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[List of] Top Node JS Development Companies in India

Node JS Development Companies in India
Written by Ratnesh

Node.js is widely regarded as the most capable open-source framework for developing scalable and rapid real-time applications. Node.js development has become an excellent choice for developing rich-featured real-time applications with a great number of features. It is an ultimate all-purpose platform, with over 4 million users worldwide.

Node JS framework is critical in developing a highly sophisticated data-sensitive application. With a 100% annual growth rate, its development has become the most incredible option for developing large-scale apps.

Increased demand for Node js has made entrepreneurs more diverted towards its utilization. Many node js development companies in India work for their clients, providing top performance and results to serve the idea.

Required Things For Top Node.JS Development Company:

  • Node JS Development History
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)
  • Improved Customer Relationships
  • Customer Retention Rate
  • Terms of Payment
  • Support and maintenance at 100%

Top 10 Node.js Web Development Firms in India

Capital Numbers Infotech

Capital Numbers Infotech

Capital Numbers is a digital production outsourcing firm based in Kolkata, India, with offices in Beerwah, Australia, Dover, Delaware, and the United Kingdom. The company, created in 2012, employs almost 300 employees and specializes in web development, custom software development, mobile application development, and e-commerce development.

They mostly serve mid-market enterprises but also give services to enterprises and small businesses. In addition, they support enterprises in a variety of industries, including advertising & marketing, business services, and financial services.

Services provided by Capital Numbers:

They provide WordPress development and website design. In addition, the customer desired to incorporate the Capital Numbers team into their internal operations; Capital Numbers was required to learn the client’s processes during the relationship. Capital Numbers’ services, the client noted, have increased their productivity and efficiency.

Website: https://www.capitalnumbers.com/

Address: Mani-Casadona IT Building, East Tower, Unit No 8E4, 8th floor Plot #2 F/4, Action Area I, #2 F, Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal 700156

Phone: 033 6799 2222

Email: [email protected]

Enuke Software

enukesoftware-Node.JS Development Companies in India

Known for: Trusted ReactJS & NodeJS Application Developers

Enuke is a leading and top Node.js developer, specializing in providing comprehensive development solutions centered on business agility. Node.js is the most agile and rapid business solution available, with multiple functional streams. Enuke is well-known for its distinctiveness due to its utilization of advanced JavaScript and native machine code.

NodeJs is extremely safe when designing event-driven solutions and integrates the programming language into a single one. Enuke’s experts focused on developing a real-time, cost-effective Node JS module-based application for tackling massive data spikes. Experts encouraged the proliferation of projects and developed flexible and robust solutions. NodeJS development specialists have additional abilities and skills in the sector, enabling them to design an end-to-end business solution.

Enuke Software Provides the Following Services:

  • AngularJS, NodeJS API, MimeJS, and ReactJS Developers on Hire

Website: https://www.enukesoftware.com/

Address: Building 339, Pavillion, 2, Mehrauli Rd, near Mango Blossom Hotel, Anamika Enclave, Gurugram, Haryana 122007

Phone: 099584 90489

Email: [email protected]

iGlobsyn Technologies

iglobsyn technologies-Node.JS Development Companies in India

Known for: Custom NodeJS Web Application Development Services

Suppose you’re seeking an expert business with experience in node.js mobile application development. In that case, iGlobsyn is here to meet your need with the support of a professional firm, and it can manage the development process that may occur as a result of evaluating multiple nodes in one location. This includes the most advanced guidelines results and JS, making it possible to create union electronic applications without difficulty.

Furthermore, this is the only corporation capable of positioning developments that may occur in various businesses in order to meet the requirements.

The units are evolving and achieving an optimal outcome for handling massive amounts of solicitations from the IO-driven process. Clearly, the specialists possess the capability, which has resulted in iGlobsyn being positioned as the top solution in India.

iGlobsyn’s Services:

  • They provide Technologies based on Node.JS, web application development, shopping cart development, real-time statistics, eCommerce development, and NodeJS plugin development.

