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Optimizing Videos for YouTube Search: Tips to Follow

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Written by Micah Phillips

Almost a decade ago, inbound marketing was one of the best ideas and marketers were constantly learning that publishing large content is not enough. Content also had to be of the best quality and should have been optimized in such a manner that it was discoverable through search engines. Today, one of the most comprehensive strategies include written work, which is e-books and blogs, and most importantly, different kinds of media like videos, podcasts, and visual assets.

There is no denying the fact that videos are on the rise right now. Almost 45% of the marketers are constantly investing in YouTube and this is happening despite the other video marketing channels that are available. It is also enormously important to optimize all your videos for YouTube search. To do that, you need to follow the tips that have been mentioned below.

Rename the video file by using target keywords

As soon as the keyword is identified, the most important place where you have to consider putting it is in the video file, even before you have uploaded it on YouTube. You might ask why? The answer is that YouTube has the capability of watching the video to understand the relevance to the target keyword.

As soon as the tips that have been mentioned below are properly learned, you will understand that there are several places where you can insert the keywords safely. YouTube can read the file name whenever you are uploading any video.

By keeping this in mind, it is suggested that you remove unwanted file names and replace them with the desired keyword along with the preferred file name.

Insert a keyword in the video title

When you are searching for videos, it is obvious that the most important thing that you are going to notice is the title of the video. The title determines whether you are going to click on the video and watch it or not.

Therefore, make the title clear, concise, and most importantly, extremely compelling. Although the keyword plays one of the most important parts within the video title, it will also help when a title matches with what a viewer is looking for. According to several kinds of research conducted, it has been observed that videos that have exact keywords in the titles have a greater advantage over the videos that do not.

Optimize the video description

As stated by Google, the character limit for the video descriptions on YouTube is almost a thousand characters. It is perfectly alright if you are using the entire space, however, you have to keep in your mind that the viewer has come to watch videos, not to read essays.

If you are deciding to write long descriptions, you have to understand that YouTube will only display the first three lines of your text, which is going to amount to around 100 characters.

After that, viewers have to click on show more for reading the entire description. This is why it is suggested that you consider front-loading your YouTube description with important information, like crucial links and CTAs. When you are thinking of optimizing the video only, you can consider transcripts, which will help to watch the videos even without volume.

Tag the video with keywords which relate to the topic

It is always important to use proper tags so that you can let your viewers know what the video is exactly about. However, you are not only contacting the viewers, but you are also informing YouTube. This way, it will become easy for YouTube to figure out how it can associate the video with similar kinds of videos, which will help in broadening the reach of the content.

However, it is always suggested that you consider choosing your tags carefully. Never use irrelevant tags only because you think that you are going to receive more views. There is a high chance that Google is going to penalize you for this mistake.

When you are adding the description, ensure that you are leading with important keywords, by including a mix of long-tail and common keywords. This will help your website to rank in a much better manner. To gain more knowledge on this, visit a professional SEO consultant to get the best possible advice.

Categorize the video

As soon as the video is uploaded, you have to consider categorizing it. When you choose a category, it is one of the best ways of grouping the video with similar types of YouTube content. This will also help your video to gain exposure. However, categorizing the video is not simple.

You have to go through comprehensive processes for determining which category the video belongs to. You need to make sure that you are considering:

• The top creators present within the category that you are choosing and what they are mostly known for.

• Understand if there are any patterns among audiences.

• Understand whether the videos within a category have a similar length and format.

Video length:

Video length is one of the significant elements that influence Video SEO. It unequivocally corresponds with the rankings. Longer the recordings have a superior possibility at positioning admirably when contrasted with shorter recordings.

Truth be told, on the off chance that one scan for the substance for a particular watchword, results commonly show >3 minutes of recordings in the top positions.

YouTube’s goal is to keep clients connected with and on YouTube for whatever length of time that conceivable. A shorter recordings cause intermittence in the review when contrasted with longer recordings which give the nonstop surveys, subsequently have a superior possibility of keeping clients on YouTube.

Remarks are a sign of commitment made by Video. Google has obviously plot that its point of view of positioning is to give higher weightage to the substance that aides take care of a client’s concern.

Remarks are one such metric that demonstrates inclusion made by Video and subsequently is taken as a positioning sign. Continuously attempt to urge your watchers to remark on your recordings.

Likes and dislikes

Likewise, with remarks, likes are additionally a pointer of commitment by watchers. YouTube likes engaging recordings and “preferences” is a pointer of how captivating a video is. Again there is a higher relationship found in the number of preferences and its positioning.

The number of subscribers

The quantity of endorsers of your channel is again observed as an indication of client commitment. On the off chance that you see a decent video, all things considered, you will buy into the channel.

The higher number of endorsers shows that an ever-increasing number of individuals like your substance, subsequently YouTube offers an inclination to such recordings.

The most ideal approach to get more YouTube supporters of requests that individuals buy-in. By requesting that watchers buy-in toward the finish of your recordings fundamentally support your month to month endorser’s salary.

Having more supporters on your channel before the days over is constantly colossal in addition to point for the general development of your YouTube channel.

Posting on Social Media Post-

This is one of the approaches to advance your YouTube Video by sharing it on different internet based life channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. Sharing the substance by means of your companions is probably the most ideal approaches to expand your natural reach for YouTube recordings.

On the off chance that you have long recordings that you need to advance you can likewise post their shorter adaptations/trailers and so forth via web-based networking media and stages like IGTV and so on to build your natural reach.

In the event that you are a blogger, it is prescribed to have online networking represents your YouTube channel and offer it across various channels. This offers you a chance to make a network outside YouTube and get traffic from other famous interpersonal organization channels.

Likewise, it causes you to create a brand an incentive for your direct and connects with your crowd. A portion of the web-based life accounts that you should make incorporate a Facebook page, a Twitter profile, and an Instagram profile.

Upload custom thumbnail images

The thumbnail image is the image that the viewers are going to see when they are scrolling through the video results. Along with the title of the video, the thumbnail is also capable of sending signals to the viewers regarding the video content. Therefore, it can have an impact on the views and clicks that the video receives.

According to, 90% of those videos, which perform flawlessly on YouTube, have relevant thumbnails.

A few hints for making awesome video thumbnail on YouTube:

• YouTube thumbnail has a goal of 1280×720
• Transfer your thumbnail in either.JPG or.PNG group.
• Keep your thumbnail size under 2MB.

To assist you with taking the most ideal thumbnails here is our QC agenda for YouTube.

• YouTube Thumbnail Quality Control Checklist

• Ensure the thumbnail precisely speaks to the substance and supports the title.

• Utilize a high-goals picture that has splendid or differentiating hues.

• Ensure that your thumbnail isn’t edited or removing any significant pieces of the thumbnail.

• Utilize expressive subjects – you’re never completely prepared for YouTube without a grin

Use subtitles

It is particularly important to consider using subtitles for your YouTube video. Some people might not be able to understand the language but if you are adding subtitles, they will at least able to understand the video content along with what you are saying. Subtitles can help in the ideal optimization of YouTube videos.


There is no denying the fact that the videos are taking the world by storm. Therefore, you need to concentrate on optimizing your YouTube videos faultlessly so that your business can benefit. Make sure that you are following all the tips that have been mentioned above.