Impact of Internet On Society: A Global Perspective

Written by Ratnesh

The Internet has bought several changes in society. Everything has become a piece of cake since the arrival of the Internet. The Internet is not a newly invented technology. It was first in use since 1969, but in the 1990’s it was released from the control of the U.S department of commerce. Since then, the Internet has become a significant part of our daily life…

In earlier times, nobody would have imagined that one day, with just some clicks on mobile phones or desktop, you will complete your transactions, get shown the directions to your desired destination, and let you order food at home. Also, at times like these, you can make the internet easy and safe for yourself by logging into IP addresses like and configuring it for optimal use..

The internet also provides loads of essential information from all around the world, lets you play several games, build interpersonal relationships through social media platforms, and connect with people living miles away from you.

Sending letters has disappeared since then. Instead of sending letters, people preferred to send mails as it is quick to send and receive. However, after the technology was developed to some more extent, social media websites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others were invented, which let the people interact with one another easily. Chatting and video calling enabled users to communicate with one another very quickly.

People who are far apart can easily communicate with each other through video calling. Companies are also conducting interviews through Skype.

Through the Internet, by merely sitting at home, we can perform many tasks such as online shopping, money transfer, bill payments, groceries, food orders, ticket booking, watch news updates, watch live shows, and more. We can also find a lot of information through the Internet, which is primarily useful for students, as they can get a lot of information for their project works, or regarding their academics.

It is also a boon for job seekers, as the Internet is the best platform to seek jobs that are apt to them. By simply sitting at home, one can earn money throuInternetnet. Nowadays, making money through the Internet has become typical, and many people are utilizing it.

During these pandemic days, the use of the Internet has increased rapidly due to many reasons. People get bored at home, which makes them turn to the Internet for entertainment. Some people learn cooking, and some learn dancing by watching dance tutorials, as it is impossible to learn dance in a dance academy due to lockdowns and quarantine.

Some learn playing instruments, some learn to code, some learn handicrafts, and there are many such other things which can be found through the Internet, which one can learn. Schools and colleges are conducting online classes through the Internet, as well.

The education system has also seen improvements and evolvements in the past few years. It has expanded rapidly over the Internet.

Online studies and various courses have let students increase their knowledge and capabilities through the means of the Internet if used productively. It can be said that the Internet has become the most crucial part of this pandemic. It helped us as both work and entertainment.

The evolution and transformation of the Internet over time have made people dependable on it for every kind of work they want to perform. Our society has transformed rapidly with this growth in technology. People are now addicted to the Internet, and it seems like life is now incomplete without it.

Ancient people would have never imagined if the invention of such a fantastic thing is possible, and now modern people will never be able to visualize their life without it.

The Question Is, Is The Internet Genuinely Amazing?

The Internet has created both negative and positive impacts on society. Talking about its positive aspects, it has made work much more comfortable and exciting to perform. People have lessened their burdens and can perform maximum tasks while sitting at the ease of their home.

We have built up a mindset that the Internet is a Messiah for everyone who has a solution to all the problems.

Moving on to its negative aspects, it might become dangerous at times if misused. As told earlier, it can show us tons of information from all around the world. The moment we search for anything on the Internet, it instantly provides us with all the possible and relevant answers.

In the wake of this, the Internet can even provide answers to the morally or ethically wrong searches, which the young generation, especially teenagers, take advantage of.

One of the biggest reasons for the increasing number of cyber-crimes on the Internet today, which has spoiled young children, whether it is through social media or searching anything unethical over the Internet.

As every coin has two sides, the impact of the Internet also has two sides. Till now, we have discussed its positive side. But it has a negative side which means disadvantages. The major drawback is hacking. We all know that the Internet connects all computers, so hackers can scan millions of computers and can hack accounts to steal personal information.

Since the Internet is reaching a much broader landscape, traditional advertising such as newspaper and tv has faded away as digital advertising has been given preference because of which we always see many junk and spam mails in our mailbox.

The Internet also affects our focus and patience. For example, when we are searching for some information on a website, we get a lot of links regarding it. Our minds can get distracted because of so many options available.

At times, when we are reading or searching for relevant information, we might get a notification from social media apps. We quickly go to that notification, as it easily distracts us.

Another major disadvantage is depression, as many people tend to compare their life with others. Social media is a platform used to communicate with new people. These people are just temporary.

We end up losing real-life connections with our friends and family if we focus too much on our internet connections. Later, when that brief relationship in social media also fades away, one would go into depression due to loneliness and lack of relation.

The Internet also affects our health a lot. As we spend a lot of time on the Internet, we may end up sitting in only one position for hours. It leads to obesity and other health issues, and also hurts our eyes, especially for children, it impacts quickly.

A lot of people are addicted to shopping online, and they often do not think about whether the product they are purchasing is useful or not. Simply because they find the product appealing to their eyes, they buy a lot, which only ends with finding themselves in debts.

Most of the people who use social media are addicted to their mobiles. This leads to an unsuccessful life and pain for the parents. Another significant and bad thing on the Internet is pornography. Many youngsters, even children, have access to porn websites, which creates an adverse impact on their lives.

The Internet is for seeking good things, but sites like these make it look bad. Trolls and crime also became an addiction. Trolling someone and making them fun in social media or leaking someone’s information and posting it on websites has become a crime nowadays.

But Is The Internet Really At Fault?

No, it is not just the fault of our young generation who has spoiled the mindset by involving themselves in the wrong deeds. The Internet has an infinite number of good things to explore and increase knowledge that will surely help children to enhance their career opportunities.

To avoid these disadvantages, one should clean their outlooks first. One should take helpful tips while using the Internet, which can prevent health issues. Take some time off while browsing and surfing the Internet, change your postures, give a break to your body.

Have a good sleep, as it provides some rest to your eyes. Stop sharing and posting your personal information, like contact number or address on social media. Avoid chatting with strangers.

Get yourself in control while searching for a product. Do not trust anyone on social media easily. Assign yourself time separately to spend on social media, to study, and for your parents and friends.

Always keep checking for spam emails and delete them immediately, to protect your email. Do not open unknown links sent by strangers and anonymous users. Always maintaining our limits helps us to live a secure life on the Internet.

If used for the right purpose, the Internet is the most amazing thing, and if for once tried to use it with wrong intentions, it can be disastrous. It is not just only about searching the wrong things on the Internet.

There is more to it, which needs to be taken care of, to protect yourself from entering into any scam or unethical deeds.

Apart from this, the Internet has become an extensive global network for building interpersonal relationships, whether it is between two or more people, companies, businesses, or even different countries. It has widened its scope in the past few years and has become a top priority in our life.

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