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10 Best NodeJS CMS Platforms to Use This Year!

NodeJS CMS Platforms
Written by Micah Phillips

Understanding the multitude of frameworks that Node.js contributed to might sound like an awful job. It is still one of the most crucial to use one that fits perfectly for your project organization.

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In the field of CMS content management systems, several NodeJs frameworks led to creating a standardized digital platform for content management. For years now, various robust CMS designs have been employed by NodeJs.

However, if you examine attentively, you will discover several helpful CMS structures of NodeJs you have been seeking.

This article will discuss the 10 Best NodeJS CMS Platforms to Use This Year. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Best NodeJS CMS Platforms

KeystoneJs CMS!- Headless CMS for Node.js-built with GraphQL and React

keystone-Best NodeJS CMS Platforms

KeystoneJs is a strong NodeJS CMS. It has offered strong CMS support and is considered one of the most secure CMS. KeystoneJs is also used to make RESTful APIs, e-commerce apps, platforms, and other online fora and provide sophisticated CMS structures. In addition, KeystoneJs provides a simpler administrative user interface that helps developers to create beautiful and powerful CMS.

Now, let’s look into some of the features of KeystoneJS CMS in brief.

  • The MongoDB database may be connected through Mongoose with Keystone. The document mapper object (ODM) package is provided by Keystone.
  • Data Models in keystone may be used to produce a range of content.
  • The MVC architecture makes the structure necessary for displayed data easier to construct. In addition, lists of the content may be obtained using the integrated keystone template support.
  • Keystone is incredibly lightweight and has a comprehensive database management API. As a result, it is ideal for content-driven websites.
  • Keystone comes with strong plugin support. You may make component-based content modeling with these plugins without coding.


  • Github stars: 4k
  • Open Source & trusted.
  • 1m+ npm Installs
  • 160+ Contributors
  • 2013 First Commit
  • Weekly downloads: 5K
  • Written in: Javascript and Typescript
  • Made in Australia 🇦🇺 by Thinkmill.

Download Demo Github

Strapi CMS! – Open source Node.js Headless CMS to easily build customisable APIs

Strapi CMS-Best NodeJS CMS Platforms

The vast majority of the people know the ultimate advantages of headless CMS already. Strapi is a headless CMS open source NodeJ and is one of the best Online CMS Website Builders. It provides developers with the development of a robust, self-hosted, and highly personalized content API. Strapi is also suited for creating methodical web and mobile apps that are well-configured. In nature, it is pretty safe and wealthy.

The features of Strapi CMS are as follows:

  • Strapi comes with a simpler CMS content management system. It makes content development architecture easier and offers a comfortable content management interface.
  • Strapi offers an easily adjustable layout in which you can simply insert everything you need by dragging and dropping.
  • It contains a sophisticated markdown editor that allows you to create many kinds of material, for instance, pictures, paragraphs, media files, snippets, etc.
  • You may assign various responsibilities to users. However, this will not allow all people to access the endpoint and safeguard your API.
  • This NodeJs CMS allows you to simply immerse yourself into the Code Editor and adapt the code to your needs.


  • Github stars: 35k
  • Open Source & trusted.
  • Webhooks
  • Multi-databases support
  • Weekly downloads: 50k
  • Written in: Javascript

Download Demo Github

Ghost CMS! – headless Node.js CMS for publishing

Ghost -Best NodeJS CMS Platforms

It is a sophisticated blogging platform based on JavaScript, and hence it is a Javascript CMS. Ghost is a headless open source NodeJs CMS. It features an advanced design that gives online bloggers or online publishers a straightforward route for its easy-to-handle and detailed functionalities; popular businesses such as Apple, Tinder, SkyNews, Zappos, and others utilize easy-to-handle Ghost CMS.

Its unique features are as mentioned below!

  • Ghost believes in simplicity yet offers the most beautiful blogging platform to date. These layouts are immaculate, primary, and eye-catching.
  • Ghost provides you with an easy-to-use interface. You can work without any distractions for hours using the editor.
  • Moreover, Ghost is equipped with integrated SEO functionality. You may have everything ready here (SiteMaps, Meta Data, AMPs, Canonical Tags).
  • You may share your material without needing to install additional plugins on different social networking networks. Ghost is fully packed with integrated possibilities for social sharing.
  • With the aid of Zapier, Ghost can be linked into over 1K of third-party services.


