How to Make Money with your Personal Blog in 2021

Ways to Make Money with Blogging
Written by Ratnesh

In today’s times, everyone wants to make money by hook or by crook. Money is one thing that has become more than a necessity. It has become the way of life. Every day, people are always on the lookout for making money because it has become challenging to do so, especially in present times.

Back in time, people did not face such difficulties while trying to make money, but now, it has become hard to earn money as times have changed. One such thing trending in today’s times is money-making with the help of blogs. People think that it is easy to make money through the blog, and consequently, they also come up with the blog. Creating a blog is relatively easy but using it and bringing it into practice to earn money for you is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Some already have a running blog but are exploring the different ways to monetize it. Some people have a hobby blog, while others may have a business blog. It doesn’t matter which blog you have or in which group you are; making money with a blog is what people desire and seek.

It is possible to earn money with it, no matter which blog it is. Even if you started making money with it, it would not make you rich overnight. It is not something you understand to be a quick rich deal. But if you practice it right, you can make enough money out of it to support your family and other persons in your life. Let’s understand how you can use the blog to your advantage and earn money through it and money making apps at the same time.

Beginners – Ways to Make Money with Blogging

Use advertisements adsense,

One of the main ways to earn money through the blog is by placing the ads. Mainly, there are two types of ads:

CPC/PPC ads cost per click is the advertisements that people usually place in their content and sidebar. And every time someone clicks on it, you are paid for it.

CPM ads– Next, we have CPM ads. It is based on how many people view your ad, and in return, you are paid for it. Also, in this, you can be sure of the fixed amount of income.

Most people use the google Adsense network for placing these types of advertisements. The program does not demand you to be in direct contact with the advertisers. Here, you need to place the banner on the site. Accordingly, google chooses the relevant ads in accordance with your content.

As a result, your viewers click on these ads upon viewing, and you get paid for them. There are chances that sometimes, this network might not work for you. In this case, you can resort to other similar networks like infolinks and

Selling of ads

When it comes to selling ads, working with advertising networks isn’t the only available option for you. If your blog catches enough traffic, advertisers will reach you and want you to place their ads. If it is the other way, then you can approach the advertisers. In case there are no middlemen involved in this, you can fix your ad rates.

You can sell almost any ads be it some banner, links, or buttons. Another way to earn money is through the sponsored posts. Here, you can write about some product or give an honest review about it in the standings. Besides this, you can also opt for the underwritten post or series. You can write about any topic on it and accordingly the advertiser pays you.

There are different ways to earn money with it. You can even charge money for a link within the post. On the other hand, if you are hosting banner ads, you can set monthly for it.

Use affiliate links

Another great way to turn your blog into a money-making machine for you is through using affiliate marketing. But for this, you need to stay updated on how to use affiliate marketing and its works. For this, you need to look for an advertiser interested in selling a product at your site. In return, she will pay you commission for this, but only if the buyer is from your site. Then she will be providing you with a unique link that will be tracking your affiliate code. This way, she will come to know when the buyer used your link to purchase from the site.

Next, you have to include that link to your site. This can be done in the content and banner ads. If some person clicks on it and makes a purchase, then you will earn money for it. As far as the network is concerned, you can build your private partnerships, but they should have an affiliate program.

Selling digital products

Selling digital products is another way of earning money through the blog. Many people do not like to advertise other people’s products. Such people can think of selling digital products to make money. Digital products include items like ebooks, images, videos, online courses and workshops, and lastly, apps, themes, and plugins.

But there’s a condition for using this. You have to make sure that it is relevant and valuable to your readers to earn money. Many bloggers commit mistakes here, thinking it to be beneficial to their readers, but it doesn’t turn out to be, and they end up losing money. For ensuring that you are going on the right track, listen to your readers and then create a digital product meeting their needs.

Content marketing tool

You can also make money by selling physical products on your blog and make money out of it. But there’s another way also. You can also think of your blog as a content marketing tool driving many visitors to your website. Whenever it comes to developing a business blog, there are endless possibilities. For instance, you can sell handmade products, manufactured products, books, and many more things. On the other hand, you can decide to make a blog to convert it into loyal customers and consequently earn money.

For instance, imagine that it is a smartphone. You can make a blog for the same and attract visitors to your site. On your blog, you can write on topics like DIY refurbishing. It will help you build a brand and gain recognition which will help sell your phone. Besides this, you can also use the blogging concept for creating brand awareness.

Apart from the options mentioned above, exchanging memberships is another excellent way of bringing home money by selling memberships via your blog. Usually, career blogs charge $10 per month to access their site to view the available jobs.

If you have your business blog running successfully, then you can sell memberships to their forums where people can get personalized advice concerning their business. The main point is that your exclusive membership has got to be more significant and high in value than the others.

Build your credibility

You can create money-making opportunities for yourself by building credibility with your blog. Suppose someone has a finance blog.

You become a renowned figure in the entire industry when your blog becomes popular. Consequently, upon witnessing the popularity, people might approach you to co-author a book on debt management. Else, you can charge money from the people for speaking at the conferences.

No doubt, it is not direct money blogging, but it does help you to earn a handsome amount of money. Many bloggers have an excellent experience using this idea.

Putting your site at the top and letting it sit there will be of no use as it won’t help you earn money. You need to put in your time and hard work if you want to make money. It may be possible that you might not see any income coming out of it for the first few months but have patience as it might take some time to show you the results.

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Tips for blogging

Before you start using blogging to earn money, you should be aware of specific tips for blogging. Have a look at some pieces of advice for you to start and create your blog:

Quality content If people do not find your blog exciting and do not even care to read it, it is of no use. It is a mere wastage of time. Moreover, it will not bring money for you. As a blogger, you must be clear that here it is your readers who get you the money most of the time. As a result, you should always put your readers first as you earn money through them only.

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Do not spend much time- Along with building a blog, you also build relationships, and a blogger has relationships with sponsors, other bloggers, or sometimes even with affiliate partners. All these will bring direct traffic to your blog. Also, make out some time for your forums and other blogs to further enhance the relationships.

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Always experiment- Finally Yet Importantly never be afraid of experimenting with your blog and the things associated with it. This way, you will come to know what works best for you and your readers. You can use money-making apps for the same and experiment with those to gain an edge over your competitors.

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We have mentioned almost all of the ways you can use your blog to earn money. Learn about all these and decide accordingly what works best for you.

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