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Protection of Facts & Mobile Apps will crack $101 billion by 2021

Written by Micah Phillips

The economy in today’s world is going through an enormous amount of changes. There are a lot of things which is happening, and it is a proven fact that the main factor is the technology. It is one of the most prominent things in this generation which has affected the people in many different ways. Sharing of information is important for us to be aware of the things which are happening around the world.

Information is an important factor in all possible ways because that is the driving force of the mere existence. If people were not acquainted with the facts and details, they will not be able to survive properly. There are different kinds of facts and figures available for us to know about and learn. But, there are a few facts which are to know only to the authenticated professionals and not all of us.

It is predicted that the security for information is going to incur huge amounts of revenue in the coming years. While that is one fact, there another factor which needs to be considered is the mobile apps. They are the ones which are making a great business in the present and will go higher in the future as well. It is predicted that there will a lot of investments in the security of the cyberspace.

Cyberspace Security

Organizations and the big tech companies are willing to make investments towards the security of the software systems. It is said that there were almost 73.7 billion dollars would have been spent in the year 2016 by the companies throughout the world. Technology is expanding on a large scale and the security of the software and hardware systems have become a big question mark.

The officials at the organizations fear with the fact that, the cyber crime rate is rising invariably. They are making major investments towards the safety and security of the information, software and hardware systems. It was predicted that 75 percent of the expenditure made by the IT industrialists were predominantly towards the cyber security.

Action against Threats

Cyber security has become a crucial thing in the recent times. There are many different kinds of threats which the tech companies are facing, it is not only them, but a majority of the organizations is facing it. In today’s world, people share lots and lots of information through online websites. It is important that the information which they share is kept safe and secure.

If there is any kind of security breach, then there could be a threat to the individual, which we cannot let it happen. There are many organizations, which run as consultancies and outsource their business. When people into this kind of business, it is essential to keep the data secure. It professionals is creating software to be able to provide strong security systems to the information sharing in the big companies.

Efforts are made by technical professionals, to make sure that they are no cyber-threats to the information which have been shared on the cyberspace. On the flip side, though it is important to create a security to the cyberspace and the information shared on it. We will not be able to make a major part of the investment just towards the security alone that is how the entrepreneurs feel so.

Let’s look into Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are another factor in which there is a huge amount of investments. Most of the business leads are creating apps for their respective business, to reach it to the masses and make a big profit out of it. There has been a drastic increase in the sale of smartphones and production of it as well. The numbers will increase invariably and will have a big impact in the world revenue in the market of digital products and software.

The economy of the world will be changed for good in the coming years. It is evident that there will be many investments made towards developing and designing many different kinds of mobile apps. In the recent past, the apps which were designed for gaming purpose has incurred almost 85 percent rise in its revenue, which is actually a tremendous growth.

App Annie is an app, which helps in making an analysis of the other apps in the market. It has made a prediction that, they will be an annual rise in the revenue to 101 billion dollars by the year 2020. The expenditure which has been made by the app users so far has been around 51 billion dollars for the year 2016. In simple words, four years from now, the expenditure made by the customers would be twice more than what they spent as of now.

Games take the lead

Gaming apps have become the most popular and most used apps in the recent times. People are purchasing gaming apps when compared to other apps. These kinds of apps keep the person engaged and entertained always and this is the selling point for business people and the app developers as well. In the coming years, the number of gaming apps will also increase as people want to try new and interesting games, as they think the ones which are available right now have become a norm and in a few mo0nths will go out of trend as well.

Leading Countries remain at the top

The USA, China, and Japan will remain in the top markets where the investments and revenue will increase. While these countries having been showing a consistent progress in their growth in the market. There are a few countries where we can find the market growing and flourish as well. India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Argentina are the few countries we can consider to be having a great scope in increasing the revenue for the apps and security systems in the world market.

In few parts of the world, the economy is not so good, but the app revenue continues to scale up to higher and higher. It was considered that there will be an increase in app revenue by 40 percent in Brazil for the year 2016. China was considered to surpass the US users in the number of app downloads, as it did surpass in the US in the past as well. Usage of apps amongst the people has considerably increased. The number of smartphones sales increases and indirectly there will be an increase in the app usage, more than the expectations of the analysts.

Revenue surpassing $101 billion

Technology, gadgets and mobile apps, these are the three things which are the most dominating factors in today’s world. It is hard to imagine an existence where these things are not available for use. There has been an enormous amount of revolution and evolution in the way people have been leading their lives. The human race has become dependent on the technology and it has been of great help to them.

Gathering information and keeping them safe and secure is an essential thing when it comes to the cyberspace. Most of the transactions, conversations, shopping, ticket booking is done online and the information which is shared by the users are highly confidential. It is important that they are protected and kept safe and secure by all means.

Apart from making the systems secure and safe, the organizations will be investing and making huge amounts of profits through mobile apps as well. It is predicted that by the year 2020, the market revenue will rise to $101 billion; twice more than what is it now. But, this is just a prediction, we may expect for something more in the store. So, folks, keep those expectations fresh and high, who know, it may exceed it and meet up with more than what we have been thinking and expecting from the world of technologies.

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