15 Best Internet Technology Bloggers you need to follow

Indian Tech Bloggers
Written by Micah Phillips

Are you someone who is passionate about the latest Internet Technology? Are you a tech lover? Is your past search filled with technology-based blogs and articles? If yes, then you’ve clicked the right place to get informed about some of the best dominant technology bloggers leading the market.

In this particular blog, I have tried to gather a well-curated list of influencers who are at the forefront of social media and technology. Whom you should follow if you didn’t yet follow till date. These influential technology bloggers are selected based on their niche of blogging and web ranking. So, without much delay, let’s start our reading.

Top Indian Tech Bloggers to Follow[Influencers]

The iconic CEO, YourStory – Shradha Sharma

Shradha Sharma, the Founder of YourStory, is the only female blogger who has put her name in the topmost technology bloggers of India. She has been featured as one of the five women entrepreneurs by TechGig, showcasing an example for other women. Before YourStory, she served at The Times of India holding the brand adviser position, and later joined CNBC TV18 as assistant vice president.

The globally recognized website is a digital media platform for startups and entrepreneurs started in 2008. It is a leading Internet startup house dedicated to bringing untold entrepreneurship stories, content, tools, and research reports to the public. Readers are inspired by founders, investors, innovators, politicians, success stories, and change-makers. She is one of India’s top tech influencers due to her experience and ability to predict trends. Sharma was born in Bihar, India

Owner yourstory – Shradha Sharma

Founded Year – 2008

Categories –  Entrepreneurship, Business Guidelines, Technology

Income Source – Ads, Affiliate

DA (Domain Authority) – 80/100

Languages: 12 Indian languages

Stories: 60,000 stories

Awards and achievements: 2015 – Listed amongst 500 LinkedIn Influencers across the world

Owler Est. Annual Revenue: $3.4M

The technical Youtuber and Blogger – Abhijeet Mukherjee

Founder and CEO of Guiding Media, Abhijeet Mukherjee started GuidingTech, a top-notch tech content objective blog site in India that explains and teaches tech­nol­o­gy, solves tech problems and help its reader not only decide on buying the right gadget but also teach how to use it like a pro. It publishes in-depth articles, explainers, lists and provides better insights on all consumer tech topics.

Not only limited to blogging, Abhijeet likewise has two YouTube channels namely GuidingTech and GT Hindi. Regularly posting cool, useful videos has made him a popular YouTuber among the youngsters. He’s unquestionably one of the numerous compelling innovation bloggers that ought to be on your radar.

Founded: 2010

Content Type: in-depth guides, how-tos, lists, explainers and tips

The geek of Labnol – Amit Agarwal

Starting the journey of a tech blogger in 2004, Amit Agarwal is a web geek who embodies enthusiasm in innovation and is recognized as the first Professional Technology blogger within a short span of time. An IIT alumnus who loves making things on the internet, left his corporate job at Goldman Sachs, became a solo entrepreneur, and established Labnol, a tech blog that centers around How-to-Guides around mobile apps and gives answers for issues identified with innovation. This site will tour you through software tools and web technologies.

He was recently awarded the Google Developer Expert title for GSuite and Google Apps Script by Google. Not only is he an expert blogger, but also a social worker who runs the India Blog School, a nonprofit organization that intends to expand the publishing content to a blog culture in India. He is certainly one of the top innovation influencers in India today.

Owner – Amit Agrawal

Founded Year – 2004

Categories – Tech Guides, How-to Guide

Income Source – Adsense, Blog Ads

DA (Domain Authority) – 84/100

SEO Guru, Blogger Tips Tricks – Ankit Kumar Singla

A full-time blogger, a digital entrepreneur, an SEO master, innovation influencer, and low-maintenance website specialist for 11 years, Ankit Kumar Singla is one of the most youthful expert bloggers. His main aim is to help others with tips and tricks to earn a full-time income from their respective blogs. His blog for the most part contains specialized tips and deceives for other innovation bloggers to peruse and follow.

If you are looking for an easy way to grow your blog, want to get rich quickly, and turn your blog into a traffic machine, then this site is the best one for you. This blog is claimed and advertised by the SEO Guru himself. A run to an asset for all effective bloggers out there; his tool recommendation blog entries are very valuable and generally shared.

Owner – Ankit Singla (masterblogging)

Founded Year – 2009

Categories – Technology, Blogging, Affiliate marketing, SEO

Income Source –  Affiliate marketing, Selling courses, Private mentorship

Revenue: six-figure business(Estimate)

The problem solver, GeeksForGeeks – Sandeep Jain

The author Sandeep Jain is an alumnus from IIT Roorkee and the creator of GeeksforGeeks. One of his leisure activities is to take care of the issues that accompany programming effectively. Previously, he had worked with DE Shaw and Co. as a product engineer and furthermore at JIIT Noida as an associate teacher.

