5 Crazy Engaging Tips for Online Conversion

Written by Micah Phillips

Hey All, yet another article for the online businesses and e-commerce guys. It is evident that everyone is online today. E-commerce business is soaring high and is thriving to make the online shopper experience satisfactory. Luckily the internet marketing these days is pretty fast and well-equipped with the latest technologies. But what if that one thing which the e-commerce business looking for – it is conversion and sales. To engage the visitors so closely on the website that they ultimately end up buying or using your service is the final goal. For this mature content and upgraded browser, an experience is needed or we can say highly recommended.

When we talk about conversions and sales for an online business security comes as a prudent element. People who come on a website, except a safe online experience where their data and other details which they put on the website should be highly protected, thus SSL certificates are necessary. SSL certificates are issued by certificate authority – CA that gives an awesome experience to the online user. And SSL certificates is one of the important factors for e-Commerce website due to which positive user experience, online conversions, sales and website’s traffic can be increased. There are many types of SSL certificates available and we’re now going to discuss most prominent EV SSL certificate and its advantages. As EV SSL is highly recommended for an e-commerce website.

Before we move ahead let’s see some of the advantages of EV SSL certificate:

When you have EV SSL, then you probably get handsome advantages over other validation types. Few of them are as follows:

Highest validation: EV SSL offers the highest validation as the certificate authority checks further business related documents as well business directory with call verification. Thus, EV offers supreme authenticity other than domain or business validation.

Green bar Attraction: Green bar is a superb advantage that EV SSL offers as it shows company name and short country code in the address bar. Customers feel secure when they see the green bar and believe that they are dealing with the right website.

Phishing protection: Phishing attacks are increasing in which an attacker does mimic a legitimate site and makes customers/visitors fool. EV SSL validates business and its associated documents then issue a certificate so there is no chance of fake authenticity.

Establish Business Identity: EV SSL establishes business identity over the web hence; customers easily put trust on your website. It will thus increase conversation rate in long run and it then converts into the profit of the business.

Increase Trust: Customers will implant their trust on your website when they feel that their sensitive information like login credentials or banking details are safe on your website.

In short, EV SSL certificate is considered to be the highest level of SSL certificate. It activates a padlock on the address bar of the URL that indicates the secure version of the website. EV SSL certificate offers a strong guarantee and is passed through global identity verification to offer the highest level of security to the online business.

EV and Conversion Rate Optimization:

In case you are familiar with the term conversion rate optimization then it is great news because this article will be focusing on how you can get good conversions with the help of effective conversion rate optimization. What does this term means?? Conversion rate optimization usually is termed as CRO in the online industry. It is the process where optimization of the website is executed to convert number of visitors into real buyers, eventually increasing sales. Additionally, this process also helps in increasing good amount of traffic on the website offering less bounce rate and page load errors. A conversion on the website happens when your visitors react to the goal of your website i.e. if you are completing a form or buying a product or sharing the content or signing up for an event or any other activity of downloading and etc. On the other hand, a website conversion rate is highly influenced by many other factors as well. Sometimes just a small twist can lead to noteworthy improvement in conversion rates.

Here we will try to give you some outstanding and brilliant tips on online sales conversion. Have a look:

  • Be the one who does the best competitive analysis and knows the target audience:

Competition analysis and a good keyword research are very important in order to reach out to the right audience and increase conversion rate. For this follow this tip very seriously as optimizing your website as per your target audience is a mandate. Define your potential audience, run a good competition analysis and build the website in the same notion. One mistake that many website owners do is that they try to sell everything to the all the customers irrespective of knowing whether they need it or not. Do not repeat this for your online business. Your research and analytics data will be based on customer’s study and your personal experience, and then only you can determine who will be the target audience. Here the most crucial part is that you should know to whom you are talking to and who will buy your product or service. The more you understand your competition more chances to increase your sales and better conversion rates. This tip is a must-have.

  • Your website should be web responsive and should have great navigation:

A website that talks to its customers in a friendly way and is responsive to them is highly appreciated. Hence, a web responsive website is much needed that allows the online store to automatically change the layout, design and other features that are required by the customers or audiences. These days apart from computer and desktops people are immensely using the smartphones and tablets thus a website should be web responsive that can open easily on any digital gadget to give the users a friendly experience. That means if your website is responsive, then you will not lose on potential customers. Just “jazz it up” make your website beautiful, give it a good navigation and make it visually appealing and engaging.

  • Create a Unique Value Proposition:

Your visitors will get attracted to your online store if they will find something unique and interesting. As they say “the X factor” or a “unique value proposition” is very important to trigger conversions. This USP will exactly tell you what the business is all about and what it delivers. It will also highlight the key benefits and selling points that make it unique from its competitors. You give something different to your visitors that set an example in the market making it the best among its competitors. This is something which your counterparts can not duplicate.

  • A good loading speed and consistency in security is the key:

When you are into an online business you need your website to be sturdy and well-developed. It is prudent to get a good design and sound navigation for your website as it will be easy for the customers to use. With this, the page load time is also a must have, imagine the visitor is on the website to buy your product and the web page is taking a toll on time to load. Here there are chances that he or she might turn back or bounce to another website. This loss we are sure you don’t want to afford. Therefore, your page load time should be below the bearable notice threshold—which is ideally less than 3 seconds. Adding more on it, there are certain studies conducted that shows the connection between the loss of conversions and page load time. Another aspect is the security which is a mandate for the online websites. The customers should feel trust while shopping on your portal. Therefore, SSL certificates play a crucial role.

  • “Content is the king”, hence give your users readable and optimized content:

A professional look to the website is compulsory as this is the first image which the visitor will experience. But what if only the design is great and the entire website doesn’t say much about the products and services or tell the visitor about its business. Definitely, your conversion rates will slow down. Thus, give your audiences a high-quality user-friendly content that makes sense for your business. Don’t just put anything optimize your content with keywords related to your business which will help in bringing more traffic.

Hope these major 5 tips will spice up your online business to the core! Happy Selling.

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