Negative Effects of Technology on Culture

Negative Effects of Technology on Culture
Written by Ratnesh

Try to look from another lens and broaden your concept about technology usage. The constant stream of messages and visuals in the form of images and videos are immensely attractive features that are impossible to leave. From a smartphone, things are overwhelmingly handled the brain and make it impossible to focus on a task that is more substantial than just wasting time on video games and other tools. One thing that is essential to be noted here, such engagement leads to psychological disorders because we have no idea how much time we are putting in such activities. If someone is indulged for more than a few minutes with such things, it would be difficult to move you on without feeling compelled.

Moreover, smartphone devices are framed to fading ability to concentrate and think deeply. Else it would ultimately in result to bury your creativity. If you are using honor 8x which was launched under the banner of Huawei then it would again be in result of excessive use of a smartphone. The persistent buzz, ping or beep of your smartphone are the few items that can distract you from important tasks that are due on a fixed time.

A lot more can be explained in favor and against the usage of a smartphone but the point is somehow there is a need to make a balance. If not, there might be chances that we can detract from our main goal. For example, the use of smartphone gadgets among students at a university can be taken as a formal and informal tool for academic learning. A lot of studies are available that proves the better results and enriched capabilities due to mobility factor among students while on the other hand there is a bunch of scholars who strongly oppose and prove the excessive use of smartphone affects the academic performance of students.

It is the personal observation that at start everyone could be trapped in such appliances because of the interactivity factor. A time period is required to understand the actual purpose of usage of a device. All of the innovations are adopted by users without proper purpose in mind because a lot of functions are displayed in the list. Narrowing the working is a bit steady after formulating the things. If you could manage, instruments will work in your favor, if not then be ready for negative outcomes and horrible consequences.

Tech vs Traditional Stuff:

None can be dripped from the list because everyone has to move with the flow of time. We cannot say that innovations should be avoided rather make some way to use them in the right direction. Someone can use a camera phone all the time for selfies and others can use it for taking note’s images from fiend’ assignment. Better to find some sort of balance. For that read the working of a brand new tool and its outcomes.

Cultural values and factors related to that are also essential and strong connection that can never ever be omitted from our society. The point is innovations should have interacted with the local culture for better working in a progressive line. For example, smartphone and computer-operated items are much needed in current cultural and social environment to enhance the smart working so find a better way to adopt.

We are completely covered by different diverse kind of technological instruments such as:

• Robotics and machine learning tools

• Cyberspace frameworks

• Computer-generated Human behaviors

• Else gadgets like smartphones, software applications, internet devices, and cameras are some of the moves that are helpful for all of us.

Here we will discuss some of the dark sides of technological usage particular to smartphone and their negative effects on cultural interaction. Keep one thing in your mind that culture is basically a platform that is merged with different elements. Look at the historical perspective and you see the Asian Pacific region and Baltic region are two diverse kinds of cultural heritage. Similarly, in the case of European and American cultural perspectives are two unique but opposite entities. This shows that not only culture but factors including personality, values, and systems are attached to professional life.

Consequences of Smartphone usage on culture:

Coming back towards our main that is explicitly related to smartphone excessive usage and their negative impacts on individual’s lives and broader effects on social norms. Just as an example, at the time in your office, the use of a smartphone would slow your work, and interrupt those quiet moments that are so crucial to develop an important structure and task. It would be difficult to focus and make decisions with creativity and problem-solving angle. The other perspective should be to take a deep breath and let’s move things in a steady manner.

• Vulnerable Segment

The real-time problem that has been developed in our societies is the involvement of vulnerable segments with smartphone devices. You can’t convince your children to avoid excessive and unnecessary usage of a smartphone if you are using such gadgets all the time in front of them. They are always trying to copy their elders and in result lose their focus from important items.

• Social interaction

In the past, we are living in the age of darkness and after centuries of wait reached to a point where we are using some fast and smart means. Our way of working has been improved so much and we are able to complete our projects within few days. But the negative perspective is that we lost our connection from family traditions. We are sitting next to each other but busy with technological gadgets like smartphones. Our children in the past were smart in physical activities and sports but now they are mentally sharp but physically unfit.

Signs and symptoms of smartphone addiction:

Few are the things that would in result to reveal your usage of the smartphone. Let’s have a look at the point we are going to discuss and choose which one is for you.

• Always online with random stuff

Instead of ever being alone so that to manage our random thoughts, we’re now always online and connected all the time with random stuff. Is it really needed? Well, frankly I don’t think so as it bursts our attention with a surface type of knowledge. If you are using your smartphone in an excessive manner, then be ready for the negative consequences on your mental and physical health.

• Disrupt your sleep

Excessive smartphone usage can disrupt your sleep and there is no other debate at all. This thing would be a serious problem which would ultimately in result to impact on your overall mental health. It can hit your memory and ultimately shake your ability to think clearly and to make vibrant decisions. With all these symptoms it can reduce your cognitive and learning skills as well.

• Smartphone Companies motives

Yes, it is true that when you get a smartphone, its use at the start is high but with the time passage, it gets down with an older phone. That’s why mobile companies are trying to engage their regular customers with a new model with some gap. It can be done in the form of cutting down the prices of a phone with extra and smart features. We can see that mobile prices in Abu Dhabi is fluctuating in a random way because of the huge market and competitive environment.

Recently we all are invited at the launch of Honor 20 pro. Most of the people from all over the world come to the UAE and do with their businesses and also remain indulged with shopping stuff. All above the handling of a brand new model is hard to avoid.

Find a balance in life:

All up to you what you are doing and ultimately you will only be the person to face the consequences either positive or negative. If we talk about the usage of a smartphone, it’s hard to predict the frequency you check for updates or the number of messages you send or receive that indicates an addiction scale. Spending a lot of time connected to your phone only becomes a problem because eventually it leads to more anxiety and makes you weak in decision making. When you absorb so much of your time it causes you to neglect your face-to-face relationships, your work, school, hobbies, or other important things in your life.

We can only assume the things to find a balance so that to keep moving in the right direction that would lead to a positive slope. On a lighter note, we can measure the scale of the smartphone in a way you find yourself ignoring friends over lunch to read Facebook updates. Isn’t it so? It could be anyone you, me or they, who might be spending much more time on social sites that are completely unnecessary.

With conclusive remarks, Mobile phone is going to hit your real-time activities and cultural factors. Are you ready to find a balance? If you have read this article, for sure everyone would be. Well, I hope so!