His blog site is an incredible entryway for questions identified with software engineering and specialized articles, giving useful, exhaustive, and very much clarified answers for an assortment of select inquiries identified with programming. He is energetic about tackling issues identified with programming frameworks, calculations, and algorithms. He is outstanding among other tech influencers in his area with extraordinary experiences.

If you are a data science enthusiast and would love to explore the world of Machine Learning and its algorithm, then this platform is the best choice for you where you can expand your knowledge endlessly, and can grab your dream job. Some of the best article topics include Machine Learning, Dimensionality Reduction, Logistic Regression in R, Supervised Learning, Mathematical Algorithms, and a lot more.

Revenue: $ 6,725,901 USD(Estimate)

Founded: 2009

Self-proclaimed geek of SaveDelete – Jashpal Singh

In 2009, Jashpal established Savedelete which is a blog on topics like gaming, lifestyle, technology, blogging, health and fitness, WordPress, marketing, best and top lists, and much more to add. He is originally from Jaipur and is an expert blogger. Aside from the essential web tips, he additionally shares guidance on what programming is commendable and what isn’t.

Subsequently, after finishing his mechanical engineering, he enhanced his abilities in planning and coding. He says that he is a self-announced nerd and he is keen on PCs and the web. His blog has all the data on different specialized specialties like mobiles, web, photography and the reader can easily get refreshed with the most recent news in innovation. His site comprises different specialties also, that you can look at for seriously fascinating data.

Revenue: $4 Million(Estimate)

Founded: 2009

The brain behind TechPP – Raju PP

An Electronic and communication Engineer, Raju PP believed that quality will score over quantity and so shifted from Bangalore leaving behind his job as a Technical Specialist at Infosys. Rather he fulfilled his dream by contributing to a blog in 2008. He is the originator of TechPP, one of India’s top tech which turned out to be the top technology blog on the web focussing on customer and personal tech. TechPP is recorded among the top web business people, making Raju PP perhaps the most powerful innovation blogger in India.

This blog aims to make the existence of their pursuers more straightforward and simpler with the assistance of innovation arrangements. TechPP has gone through bunches of changes since its commencement and has filled enormously in the previous few years to become what it is gaining today.

Owner – Raju PP

Founded Year – 2008

Categories – Technology Solutions

Income Source – Adsense, Direct Ads

DA (Domain Authority) – 82/100

The programming blog, 9Lessons – Srinivas Tamada

9Lessons is an unquestionable mandatory-to-follow blog for anybody who is energetic about programming. This tech online journal has its special contribution in the market covering practically all parts of programming.

The Entrepreneur, Blogger, Thinker & UI Architect, Srinivas is especially known for his extensive instructional exercises on different parts of programming frameworks, web planning, and web-based coding be it CSS, Ajax, Jquery, and so forth Blogger and business visionary. Mr. Tamada is a self-trained software engineer and is a famous innovation blogger in India who designed WallScript, an informal communication administration fabricated utilizing PHP, JQuery, REStful, Oembed, PDO, and OAuth understanding the organization better.

Owner –  Srinivas Tamada

Founded Year – 2008

Categories – Technology, Programming, Web technologies

Income Source – Adsense, Direct Ads

DA (Domain Authority) – 70/100

Monthly Earnings: $25,000 or 18 Lakhs Rupees (approx.)

An accidental blogger, ShoutMeLoud – Harsh Agrawal

Launched in the year 2008 with nearly 1 million endorsers, ShoutMeLoud is predominantly for bloggers who are looking for advancement in innovation, SEO, and world-changing plan making an effect on the organizations. The journey started out of a passion to help individuals grow their career is currently a setup vocation for Harsh Agrawal, the author of ShoutMeLoud.

He is an engineer by education, ex-Accenture employee, and an innovation influencer and blogger by profession. The blog provides a platform to learn, and grow as a blogger or digital marketer with a community of enthusiastic Individuals known as “Shouter”. It shares bits of knowledge, news, tips, instruments, and strategies for new bloggers to improve content showcasing and corporate narrating.

Owner – Harsh Agrawal

Founded Year – 2008

Categories –  Digital Marketing, Blogging, SEO

Income Source – -Affiliate, Adsense, Direct Ads, Blogging & SEO Consulting

DA (Domain Authority) – 70/100

Revenue: $40055/M(Estimate)

Chandoo – Chandoo

Chandoo is the author of Chandoo blog site who aims to make his readers awesome in Excel and Power BI. He has named his blog after his own name. His complete name is Purna Digital and it’s his moniker that he utilizes as his area name. He has finished his post-graduation from IIM Indore and furthermore received a degree in software engineering from Andhra University. Information Analytics and perception are the fields that he is generally energetic about.

As per him, contributing to a blog is his method of sharing data and showing new things. Chandoo is such a site that will provide enough Excel & Power BI tutorials, examples, tips, videos, and articles to make you an Excel expert without following the traditional path of learning. In 2009, he was granted Microsoft’s most important expert for his astounding work of teaching individuals about Microsoft Excel.

