How to Reserve IP Addresses for A Device on A Wi-Fi Network

Reserve IP Addresses for A Device on A Wi-Fi Network
Written by Micah Phillips

The digital age is here. The coronavirus pandemic has probably accelerated it’s ushering. Connecting to a digital world has never been this easy. Wifi networks are growing at a rapid pace. Be it schools, colleges, organizations, cafes, restaurants or malls, and theatres, keeping wifi is necessary.

There are nearly 700 million internet users in India as of 2020. This is predicted to grow to 974 million by 2025. So, connecting to a wifi network and browsing all day is no more a thing of awe. The technology is pretty simple to use. If you have a wifi network in your home, you need to connect.

So How Do We Connect?

Multiple devices can be connected to your wifi network. Every family member can connect their device to the wifi network. One has to search the wifi network and enter the password. The wifi network then detects the device. It assigns an IP address.

One can then enjoy all the services that are hosted on the web. Every device on the network has to have an IP address. It is a unique code of identification. It allows the IP address of one device to be identified by another.

How Are IP Addresses Assigned?

Our devices having a wifi network accesses the internet of the world. This can be done by accessing the WAN. WAN or Wide Area Network, is a connection of computers outside your home. One such type of WAN is DHCP.

DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol assigns a device with an IP address. These assignments can be of two types:-

1. Static Assignments
2. Dynamic Assignments

The default assignment is always compelling. This means that any device on your wifi network is given a different IP address. However, what if you wanted all devices to have the same IP address?? In other words, a static IP address.

Why Do You Need A Static IP Address?

There are a few reasons as to why you need it:

1. If one has to reboot their device, all connections may be lost. The IP address will change on connecting after rebooting. The computer might not find that device anymore.
2. The DHCP lease for an IP address might expire.
3. It allows one to use several other services on the devices.
4. It helps to keep unwanted devices out of your network.

On assigning the same IP address to all your devices, you can identify them. This is why one must have a static IP address. This is beneficial for a LAN or Local Area Network. All the devices can be connected through the same IP address. Also, to access or allow information to reach a particular device, an IP address reservation is needed. This forwarding of accessibility is done by port forwarding and port opening.

So What Exactly Is Port Forwarding?

The process of IP address reservation may vary. It varies from router to router. Port forwarding allows you to connect your device to the outside world. The router of your wifi network puts up firewalls to reject the entry of external connections. However, some programs require an open relationship. This is facilitated by port forwarding using UPnP.

But What About The Threat?

Port forwarding lets you choose a specific device. An external device is then connected to this particular device. Other devices in the wifi network remain safe and protected. Now, let’s jump straight into the reservation process.
Steps to Reserve IP Addresses For A Device On A Wifi Network:

A simple change of settings allow you to reserve an IP address:

1. Click on wifi
2. Go to settings
3. Click on advanced networking
4. Click on ‘Add IP reservation’ In DHCP IP reservation
5. Click on the device which requires a static IP address
6. Enter a suitable IP address
7. Click on save

One, however, may need to disconnect the device first. On reconnecting it to the wifi network, the reservation will be made.

DHCP Lease

The reservation of IP addresses is not permanent by default. The lease typically allows a device to use an IP address on the wifi network. This is known as renting an IP address. Barring a few tools, it is generally temporary. It is an important consideration that the client needs to make. Reserving an IP address beyond the stipulated lease duration requires permission. The renewal can be done multiple times.

How Can DHCP Reservation Affect Businesses

When you offer internet services to a lot of people, it becomes a challenge. Consumers would be looking for a smooth experience. They may be connecting and disconnecting continuously. A wide variety of clients must be handled properly.

These IP address reservations acquired with the help of are beneficial for all devices in your LAN. These IP addresses will not be visible to the outside world.