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How the Best VPS Hosting Benefits Your Business

Written by Micah Phillips

After a certain stage, your business will require more features and flexibility than what you get from the shared hosting. You are not yet prepared for the dedicated server for many reasons such as its high costs and you do not require all the facilities and resources that come with it. An ideal solution for you is the VPS servers. The best VPS hosting provides you more resources than the shared hosting and gives you the control of a dedicated server hosting.


How is VPS different from the others:

Like with shared hosting, your website is put on a server that is shared among several other websites. The number of sites hosted in VPS is lesser. The expenses are split among the accounts which make shared hosting the cheapest option. Dedicated hosting is the most expensive as there is only one customer utilizing the entire server and they alone bear the server expenses.

Complete Control:

The best VPS hosting gives you the power to configure your server to suit your business and customize it with your own software applications that are not provided by the host. However, it is crucial for you to note that the applications you install do not consume more resources and slow down your website.

Dedicated Resources:

Although you share the server, the best VPS hosting offers your business dedicated resources. You will not share the resources with the other accounts on the server.  You are assured of total privacy as you are hosted on a secluded isolated environment You can draw more resources to meet any traffic surge and it will not affect the performance of the other websites sharing the server or vice versa.

Choice of Servers:

The best VPS hosting India is available on both Linux and Windows servers. You must opt for Windows VPS in case your website is built on the Microsoft technologies of MSSQL and ASP.NET. All the Windows plans are more expensive than the Linux as the Windows products are commercially sold and come with a license fee. Linux, on the other hand, is an open source UNIX based software and runs on the PHP and MySQL scripts.

The best VPS hosting provider will set up your server within minutes that allows you to get on with your business immediately.  They offer 24/7 customer support in case you have any queries. You are required to be technically equipped to manage and maintain the applications you install.

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