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YouTube Channel Promotion: 15 Must-Follow Methods To Get Million Views

Written by Micah Phillips


YouTube is the most famous video sharing platform, beating Facebook, and Instagram. It has an incredibly effective marketing tool for brands and businesses to reach the audience.

Most YouTube users are young people; According to the research, 81% of the users are between 15 to 25 people using the platform.

YouTube has two billion active users, but the audience is highly engaged with your videos. Over, the audience spends 11.50 mins on average on this platform per day. 90% of marketers have discovered a lot of brands through YouTube.

The video-sharing platform always engaged the audience with the help of creative content. YouTube allows content creators to communicate directly to their audience. In this way, the trust builds them in-between you and your audience.

Here this guide will help to promote your brands and business and get more views:

How to promote your YouTube channel

1. Optimized Video Title

Titles of your YouTube videos are the primary factor for everything. Because if you have seen or shared a video, the first noticeable method is the title. Hence, you should optimize your title with your creativity. Attractive titles can most easily grasp the audience. And there is a chance to get more views when you follow this way.

Adding keywords is the most crucial factor to improve your video ranking. Bing keyword research is a critical thing to boost your content.

Here are some ideas for optimizing your title:

● Title e must be short and descriptive(less than 60 Characters)
● create the attention of the audience
● adding keywords at the beginning of the title
● capitalize your headline title

2. Video Tags:

Most of the YouTube influencers never consider the video tags. It is a significant mistake for the growth of your YouTube video. Tagging is the best way to promote your content and easily identify your audience’s content.

If you have never used the video tags, now do it to add the tag in your content. Also, you can go back and edit your old tags & add new tags.

Here are a few rules for YouTube video tags:

● Use different brand tags so that your videos are shown in related videos.
● Add the main keywords into a tag related to your videos.
● Use a variation of the keyword as a tag
● Find the high ranking video tags & use in your video.

3. Create a Custom Thumbnail on YouTube:

Thumbnail is a critical feature for the verified YouTube account why because your whole story explains the single image. Hence, your thumbnail should be related to your videos. A perfect thumbnail helps you stand out in the related videos and suggested videos section. Adding high-quality images is the best way to enhance your video and grasp the audience’s attention. To get more your YouTube likes & subscribers are the best success!

Here are the tips for customized thumbnail:

● The resolution of the images should be 1280 x 720.
● The images are under 2MB.
● Upload the images in .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG formats
● The aspect of the images should be 16:9

A customized thumbnail is perfect, so you can design a thumbnail that works well on desktops and mobile devices.

4. Make an Intro and outro section for your Videos:

“The first impression is the best,”- so you should make a video impressed by the audience. The viewer entered the first time on your channel, and they don’t know what your channel is, which type of content you have created, etc. For this, you make an intro video about your channel. It must be a 3-5 second video clip that plays at the beginning to market your brand.

At the same time, you should thank your audience for watching your videos. Therefore, at the end of the video, you said “Thank you” or asked users to like & subscribe to videos.

It is the easiest way to enhance your videos and get more views from the audience. If you want more success for your channel, you should concentrate on YouTube likes & subscribers.

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5. Share your Videos on Social Media:

Your work doesn’t end on making videos; after that, you can promote your videos by sharing on social media channels. In case you are a video blogger, you should have an account on social media related to your YouTube channel. It gives you a chance to make a community outside of YouTube & make direct traffic from other popular social media channels.

The popular websites that promote your YouTube videos are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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6. Use Calls-to-Actions:

Invite your viewers to impress with your videos. In the beginning, you can ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel. And also, remind again while ending your videos like the video and subscribe, and leave your contact information.

Complete your YouTube profile and submit further information like website links and other social media links on the below profile. It is the simplest method to drive the audience into your website. You can ask a question within your video and ask your audience to respond in the comments section.

7. Partnership with YouTube Influencers:

Partnerships are mutually advantageous and very economical. While you are sharing content with your audience, you will also increase your exposure by sharing on the YouTube influencer channel, so build it count!

Create a point to stand out to the audience on the social networks in a related gap as your own to consider the probability of association of your YouTube channels. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money.

8. Post to your YouTube community

YouTube is the most popular social network, and you can enhance your video on YouTube by using the post to community quality. Simply press on the (+) icon on mobile apps or YouTube website then click – Create a post.

Now, write content and link to the video that you want to market. And you can add GIFs or images and even play a poll to create it more engaging. Your community may like and also comment on your post, which is a perfect signal for higher engagement.

9. Engage your audience

The best success for yourself is to always engage with your viewers and promote your brand among them. Don’t think easily about this step. It looks simple and easy, but it can be easy as an unexciting task when there is a lot to do.

It helps to direct your page or any other social media website that ensures to respond to the audience likes and comments quickly.

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10. Be Consistent

“Time is money” – Like that consistency is more important compared to making videos. While creating a YouTube channel is a perfect idea, before you can open a YouTube account, you should schedule it to be consistent. Your extreme level fans and followers will expect a new video on the schedule you have to set.

Before uploading a video, create a popular scheduling time and intimate with your followers. The best posting time for your videos is the evening on the weekdays and afternoon on the weekend. Once you follow your consistency, the audience starts to trust you & your channel.

11. Build a series

Create curiosity for the audience with your videos. You must get them excited about your new content. That’s a better way to make a series!!

If your video is completed in 15minutes, the audience sees the content and moves on. But, you want to stay with your audience, create a part by part series. You can build a series on YouTube by heading to your playlists and choosing the videos you want to promote your official series. Consistency is more important while you are making a series.

12. Cross-promote your podcast

Podcasts are mainly digital audio files; YouTube is the most famous destination for consuming this type of content.

According to the data, 43% of people pay attention to their podcasts on YouTube. Cross-promoting on your podcast episodes is a marvelous way to direct your audience to your YouTube channel or vice versa. There are a couple of ways you can do this. You could save episodes with your videos and regenerate the audio into your podcast channels.

13. Make a playlist

Playlists are an excellent way to get the audience’s attention on your YouTube channel. These videos are arranged by topics and displaying in a list format. It is excellent for when you create content on a few different topics, and you can easily navigate your audience to your channel. The best thing about playlists is that the videos are automatically played on one by one.

14. Build a Banner Art:

Creating a YouTube banner art is one of the best things that anyone views your channel; they have attracted your banner art. So, it’s important to make it perfect!

It is the horizontal graphic design that placed the above your channel videos and names. Your banner should be eye-catching and promote your brand personality. However, it should be informative and give viewers a glimpse into the type of content you post. And add your name & logo, snappy tagline that covers up what your videos are.

15. Make a seasonal Content:

Each YouTuber is creating standard content at any time. But think you want to groom yourself, create a present seasonal content. It helps to stimulate your audience, and finally, the viewers click your content.

Most people search for specific content on specific occasions, whether that’s costume makeup ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas suggestions. Thus, making seasonal videos is an excellent way to promote your marketing and content.


YouTube is the perfect platform to enhance your business. I hope this guide helps you make a fantastic channel and to improve your marketing strategy. It is an excellent opportunity to produce content and follow the above strategy. Get your perfect results and achieve more success.