  • Github stars: 37k
  • Open Source & trusted.
  • Custom redirect
  • Multi-Language
  • Weekly downloads PNM: 8k
  • Written in: Javascript
  • By Ghost Foundation

Download Demo Github

Cody CMS! -Javascript Content Management System

Cody-Best NodeJS CMS Platforms

Cody is a NodeJs open-source CMS. It is a CMS from NodeJs that enables you to create extraordinarily scalable and gradual web applications. Cody is developed on JavaScript. Hence it is a Javascript CMS allowing this programming language to be quite flexible. Cody may be used to personalize any kind of material. It is quick and has many useful functionalities.

So, what are its features? Let’s find it out!

  • Cody is a CMS that allows you to update content automatically. Your old content will not be published automatically.
  • It also offers vital SEO help to make sure your content plays an essential role in SERPs.
  • This NodeJS CMS may also be configured, and other custom content such as counts down calendars, tables, and others can be added.
  • This NodeJs CMS supports multilingual functionality and offers you a simple solution for drag and drop. Cody’s easy to accomplish everything you do.
  • With Cody, several users may be assigned roles. Monitor the overall development and take whenever required actions.


  • Github stars: 664
  • User Friendly
  • Open Source
  • Free Hosting
  • Weekly downloads PNM: 11
  • Written in: Javascript

Download Demo Github

EnduroJs CMS!-Minimalistic, lean & mean, node.js cms

EnduroJs-Best NodeJS CMS Platforms

EnduroJs is regarded to be one of the NodeJs CMS most productive. It’s a basic, quick, clean, and suitable CMS for nonprofits. With its contemporary architecture, professionals indeed are amazed. It needs virtually null setups and is very advanced with its administration panel. Although it comes with a tiny community, its interface satisfies those who have tried it.

Have a look at some of its features!

  • The aim of Enduro is the flexibility of users. This ensures that users can construct a complete project with the least number of clicks.
  • Enduro allows you to build anything on your server because it comes with excellent construction tools like Sass, sprites generation, and others.
  • Any person who is not technically able to manage material readily on the websites of EnduroJs. It’s due to the slick user interface.
  • EnduroJs allows isometrical JavaScript use since JavaScript may be implemented on the front and rear ends of the screen.
  • No database is needed for this CMS NodeJs. You simply have to edit few flat files using your text editor.


  • Github stars: 691
  • User Friendly
  • Weekly downloads PNM: 20
  • Size 55.1 Kb min.zip

Download Demo Github

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Apostrophe CMS! – Open Source Headless CMS

Apostrophe CMS-Best NodeJS CMS Platforms

Apostrophe is NodeJs’ free, open-source CMS Content Management System. During NodeJ’s CMS development, developers concentrated on enhancing web development productivity and content management. Today, websites/web applications of all types have been developed and maintained worldwide. The solution for all your troubles is AposthropheCMS.

What are its features? Read on to know more!

  • You may work with ApostropheCMS on your well-known JavaScript, MongoDB, NodeJS, and npm platforms.
  • This NodeJs CMS is the sole CMS regarded ideal for the company. It’s a full-stack setting packed with features.
  • The former version of any page or file is easy to access, and any lost files may be recovered from the waste using ApostropheCMS.
  • Drag and drop functionality is provided to organize your page components. It also has an excellent CKEditor-powered text editor.
  • The advantages of self-scaling, manual cutting, slideshow, easy-lockdown come with this CMS.


  • Github stars: 4k
  • User rating: 5
  • Weekly downloads PNM: 3k
  • Written in: Javascript
  • Ready to integrate

Download Demo Github

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Calipso CMS! – based on Express, Connect & Mongoose

Calipso CMS-Best NodeJS CMS Platforms

Calipso is CMS Website Builder similar to WordPress and Drupal in its simplicity and speed, making it even more enjoyable to use. It is a modular CMS that allows all elements of this system to be handled quickly. You will be pretty pleased with its flexibility once you start using it.

Let’s talk about its features!