Website: https://www.iglobsyn.com/

Address: Animesh Building, 203, Chimanlal Girdharlal Rd, above Cargo Ford Showroom, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380006

Phone: 090339 21920

Email: [email protected]

Rize Technology Corporation

Rize Technology Corporation-Node.JS Development Companies in India

Known for: Building ReactJS Android & iOS Application

Rize is a well-known NodeJS development business that has created a large number of new features and applications. Each of the projects is distinctive in its design and is built on the Full-stack and MEAN-stack JavaScript frameworks. Obtaining the most comprehensive solution entails utilizing different technologies to design high-end enterprise applications.

As the leading nodejs development firm, Rize uses high-end resilient applications to provide you with a comfortable solution while minimising development costs. Rize Corp. accelerates the development of projects significantly by the effective and efficient usage of high-end reusable components. Teams are comprised of highly qualified individuals who exercise complete control over the project.

Rize Corp provides services in the following areas:

  • ReactJS backend, React Native Web App, Redux, Node.JS, MongoDB, RoR, LAMP, Python Web Developer, and.Net Technologies.

Website: http://www.rizecorp.com/

Address: 286/A, 4th Floor, Srimahan Heights, Road No. 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034

Angular Minds

angular minds-Node.JS Development Companies in India

Known for: Building High-quality Angular & NodeJS Apps

Angular Minds is the top Node JS development company in India that maintains a consistent performance level. This contains a variety of applications to ensure that it can capture the public’s attention when expecting a variety of things from experts. They are simple to alter and maintain security for multiple node access.

This is precisely how it is considered to develop based on widespread application. This contains the highest standards of results and JS, which enables the seamless integration of web-based applications. The units are being developed further in order to determine the optimal approach for handling a large number of requests from the IO-driven process. With the assistance of a professional firm, it is able to manage the development process that may occur when multiple nodes are considered in one location.

Angular Minds provides services such as:

  • Node JS API, Ajax & plug-ins, and UI/UX design for web/mobile applications. Employ specialised Node JS developers and create a scalable Node JS application.

Website: https://www.angularminds.com/

Address: 5th Floor, Sai Shilp Business Centre Sr. No. 79, Balewadi Phata, Baner Rd, Lalit Estate, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045

Phone: 098346 25788

Email: [email protected]

Softweb Solutions Inc

Softweb Solutions Inc-Node.JS Development Companies in India

Known for: Customized Node.js App & Web Solutions

Softweb Solutions is a one-of-a-kind Node.js web application development company that specialises in developing custom web and mobile business apps. Expert node js web development companies have constructed a load-bearing architecture that is primarily designed for the purpose of readily ensuring JavaScript Libraries and JavaScript.

Node.js is often regarded as the finest solution because of its efficiency and scalability. It would primarily provide you with all of the necessary components for constructing a data-intensive real-time application. The integrated NPM package manager primarily contains IoT modules that enable fast and resilient Internet of Things applications. The team of competent Node.js developers specialises in developing result-driven and innovative node.js applications.

Softweb Solutions Provides services such as:

  • NodeJS Customization, Web & Mobile Application Development, API & SDK Development, Node.JS Consulting, Node.JS UI/UX Design, and Node.js Developers.

Website: https://www.softwebsolutions.com/

Address: 5 & 6, Garden View Corporate House, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, GJ 380054

Phone: 079 4037 3760

Email: [email protected]


DigiFutura-Node.JS Development Companies in India

Known as: Best Node.JS Mobile App Development Services Provider

It is a standout amid other List of best Node js Development Companies in order to fully appreciate the benefits of node js development. DigiFutura is the leading Node JS development business, delivering remarkable results for servers with capacities. With the support of skilled developers, it is completing the most difficult tasks and is prepared to collaborate with an expert organisation to meet the requirements.

It comprises a large number of arrangements completed by the expert, and as a result, certain arrangements have been well-actualized. It should handle MongoDB, data stored in Jason’s organisation, and others. Clearly, the top Node JS development firm consistently begins with distinctive results and is prepared to create superior by utilising strong backend arrangements. It combines the completion of an assignment within a dash.

DigiFutura is known for providing:

  • Web & Mobile Application NodeJS, JavaScript Web Developer, IBM, Microsoft, & Intel-backed NodeJS, Web App UI/UX Development, Real-Time Chat Apps.

