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Where to Hire Node.Js Developers?

Node JS
Written by Ratnesh

A Node.js developer is a website application designer responsible for writing server-side website app logic in JavaScript. In other words, Node.js developers are responsible for developing backend components that will connect all used web services. Node.js developers work together with front-end developers by supporting them to integrate their work with the Node.js app.

To hire node.js developers, it is essential to test that they are pretty familiar with all the responsibilities listed above. To avoid wasting time looking for the right developer, here are some compiled mediums and ways to help engage and hire an excellent node.js developer.

When you type into Google “node.js developer for hire” the search results come up with a dozen of the common sites like Freelancing sites, e.g., Upwork, freelancer e.t.c, Webinars, conferences, and events, Social Media, Job portals for software products, and Internship companies. In places like this, the fastest and cheapest developer gets the job, but this not consistently good most times because you are left with worries on how to know if the person showing interest is perfect for the job or not.

The best is to go for a developer that performs well after the series of tests, interviews, and various other screenings by professionals. This, in turn, saves time, energy, and funds.

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Top 4 places where you can hire Node.js developers

Toptal – Hire Freelance Talent from the Top 3%

Toptal only hires the top three percent of freelance talent, which means the recommendations are just the top three percent of node.js developers. It is how Toptal works. You first make a deposit of five hundred dollars, which is your credit to the first invoice. You then go through your trial period, where you may test two developers for free. If these developers do not deliver what you want, your money is then refunded. To qualify to work for Toptal, go through a series of tests you must pass. Commissions from Toptal are pretty high, and most of the node.js developers work remotely, while just a few work on-site.

Scalable path -Premium Talent On-Demand

The scalable path only gives 20 hours of a free trial only. The screening process, just like others, is relatively rigid, but the necessary filters are added to the system, and only the best of the best are hired. The screening process includes phone interviews and conversation, coding sessions with any assigned clients, testing, and technical interviews to know the technical capabilities of such a person. Developers charge between forty to sixty-five dollars per hour, and interaction between clients and developers is fore installed via a project leader responsible for helping clients to choose the right candidate.


It is the best platform to hire node.js developers that are readily available for full-time jobs, and all developers work remotely. Clients are usually offered about four to five developers. Crossover hires its developers through a rigorous process and series of exams that ensure that only the best are chosen.

A software development company

If you are not ready to take care of all management tasks and don’t have many interview and screening skills, it’s worth trusting the company’s task with a proven track record. The price per talent will depend on the country and skill level.

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Last, after hiring a node.js developer, there are some things you should have at the back of your mind as they are pretty essential, and this will ensure a smooth transaction between both employer and employer till the job is delivered.

Ensure you create creative and inclusive, and well-explained details of what you need to be done and what you want to achieve from the task or website application that is about to be designed.

Pen down the general and technical specifications that perfectly describe how you want the application to work from the user’s angle, e.g., screens, menus, dialogues, data format e.t.c

Agree on a time frame and don’t be reluctant to make changes when needed.

Test the developer’s knowledge beforehand in any way suitable to you. Asking for past jobs from the designer won’t be a bad idea too.

If you can afford to contract a lawyer’s service, the employer and the employee can sign a contract that a lawyer fully approves.

Agree on the form of payment, whether hourly or daily, monthly, etc.

Hope this helps to hire Node.js developers for your project.

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