Top YouTube Video Converter Software

Top 10 Best YouTube Converter Software
Written by Micah Phillips

An online YouTube converter software easily converts the video clips in the right format and saves it in your device so that you can watch it later at your PC, Tablet, smartphones, etc. without any hassle.

The online video converter YouTube is ideal to choose as they run for a long period of time!

The best YouTube converters are those that easily set the videos on optimum formats, HD quality, resolutions, and compression settings according to your device.

These software not only converts the video to audio via YouTube audio converter, it also lets you choose the video and save it by downloading them as per your needs.

Before you even use any of the below mentioned easy YouTube converter, keep in mind that downloading videos from the best video streaming platform of the world, YouTube is a crime because it is against the terms of service.

There’s additionally a chance of copyright violation until the video is within the public domain, or you haven’t got permission from the one who has the copyright.

If you specifically need to shop tune or other audio from movies, you must find out and search the great YouTube to MP3 converter software in the given list for your usage..

If you’re using a cell device, the excellent video editor for iPhone is probably a worthwhile addition for your collection, turning your smartphone into a cellular production studio.

Let’s check the list of the top 10 YouTube Converters!

Easy Online YouTube Converter Software

Online Video Converters

While working on an Online YouTube video converter, we will be having unlimited conversion options in our hands that provide us numerous opportunities to work. Yes, it can all be done through one software, i.e., Online YouTube Converter.

The most lovable feature of “Online YouTube converter”, it is easy to operate, it doesn’t need any installation or registration. And works with all modern browsers. You don’t need to be any veteran to use this software due to its unique interface of this program which lets you choose what you want and that without any hassle.

Like we talked earlier how it let you help in downloading and converting videos. For converting videos it has multiple formats such as MP3, Ogg, M4A, WMA, MP4, MOV, FLV, and others.

How to work with Online Video YouTube converter – Well you simply need a link from YouTube that you can find at the URL bar in your web browser and then paste that link of the YouTube video and choose the format according to your need.

The program will provide and lead you to an easy approach to convert and download your video.


Want videos in Mp4 format. Then I have something for those who want a simple interface for converting YouTube video to Mp4 format.

Youtube Mp4 Converter provides us the best in business and easy to approach interface. The software converts your YouTube videos to MP4 and even in 3GP format. This process doesn’t need any brainstorming.

Just got to the software, i.e, “YouTubeMp4” paste the required link of the video and choose from a variety of formats, qualities, and sizes of the file.

Rest the software will work and will serve you, your desired video in your desired format, and quality that can be downloaded easily just by one click, and the Mp4 video will be on your phone. Search it Play it and Share it.

VideoDuke MAC Video Downloader

By headline itself, it is pretty clear we are going to have the detailed talk on the best of all downloaders that work with ease for MAC computer systems, i.e., VideoDuke MAC Video Downloader.

This video downloader gives access for online videos that can be saved onto your MAC with just a couple of clicks, and when you are done you can easily stream the downloaded videos.

VideoDuke has an array of options for various formats and resolutions that you need for the video, e.g., MP4, 3GP, FLV, etc. VideoDuke MAC video downloader will assist you in a video to audio converter too for having your song in mp3 format. If you want to have each pixel crystal clear, this software stands out to give the best Full HD and 8K videos.

Go for it if you like to have your videos. Well, first use the demo version that allows you to download 2 videos and then go for buying the full version of this software with the simple interface.

This software is currently only available for MAC.


As we know, there is various programs and software present online to help you in multiple ways for downloading videos. But if you ask me which one is best, I will recommend SaveClipBro.

Why? Because it gives you the editing features with the basic feature, i.e., online downloading video.

Rather than just downloading videos be it from any video platforms, social media sites, media libraries, and music services, including famous names like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, Instagram, Freesound, MTV, CNN, and others, this application provides us multiple options for the editing purpose.

The editing of videos can be done before converting to another format like Mp3. The editing feature that this software provides is cutting footage, changing its size, frame rate, changing bit rate, and others.

One of the Highlighted features of this software is, it gives you the QR code for your video link, and through that, you can download it your smartphone.

4K Video Downloader

Now in the 21st century, if you are going with the flow of coming upgrades of your very own gadgets, then you might own a masterpiece like LED or OLED. Than you very much want each content shall be in high resolution.

So, we are giving you the best 4K Video Downloader that converts videos with features that give you subtitles and annotations too.

YouTube, including Vimeo and DailyMotion and many genuine platforms, works best with 4K Video Downloader.

The only sad side for using this cutting edge software is that it doesn’t have a major selection of conversion formats if we compare it to some other YouTube converters. While still, you can make that video yours as MP4, MKV and 3GP, and audio as MP3, M4A, and OGG.

But the best of all this software give is the need for 4K videos. It just converts, and you can see your favorite video from every angle with precise pixels.

YTD Video Downloader

Troubled by paused video due to loss of electricity or network issue, and then resuming of downloading file leads to starting from zero. Well, here we are again coming up with the solution and the best one of course YTD Video Downloader.

It can of course download and convert videos from some of the most known popular video hosting sites like Youtube. Even you can go with this software to the platform like Facebook, DailyMotion, and College Humor and download your video in the best quality.

The features of YTD Video Downloader are no different from other software, i.e., converting videos into almost all video formats – from MP3 and MP4 to WNV, FLV, MOV, 3GP, and AVI.

But what makes it stand out in this series of software is that it serves the same destiny. While some of these are giving quality, some are giving the number of features.

This software is giving the same, but with a claim, which is said by YTD Video Converter makers that the latest version is much faster and more stable than the previous versions.

I am giving this suggestion to go for YTD for one reason. WebDiscover – The browser that comes bundled with YTD and about its use, well, let’s just say it gives the web browser bar to search directly into the pool of network.

Own a browser using the software. Cool Right!

HD Converter for YouTube Online

Online Videos are available at many platforms like YouTube and other popular sites where we interact with many video content of different genres.

If you watch some video and think if I could have this music video with me. Well, you can have it using HD Converter for YouTube Online, and it’s free too.

Just wait for the release of your video, and as it comes to your familiar platform just look for the HD Converter. Copy the video link, download it, and convert it to MP4 format in different quality as you wish to have on your smartphone or laptops.

You can easily download the videos due to its simple interface in your quality.

Why do you need audio?

The major videos related to music genres are posted on YouTube. That’s why it has so much diversity in these genres. Many of us go to watch their favorite song on YouTube but can’t listen while the phone is in your pocket.

It happens often you just want to lie down on the bed and listen to the soothing music.

For this you don’t need to go to see a technology freak, you just need a YouTube to MP3 converter. These will lead you to have a favorite song in the audio format.

The best of all YouTube to MP3 converter is “Offliberty”. Simple interface, easy to use, and is free too. You need to have the link paste it into a single box and download the video or audio format according to your need.

If you prefer to download it and convert it at a great range of pixels, go with WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe to have a powerful file converter.

Features of this huge fan base software are it can with over 1,000 websites. It can also reduce the size of videos.


As daily, a new artist comes up with its masterpiece, and they want all of us to listen to it. It’s never been easy to listen to these as it gets a release, and you can download it. Even we can use these tools to have videos to work in offline mode.

Just a say from me that before doing this, check if it’s good with the creators.

If so, please do comment down below on how you like it and feel free to add the tool that you use!

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