Website: https://www.digifutura.com/

Address: 56/3, 6th Floor, Vakil Square, Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029

Phone: 090084 55380

Email:[email protected]

Cognitiveclouds Software Pvt. Ltd

Cognitiveclouds-Node.JS Development Companies in India

Known as: Award-Winning Node.JS Development Company

If you’re seeking a professional business to handle Node JS development, Cognitive Clouds is here to help. This is a top corporation that can rank the developments that may occur in various businesses in order to meet the needs. Of course, experts possess the capability, which is why Cognitive clouds were ranked as the top option in India.

It is one of the best Node JS development firms that specialise in providing excellent node js development services. With the assistance of an expert, developers can complete the most difficult jobs operating on a professional level to meet the criteria. It should manage MongoDB, as well as data stored in the Jason form. Moreover; it encompasses task completion within a sprint.

Services Provided by Cognitiveclouds:

  • They provide services based on Node JS, REST API, MongoDB, Javascript, and a Consuming Firm.

Website: https://www.cognitiveclouds.com/

Address: 3rd Main Rd, KSRTC Layout, Chikkalasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560061

Phone: 080 4162 0784

Tech UZ

Techuz InfoWeb-Node.JS Development Companies in India

Known for: Top Node JS Developers

Tech US is a leading Node JS development firm that provides an exceptional solution for server-side tasks. It encompasses a variety of solutions implemented by professionals, and so certain solutions have been applied effectively. Naturally, the best Node JS development business will always demonstrate diverse results and the ability to build high performance through the use of powerful backend solutions.

This discussion takes place within a driven architecture, and a team of professionals is on hand to help the customer identify the optimal solution. This is required for gaining access to node.js web app development experts who have extensive expertise in designing and delivering projects. Attract the attention of expert developers who have a wealth of experience developing Node JS applications.

Tech UZ Provides Node JS Services such as:

  • Web & Socket.io Application Development and Real-Time Applications. Hire Dedicated Node.js Developers, Sail.js & LoopBack, Chat Application Development, Data Streaming, APIs & SDK Development, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, ReactJS Single Page Apps, Progressive Web Apps, React Router v4.0, Redux, & AWS Cloud.

Website: https://www.techuz.com/

Address: 1014-1020, 10th Floor, i-Square Corporate Park Nr. Shukan Mall, Science City Rd, Sola, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380060

Phone: 095125 59090

Email:[email protected]

Ezeelive Technologies

Ezeelive Technologies-Node.JS Development Companies in India

Known as: Top-notch Node.JS Web Application Solutions Provider

Ezeelive is the top node.js web application development company in India, and it should maintain a certain degree of execution until the end of time. This is a meeting with a predetermined design, and a group of professionals is prepared to assist the customer in determining the proper layout. This incorporates shifted applications in order to generate interest in anticipating numerous things from the experts.

This is critical for achieving success with node.js web application development, as it requires extensive experience to plan and execute activities. They are simple to modify and maintain security for accessing diverse node.js portable application development on applications. This is actually regarded to develop in direct proportion to the magnitude of the application. Keep a watch out for the skilled developers that are always gaining amazing experience with Node JS.

Ezeelive’s Services Include:

  • Node.js Development, Real-Time Web Apps, Node Package Manager, NodeJS API & SDK Integration/Development, and Hiring Dedicated Java Developers.

Website: https://ezeelive.com/

Address:B-104, Business Point, Pali Ram Road Off S.V. Road, Beside B.M.C. Office, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400058

Phone: 098221 17730

Email: [email protected]


Apart from that, Top Node JS development companies have employed a Dedicated Node JS Developer. When it comes to locating the best Node JS development companies, we may run into several obstacles. First, you must deal with broad business techniques by implementing core ideas about how to work on a larger system. Each and every business must be assured one along these lines, capable of delivering a beneficial outcome for everyone.

Technical repercussions are appropriate for achieving greater development success using Node JS. It produces selective results and is prepared to take the lead in the exploration. It cannot be relied upon to convey deceptive development approaches; rather, it guarantees a 100% secure arrangement through expert assistance. The standard timeframe for arranging with Offshore NodeJS Programmers is constantly constrained by charges and time constraints.

It is necessary to work with the larger system, and as a result, time considerations are limited compared to others.

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