opinions. Here are nine questions that can be included in an employee satisfaction survey.

Employee Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire Sample

1. Are you happy with your work-life balance?

Employees work to earn a living and want to enjoy a happy life at home. Too much work at office and carrying office work home can affect their personal lives. The right work-life balance is needed to satisfy employees. This question can help organizations understand if employees feel overworked and if work is affecting their personal lives.

2. Are you happy with our organizational culture?

The organizational culture tells a lot about the organization. It is the way of life in an organization. Employees need to adjust to the culture and find comfort in it. The work environment, relationships between superiors and subordinates are aspects that define the culture. A negative work culture would severely affect employee satisfaction, impacting their productivity. It is important to understand what employees feel about the organization’sculture.

3. If you can change one thing about your job, what would be it?

This is a very powerful question that directly allows organizations to get feedback on improvement areas. Issues that are troubling the employee would come out through the answer to this question. This question will also help in getting suggestions from employees on what changes are needed to increase productivity and keep employees happy.

4. Is your work meaningful?

Employees will continue working as long as they are paid well and when they find their work meaningful. If they feel their work is not meaningful, they are more likely to quit. This is an important question that can give an indicator of whether an employee is likely to quit. When employees feel their work is not meaningful, management needs to make changes fast to retain them.

5. Will you recommend our organization to others to work?

This is a critical question. An employee who recommends others to join the organization is clearly satisfied with all that the organization offers. This is an excellent question that helps to gauge employee satisfaction. The answer to this question will help in understanding the mind of an employee.

6. Do you feel the work gives you scope for personal growth?

Every employee looks at personal growth in their job. They want to acquire new skills and challenging assignments that would help them grow. They want to be promoted and get higher pay. They also look forward to building their skills for the future. An employee who feels he/she is not able to grow personally will be dissatisfied and may quit soon. This question will help to understand if policies promote career growth.

7. Are you happy working with the team to achieve organizational goals?

To achieve the goals, all members of the team need to work together in a coordinated way. If the team is not cohesive, then results will not be achieved. The efforts of individuals also will not bear fruits. This question can help organizations understand if the team is able to gel together. If not, then action needs to be taken to increase team cohesion.

8. Are you happy with the compensation? Rate it on a scale of 1-10.

Everyone works for money. An employee unhappy with his pay will definitely be applying for other jobs. This question helps the organization to generally understand if their compensation policies are liked by employees.

9. If you are likely to quit, what is the reason?

This is a tricky question but can help to understand the factors that make an employee unhappy. The answers to this question can help to understand factors that are making employees unhappy. The most valuable suggestions for improvement can be found out from the answers to this question.

The above questions would reveal a lot about employee satisfaction and can be considered for inclusion in a staff satisfaction survey through employee survey software. An anonymous survey will ensure the answers are honest and provide valuable feedback to the organization.