  • You may pull material from any source with Calipso since it has a scheduler and provides essential components.
  • You can make extensive customization using CSS with Calipso. Calipso employs a design in styles and subjects.
  • MongoDB’s database is used by Calipso. And utilizes Map Reduce to create both the menu and tag cloud.
  • Although Calipso does not currently enable caching, 180 hits per second can quickly be required.
  • All fundamental elements of calipso are supplied via modules except bootstraps, themes, and forms.


  • Github stars: 1.7k
  • User rating: N/A
  • Written in: Javascript

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TaracotJs! – fast and minimalist CMS based on Node.js

taracotjs--Best NodeJS CMS Platforms

TaracotJs is a quick minimalist, NodeJs-based CMS. It can work on many operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, and Linux, mainly everywhere NodeJs can. This is a JavaScript CMS. It’s open-source and free. And you can quickly construct a new module and change the existing module with Taracot.

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Let’s talk about some of the TaracotJs features!

  • Taracot Js is a blogging platform that is extensive in features. It offers a range of modules, including many more choices, for both personal and professional applications.
  • The eCommerce solution is an excellent platform. You can integrate multi-monetary payment plug-ins, shipping systems, and many more.
  • It offers a social networking system in which active chatting may be enjoyed in real-time using Socket.io.
  • Highly personalizable, TaracotJs. With this CMS, you may update your current modules quickly at any level.
  • It is a CMS developed using JavaScript that is running both on the client and server-side. It’s easier than ever to work with Taracot.


  • Github stars: 114
  • User rating: N/A
  • Weekly downloads PNM: 25
  • Written in: Javascript
  • Copyright Michael A. Matveev
  • Built-in website statistics
  • WYSIWYG-based page editor

Download Demo Github

PencilBlue! – Business class content management

PencilBlue-Best NodeJS CMS Platforms

Basically, PencilBlue is a web developer CMS which enables you to design lovely themes and plugins. It’s a NodeJs CMS open-source. Developers want to use PencilBlue because it is compatible. It may operate along with a range of instruments and other services. You may create all kinds of websites using an Online CMS Website Builder.

Let’s discuss out its outstanding features in brief!

  • PencilBlue may be used to build a highly moderated plugin network that works directly with the core functionality of your system.
  • PencilBlue delivers Angular Js, Bootstrap, and JQueryUI with built-in support. When working with PencilBlue, you don’t need to add any more libraries to your platform.
  • This NodeJs CMS user interface is robust and lets you simply create pages, blog articles, specify SEO tags, and others.
  • As PencilBlue works with various platforms, anybody may easily install and operate with PencilBlue without any early requirements.
  • Activate fast cache to your data files because this CMS comes with MongoDB and Redis default support.


  • Github stars: 1.6k
  • Fork: 276
  • 100% mobile friendly
  • Written in: Javascript
  • plugins, server cluster management, data-driven pages
  • Designed for the cloud
  • Support latest web technologies.

Download Demo Github

We.Js! – extensible Node.js MVC framework – CLI

We Js

This is NodeJs most secure CMS framework designed for websites, apps, and blogs in real-time. We.Js offers a few tools to create new active websites. We.Js offers immediate features, such as topics, views, and articles. It also provides impressive user management and several media types.

Let’s learn about its various features!

  • We.Js is compatible with all current systems of operations (Linux, Mac, and Windows 10+).
  • With We.Js, you can simply split and reuse or distribute different features of your applications into smaller plugins.
  • You may use We.Js to build vital topics of your own. These themes are accessible in we-plugin-view and may host default plugin templates.
  • You may use We.Js to build new plugins or to use available plugins. Plug and play are everything.
  • It provides users with permissions and a simple management interface, built-in database updates, and many more.
  • ORM, ACL, Extensive response formats.
  • Plug and play, Theme modules
  • Compatible with NPM modules.
  • Pre build projects for make blogssitesconference portal or APIs ready for use


  • Github stars: 207
  • Fork: 34
  • Extensible server side Javascript MVC framework
  • Written in: Javascript
  • It has plugins, generators & themes.
  • Great CLI
  • Suport to Linux, Mac and Windows

Download Demo Github

So, these were some of the best 10 NodeJS CMS Platforms to Use This Year! If you like this blog, don’t forget to put your comments in the comment section below!

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