Owner –Purna Duggirala nick name Chandoo

Founded Year – 2004

Categories – Microsoft Excel

Income Source – -Affiliate, Adsense, Direct Ads

DA (Domain Authority) – 70/100

Revenue: $40055/M(Estimate)

Android Advices – Amit Bhawani

Amit Bhawani, the front-end and back-end developer of the blog site Android Advices, basically originated from the city of Hyderabad. Aside from Android Advices, he additionally handles forty other tech web journals and covers product launch events. You can get a ton of data on various Android gadgets from well-known brands from all around the world.

Android Advices is a blog that covers news, instructional exercises and bit by bit firmware establishments on the Android-related mobiles and tablets. Not just this you additionally get a point-by-point survey and portrayal of the most recent mobiles that come in the market with particulars.

Owner – Amit Bhawani

Founded Year – 2005

Categories – Technology, Mobile reviews, Smartphone  Insider news

Income Source – Adsense, Direct Ads, Affiliate products, Brand collaborations, Sponsored posts, PhoneRadar, Android Advices & Gizmo Report

DA (Domain Authority) – 78/100

Revenue: Rs15,00,000month(Estimate)

Make a better presentation, Indezine – Geetesh Bajaj

Founded in the year 2000 by Geetesh Bajaj, Indezine is a PowerPoint centered studio and substance improvement association that spends significant time in introductions, layouts, narrating, and plan for Microsoft Powerpoint and another introduction programming. Geetesh, an innovation influencer originating from India, is a granted Microsoft PowerPoint MVP. He has been planning and preparing with PowerPoint for over twenty years. The main mission is to improve clients’ introduction slides by adding theoretical and slide components like consistency, illustrations, and so on.

A blog exclusively committed to Microsoft PowerPoint hacks and utilities; this man recognizes his specialty very well. One can easily find all types of concepts, tutorials, articles, reviews, and presentation templates for Microsoft PowerPoint and other presentation software on this platform on one screen.

Founded: 2009

Categories: PowerPoint presentations, presentation software

Mastering the basics and beyond, TechLila – Rajesh Namase

Founded in February, 2021, the most innovative blog where you can discover ingenious articles for dominating the essentials and past. At TechLila, the main objective is to give extraordinary data, like quality tips and deceives, instructional exercises, how-to guides on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android, iPhone, Security, and a couple of different sub-points like audits. He wandered into writing for a blog utilizing an individual area name i.e.’ but later transformed it into an expert website, following a couple of ideas. is the current registered name. With a group of six individuals dealing with this blog; it is unquestionably among the top tech sites in India. In this span of seven years, the team has attempted to make TechLila as helpful as could be expected.

Owner – Rajesh Namase

Founded Year – 2012

Categories – Technology, reviews

Income Source – Adsense, Direct Ads, Affiliate products, Brand collaborations, Sponsored posts

DA (Domain Authority) – 70/100

Revenue: Rs15,00,000month(Estimate)

Nextbigwhat, build.grow.repeat. – Ashish Sinha

The multi-talented Ashish Sinha has received his education from the prestigious IIT Roorkee and IIM Bangalore. He had worked beforehand with organizations like Yahoo, IBM, and i2 Technology but his main focus was on product management. His adoration for innovation had prompted the advancement of NextBigWhat, a standout amongst other tech web journals supporting Indian new companies and organizations and furthermore reports on each innovation under the sun. From news to surveys, tips to stunts, hacks to refreshes, this tech blog has everything, making him one of the must-follow and among the best tech influencers in India. The blog likewise covers the most recent updates from the portable and other online enterprises.

Owner – Ashish Sinha

Founded Year – 2009

Categories – Technology, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Products

Income Source – Adsense,Collaborations, Consultation, Events

DA (Domain Authority) – 70/100

Revenue: $18,000(Estimate)

AllTechBuzz for More Engaging Content – Imran Uddin

Imran began contributing to a blog just to pen his contemplations on various points. He comes from a working-class family foundation and soon after finishing his graduation he began working for an MNC. Be that as it may, for reasons unknown, he didn’t appear to get settled with his way of life. Nonetheless, in the year 2011, Imran Uddin established Alltech Buzz.

He composes on the most recent buyer innovation leap forward, purchaser gadgets, and versatile advances featuring tech and human communication consistently. A business person by calling, he possesses All Tech Media Pvt. Ltd, which offers well-research news, tips, tutorial about Web Development, Blogging, and other SEO-related administrations. It’s thrilling and enjoyable to bring in cash online by accomplishing something you love and this site will really help you in this aspect. He really characterizes as a standout amongst other tech influencers in India ought to resemble.

Owner – Imran Uddin

Founded Year – 2011

Categories – Technology, Current Technology Updates,  Gadgets Reviews

Income Source – Adsense, Direct Ads

DA (Domain Authority) – 52/100

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